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Love Note from an Art & Soul Gypsy 

Hello Sweet Cheeks~

I have some cool things I am a bit excited to share with you.

Take a read-about below, I have some yummy offerings for those near and far.

Joy Is 1 
I Grow Hearts & Cultivate My Own Joy

~My Truth of Sensitivity

~LAST CALL. Only TWO Spots Left!

~NEW Fall and Winter Workshops

~JoyGypsy eCourse SALE

~How To Give Yourself A “Brain Transplant”

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{My Truth of Sensitivity}.

My Need To Be Alone. And What I Did Recently that helped ME!

One of my biggest challenges, as my Empathic Abilities have become more developed, is the conversations over and over again with my family asking to receive understanding and support over my absolute need to be alone in my home for large chunks of time several times during the weekdays (Mon-Fri 5-8 hours a day would be perfect for me!). It seems no matter how tender I am around the subject my family takes it as I don’t like them around or that they are a bother to me. And because they are downstairs they should not be bothering me at all.


I am a loner by nature so even before this I thrived and craved being alone.This summer was a HUGE challenge for me because Ms 17 had not worked since April and just barely found a new job she began the end of July. So she has been home A LOT during the day and even staying in many nights as well since being out of school.


Trust me, we have had many conversations about what times I want her gone each week day and she ignores them or waits for hours as she gets ready, eats and takes her time before going.


And then Husband comes home at 6 so I only get a morsel of time alone before he comes.Some days are no bother (weekends I seem fine) but there are days I experience waves of hyper sensitivity, and not just emotionally from being emphatic, but actually in my whole body and nerve endings.


There are days I want to scream and feel like I could pop because I feel so overwhelmed needing my work space to just be and to work without the flow of another’s energy intertwining with mine. But I do consciously choose to have peace and love in my home as well so I do what’s possible to not create conflict or hurt their feelings and also understand that unless they felt like me it will be very difficult for them to really understand what I feel. To hear it I would imagine it sounds pretty ridiculous.


My family and the noise in my home isn’t really loud or high energy however my husband in particular does laugh, sneeze, cough and talks loud and during these waves it will actually bring a spear of pain into my body.


And Ms 17 loves to play her music loud at times which also is uncomfortable to me.


Then there are just days I just need to LEAVE my house and head to the park to have a good old out loud, uninterrupted, no worries anyone will hear me, conversations with my Higher Power.


Leaving my property so I could be out of my element and let go of some heavy energy to circulate back into the Universe, breath in new scenery and simply refresh myself away from the house and my work is essential for me!


Recently I was at the park, the grass was long, soft and so green. I just laid on my back, looked into the sky, put out my arms, found my white light, took deep breaths in..and out, did lots of deep breaths and just talked and talked out loud! I sung out loud all of Gratitude. I laughed out loud too and no one could hear me! It felt SO good, empowering, cleansing, releasing and refreshing!I loved it so much I had to take a picture of my view and share!


I want to encourage you, even if you live alone, are not experiencing hypersensitivity emotions or have plenty of alone space to just be to still gift yourself with this experience and then of course, take a photo of your feet!


Last Call!

My Weekend Retreat has only Two Sweet Spots open and so today I am giving you one Last Call to check out the details and say YES to YOU at an Incredibly Affordable Price !

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After a little break from teaching my Creative Workshops this summer I have curated some new fabulous studio offerings for the Fall and Winter. Check them out below! Registration is open now so if you are a planner like me you may want to snag your spot now AND invite your BFF’s.

Teaching is what I LOVE to do so I am pretty stoked to be back in the studio with the ladies again.

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If I Only Had a NEW Brain

A woman who went through my Essence Immersion Tribe Journey this summer made a bold comment on our Private Facebook Group.

“I just need a Brain Transplant!”

She has been going through some HUGE painful and confusing life changes, unraveling the layers upon layers of her truth which seemed for her as if she had broken herself into A Million Tiny, Un Repairable Pieces.

Her pain was real, I could FEEL IT. And yes, her journey was taking her through the depths of hell but I was able to clearly see something she could not.


In truth, she is not broken, she is on a Spiritual Journey. She will Heal through this and she will Thrive again.
Her vibration had just become so low it created a cycle of deeply embedded, negative thoughts and beliefs within herself that she could not seem to see the Light that always exists on the other side of the Dark.

I think most of us can relate to moments of feeling like we have lost our minds and life just seems to kick us down over and over.
The negative thoughts, worry and fear dominate our being and so we continue to create more and more experiences in our lives that validate those negative beliefs.

“I am Not Enough. I am a Failure. I will never be Happy. I am Lost. I do not know WHO I REALLY AM. I have no Purpose!”


The AMAZING NEWS IS we do not need a brain transplant to change the way our mind thinks and that we CAN change our Belief System, we CAN Heal our pain and we CAN become Conscious Creators in our lives and BE HAPPY and THRIVE.

I AM Proof Of That!

As a Life and Soul Coach I do not offer Brain Transplants. But the foundation for the powerful process I use with my clients actually creates a

SHIFT in our Brainwaves.

So a less invasive, more Empowering procedure I would say.

Interested in exploring the possibility?

Read On.

Life Shifting Stuff 
For Those Who Desire a New Way Of Thinking, Being and Doing.

I have an amazing LIMITED TIME offer for my Life Manifesto eCourse and a incredible short term Coaching Option you may really want to take advantage of now.
The process I teach (and use) was a game changer for me and I have no doubt it could be an incredible way for you to launch into the remaining of the year and flow right on into 2014 with Purpose, Clarity, Grace and new Wisdom.


When you can begin to change your mindset, become intentional and aligned with the Truth Of Your Essence you will fully embody life as Magic unfolds in delicious, unexpected ways and Miracles Unravel. You Will Heal. You will become a Conscious and Deliberate Creator.

Deluxe Journey Click Here 
Easy and Affordable Payment Option Is Available

My Powerful Signature System, Life Manifesto, is going through aSOUL LIFT and will be released again on September 29 with a FABulous new design and enhancements with a DELUXE AND SUPER DELUXE Option.

2014 Is right around the corner. Now IS the time to begin making powerful new choices to create the life your Desire.

If you are ready to Invest In Yourself and begin creating a SoulFul Life, a Soul Infused Business, Authentic Loving Relationships, Impeccable Health, Metal WellBeing and delve deep in your Spiritual Evolution THIS may be exactly what you are looking for.

The process I use in my own Life and Biz and with my Coaching Clients is Revolutionary and Life SHIFTING and contains a Wealth Of Wisdom to support you in becoming a Conscious Creator Of Your Life (and biz).

To Learn More

P.S. I would love to be a part of that journey with you and I do have a few spots available for my longer term coaching program beginning in October.


With Deep Breaths For Feeling Aliveness

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