Join me for my next Essence Immersion Soul School that begins March 1

Exploring new ways of thinking, being and doing

Ready to operate their life from a space of harmony, flow and aliveness

Choosing “IN” to living life with Courage, Passion and Authenticity…beginning now

Exploring a path that aligns with their core beliefs

Amidst a self-discovery, spiritual awakening and seek to expand their awareness

Wish to tap into their own divine gifts and internal wisdom

Desire a space to connect soulfully within their own community of other soulful, authentic women who are also on their own path of self-discovery

o Seeking ways to infuse sacred living, emotional well being, saced ritual and simplicity into their daily lives


Each month we circle up to enjoy SOULicious Experiences and Juicy Wisdom to assist you in your path of awareness, conscious creation and sacred living and being.

Things like this ::


. Connection . Ceremony . Moon Rhythm . Earth Based Spirituality . Circle Magic . HERstory . Wheel Of The Year .

. Feminine Awakening . Earth Elements . Soul Nourishment . Body Wisdom . Creative Play .  


A powerful tribe of awakened and awakening souls can illuminate the world with our collective actions.

The shift begins and is happening with us. Now is the time to be a part of something healing, nurturing and soul important. .

All woman 18+ are welcome. Our seasons of life and backgrounds brings in diversity, which I embrace. We each bring in a unique essence, curiosity, perspective and level of wisdom which enriches the Tribe experience. Together we will learn, experience and engage in the vision of SHEmoons and in the beautiful global collective movement happening now on our planet with the divine feminine. 


Our Circle is a sacred and safe container to be, feel, learn and share the feminine experience while having fun!  


This . Is . Tribe


welcome sister 

“Live this life so sweet

that your heart surrenders

the spells of a woman

who knows her own magic”

~ she who is


We women are magnificent creators. We are made of magic. We create miracles. 


Our healing energy feeds the planet with our compassion, talents and essence that comes through our spiritual expansion, unique expression and gentle footprint on the world.


We are all gifted healers, creatives, nurturers and wisdom holders. Each of us is an essential part of the interwoven fibers that make up the expansive and powerful divine feminine.


Truly, deeply, amazing things happen & magic unfolds when you open up a space of sacredness for women to be a part of something important, life lifting, soul shifting, true, authentic, safe and sacred. this i know is true. 


As we nurture & heal our internal world, we nurture & heal the planet through collective consciousness and community


Sister, Tribanista; a women’s circle is something beautiful, purposeful, healing, sacred, deeply nourishing and ‘soul’ important. 


⌘ a celebration of sisterhood 

⌘ a honoring of our divine feminine 

immersing deeper into essence

a remembering of who we really are


I desire all women to experience a women’s circle.

I believe every women absolutely needs a Tribe, a soft space to be witnessed and to witness the


While I continue to expand deeper in to my S.H.E., I invite you to join me in to the deepening of yours



 i want you there. ~.

Want to learn a bit about me & read some testimonials? Click HERE 


explore these possibilities


You crave Tribe, Community, and Authentic & Soulful Connections with women

You desire to re-ignte your light

You want to try something New and Expand your Circle Of Friends

o You feel a stirring of curiosity and are a seeker of wisdom  

You feel a Shift coming on in your life, inside you and desire to explore it more

You feel a deep desire to be a part of something Soulful & Life Enriching

You feel numb or disenchanted and are ready to break FREE and Live Out Loud

You desire to create a life infused with SOUL

You are seeking a path the feels in alignment with your personal truth

You want to explore a new way of Living, Being, Doing

You are tired of doing life alone & want to expand, grow & thrive with the support of a Tribe

You desire to infuse creativity, ritual and spirituality into your life

You have your own gifts you desire to claim 

o You desire to learn more about circle work and be a part of one

You are ready to explore POSSIBILITY and have some FUN!

You are Open and READY to make some shifts and feel ALIVE!

o You are committed to investing into your spirit . mind . body well-being


but perhaps


You want to fit in somewhere but feel alone and different

You have not allowed dedicated time for growth experiences

You are terrified of being judged or rejected for being YOU

You have had challenging experiences connecting with and trusting women

You are not sure where to find your Tribe

You are hiding your gifts, talents and interests from the world or your inner circle

You are operating your life from a space of Fear, Lack and Dis-Empowering self-beliefs

You are not sure HOW to make the changes your desire

You are curious, you seek knowledge, you are teachable and open to possibility

You are allowing Fear, Insecurities and the Past to keep you small


and now; despite the “buts”


o o You are ready to commit to your Personal Growth Experiences.

o o You are saying YES to YOU!


If you have never been a part of a Women’s Circle this a perfect 1st time experience for you. 

If you have been a part of Circles or Tribes you will enjoy this one immensely.  

o If you have been a part of my past tribes, this baby has a whole new flavor!



⌘ Important Nitty Gritty Moon Diddy Details ⌘


I have provided some of essential details for you to ponder and to ensure this is a perfect fit for you, me & the overall Tribe. 


February – July 2017


Because I have designed this Tribe to be experiential of a sacred rhythm, co-creative, connective nature your presence is important.


While I absolutely do understand that things pop up I do ask that you make this a priority in your life, and most importantly an honoring you make to yourself.


