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In This Love Note From Me:

~Lessons Learned As a Art Show Gypsy

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Hello Magical Divine You~

I am back from my week away after doing the Jackson Hole Art Show and now re-entering back into life.
I chose to unplug for the week and be fully present to the show as well as enjoying my time with my Sweetie Pie Sister, Brother In Law and my Son who live there.
I have to say I LIKED Unplugging and Just Being a lot!

I am an Observer. A Watcher. An Analyzer. A Connector. An Extrovert to the Public (An Introvert in my private life) . What a better way to be all then at a show! Good Time!!


Lessons Learned As a Art Show Gypsy:

I AM a self proclaimed Art Show Gypsy. Having done shows for 10+ years now, from Farmers Markets to Boutiques to Fine Art Shows it never ceases to AMAZE me the vast talent of others in this world and the dedication we Creatives have to set aside our vulnerability and share our gifts.


Here is the Truth you may not be aware of: Doing shows is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. Not only is it Physically and Mentally tolling it can also be Spiritually draining. It takes all of you to show up fully and is always the “luck of the draw”.


As I sat on the cool grass inside my booth last week when we had slow times I journaled a lot to keep my Vibration UP and to take advantage of some time for Soul Work.


For me, sharing my art in person is a whole other dimension to selling online or in stores. It requires a lot of internal Soul Work to be ON, Illuminating My Essence to new people, to energetically attract and intrigue them into my 10×10 space and Wooing them with the heart and soul that goes into my work to create that connection between me, them and my art, leading to a sale.


My work isn’t for everyone and frankly, I do not want it to be. I admit, in the past I would see high selling trends and would try to conform to it and jump on the wagon and do it too. But that never ever worked for me and certainly never felt Authentic to the Truth of what I needed to express through my art. So I no longer follow trends and this allows me to remain organic in all I do through my Artwork, my Life & Soul Coaching programs and all of my Workshop offerings.. and in just being moi.


So back to Journaling. I AM A Conscious Creator of my life and own responsibility for my success. Because of that deep awareness I have I am willing to also be in a space of Trust and Surrender knowing that I have no control of others, only me and how I choose to react, learn and be.

  • So with every wonderful sale I made I expressed Gratitude for it in my journal. No matter how big or small it was, I did a Happy Dance inside for it.
  • With every comment I received of joy, pleasure, curiosity and admiration I jotted them down so I would not forget.
  • In moments when I felt invisible to the crowds, felt as if I wasn’t keeping up on the sales target I had, or moments that fear would rush through me I would acknowledge those feelings and write myself love notes expressing to myself how amazing I am. I told myself all the things I know my friends, family, collectors and followers would tell me.


In my life I choose to be my own Advocate, Greatest Supporter and Biggest Fan. I choose to express Self Love, acknowledge my successes (even the tiniest), recognize and nurture the parts of me that can feel inadequate and need growing and being open to Receiving the lessons I get to learn in my Human Journey.

  • And of all things, Gratitude has a HUGE part in my life and changed everything for me.

So, what Lesson did I Learn last week you ask?

  • To continue being authentically me. 
  • My talent means something to people and not sharing it would be a disservice to those it is supposed to touch. 
  • Being In-Gratitude ALWAYS exudes good energy out to people & the world and blesses us back by a million fold.
  • I am capable. I am not afraid to show up to the world. I have limitless potential.
  • Confidence in myself is Essential. If I do not believe in me and my talents others will struggle to believe in me as well.

So the show was GREAT and I am grateful to be back home!  

Thank you for being in my Universe.

xo ~ Lauri


– – – – – – – – – – – –

Here are a few photos of my booth. Anything that was unsold will be available September 28 at the Sundance Harvest Moon Market (my fav show of the year!) In October I will be working to photograph and list some in my Etsy Shop for purchase and place others in Paisely Pomagranate in Park City, UT. Stay Tuned!


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