Join Lauri in sacred circle for a heart-opening Cacao & Sound Ceremony in honor of Friday The 13th, the Day Of The Goddess.

The fire bowl will also be supporting us this evening with some ceremonial burning as well which is always a magical thing!

  • Friday, May 13th, 7-9:30 pm during a full moon phase
  • $35.00 per person
  • Limited to 12 spots. SOLD OUT. For women only
  • The exact Studio Location is provided when the RSVP Form below is submitted and an email is sent 24-48 hours prior to event. CHECK YOUR SPAM if you do not get it.
    • SoulArt Studio is located in the West Jordan UT area approximately 2200 W 7200 S. 
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Historically Friday the 13th was a sacred Day Of The Goddess and the number 13 is rich with symbology. It is one of my favorite “holidays” to celebrate and there is only one in 2022 so I am thrilled to create this ceremony for us. We also are moving into the Full Moon phase; a potent time of completion, a peak time for clarity, and, heightened internal power.

We will circle up in the sacred to enjoy a sound ceremony, guided meditation, and a heart-opening cup of high-quality ceremonial grade cacao I personally brought back from my soul journey to Lake Atitlan, San Marcos, Guatemala after a day spent in ceremony with Keith, The Cacao Shaman.

I prepare my cacao by hand in a ceremonial fashion (no blender or food processor) while infusing it with purity and intention.

These are very down-to-earth circles.

Circles are experienced on the floor on soft and yummy fur (synthetic) rugs and satin-covered pillows making for a soulicious comfy and cozy experience.

~ I recommend that you bring your own blanket and dress comfortably. Jammies and slippers are perfectly acceptable. Just whatever makes you feel good and unrestricted!

~ Bring a journal and pen. I will have paper available if needed.

Preparation for the Cacao Ceremony:

~ Arrive hydrated on water. Please be sure to drink plenty of water prior to, during, and after the ceremony.

~ Cacao contains caffiene. Please avoid coffee, sodas, high sugars, and high carb foods several hours prior to the ceremony.

~ Cacao is NOT Cocoa (sweet hot chocolate). Cacao is the raw, unprocessed version of cocoa. Read more about it here.

~ Eat lightly & healthy 3 or more hours prior to the ceremony. Do not come on a full stomach. This will allow the cacao to absorb more fully and not dampen the effects. Have a nourishing, healthy meal or snack after.

~ I will have a light snack to pass around after. Feel free to bring a healthy scooby snack to share after the ceremony only if you feel called to do so. Food and Goddess are love after all.

~ Intention in ceremony and ritual is essential. Please have an intention in mind.

  • SoulArt Studio is located in the West Jordan UT area approximately 2200 W 7200 S. 
  • The sweet gathering space is my home studio and the actual address will be provided to registered/paid attendees within 24 hours prior to the event
  • Please note that dogs and cats roam freely amongst the home, yard, and occasionally inside the studio. If you have allergies please take this into consideration.

Cancellations and No Shows: Due to the time it takes to market and create this experience, cancellations must be made within 72 hours prior event to receive a refund. You are welcome to gift your spot. No Shows and late cancellations will not receive credit or refund. Please register with care and thank you so much for understanding and supporting small businesses.

  • Submit your payment via Venmo to @LauriCox
    • Lauri ‘SoulArt Studio Utah’ Cox
  • Last 4 Digits of my phone is 9997
  • Note in your Venmo payment your email address and “Cacao & Sound Ceremony
  • SUBMIT RSVP below after submitting payment.

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