Make this time you have created space for easy on yourself by planning ahead with your transportation, job, childcare, vacation, life & family commitments.

o I request that you come in to this with the purest intention to attend at least 5 of the 6 in-person gatherings; 

o Two of them being the opening circle February 4 and the closing circle July 8 

We gather once a month in person on Saturdays 5-8*pm at Fiore Studio, West Jordan, UT so you still have a young night for evening play.  


In-Person Dates ::

February 4* – Opening Circle Ceremony 5:00 – 9:00pm

March 4 5:00 – 8:00pm

April 8 5:00 – 8:00pm

May 6 5:00 – 8:00pm

June 3 5:00 – 8:00pm

July  8* 5:00 – when the fire burns out. Closing Fire Ceremony, Potluck Feast & Celebration Goddess Style!! We will do our final gathering at my abode. 




Important 1st Circle February 4 Details*: 

o Attendance on February 4 is essential to join the Tribe due to the nature of our 1st Circle and the Ceremony we will be creating and experiencing. 

o We will gather this 1st time from 5 – 9:00 pm 

o During our 1st Circle we will do introductions, partake of divine & healthy nourishment, receive circle gifts, indulge in an opening Ceremony and cast our Sacred Circle & Infuse The Intention.

o Please plan accordingly


o To stay connected and deepen our sisterhood during off weeks we will meet once a month online for our ‘MoonJam’ Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm via Zoom video conferencing 
(or phone if you cannot get to Zoom) 

o I request that you come in to this with the purest intention to attend at least 3 of the 5 online Zoom gatherings if at all possible.


An Optional Private Facebook Group will be offered to those who feel called to circle up & keep in touch virtually during off weeks. While I encourage you to join it is not required. We offer and recieve support, share our thought’s, challenges, inspiration, fun event’s, recipes and good things.  


Live MoonJam Dates ::

Feb 15 6:30-7:30pm

March 15 6:30-7:30pm

April 19 6:30-7:30pm

May 17 6:30-7:30pm

June 14 6:30-7:30pm




“The ripples from a women’s circle

are not only magical,

they are miraculous.”

~Peggy Tabor Millin





I invite you to take a moment to pause and feel in to this.

Listen to the whisper of truth for you.

How does it feel in your body, your mind, your heart? 

Ponder what would your life look like it you chose in to an opportunity to invest in yourself.when you invest in yourself the universe will generously invest back into you2o What would it look and feel like to nourish yourself; your spirit, your mind, your divine feminine?

o How would it feel to experience something special, sacred & magical that is just for you?

o How would you flow differently through life as a woman, partner, employee, friend if you tended your inner fire?

o I invite you to Gift yourself the time & space in your life to do that in a gentle, sacred, loving space with me as your guide & a Tribe of love, support, friendship and a celebration of you. 

Learn more about the Essence Immersion Soul School (FREE bonus)

and our optional Weekend Getaway further down


Consider a SOULicious option to deepen your journey with me

It is currently a FREE Bonus (regular price is $179.00) when you register now for SHEmoons™ 

This journey is an experience I offered for 3 years to hundreds of women around the globe.

After a one year-ish break I am excited to roll out a freshened up version with many new elements added to support your deepening into sacred practices, healing, expansion, new awareness and conscious creation of your life.

Soul School is a 16 week online women’s circle filled with

Our Next Session runs from March 1 – June 18 



During our journey together you will learn a cornucopia of Life Lifting, Soul Shifting Wisdom to enhance your experience and growth in SHEmoons.  

⌘ dive deep into the ascension of the mind::

⌘ amplify your life::
⌘ align with the truth of your soul::
⌘ reclaim your authentic power::

⌘ connect with your feminine creative power::  

⌘ immerse deeper into your essence:: 

⌘ invite ease and flow in to your daily living through sacred devotional practices

⌘ techniques for grounding, inspiration for creativity, spirituality and tapping in to and claiming your gifts


.➳ The Essence Immersion Soul School experience is all done online from the comfort of your home and is a high value course for Truth Seekers who are committed to being Conscious Creators of their lives. 


Learn more about Essence Immersion Soul School HERE. 

Register for SHEmoons™ Sacred Circle now and you get Soul School for


Please only accept and register for this gift if you are committed to it

April 21-23, 2017 in Eden, UTah (approx 1 hour NE from SLC)

Join me and our Tribe for a fun, casual, playful weekend getaway at a favorite place of mine to gather with my Tribe. 


This weekend is for SHEmoons Tribe only and is created as an opportunity to deepen our sisterhood, circle up in the sacred and play. 


We have a wonderful time and I highly recommend you join us! 


We will be staying at condominiums in the Wolf Creek area with plenty of time for relaxation, time in the hot tub, conversation and frolicking. 


Price includes all accommodations: 2 days lodging, food and a fabulous creative project.


o Angel Shannon, my soul sister and partner in light, will join us as a special guest to share her magnificent Mystic Meditation sound healing and exquisite energy. 

You can decide on this option later however to secure the Early Bird Price and to include in your extended payment plan with SHEmoons Tribe please register together.  

If you choose to register for it later it will need to be paid in full by April 14 at the regular price

Feel Free to reach out to me ::   



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