{::essence} How do you embody and honor it?

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love note from an artlifesoul gypsy

does your inward truth reflect your outward essence?::

and are you satisfied with your underwear?

these where some of many questions I asked myself at the end of 2012 while on a solo vision quest away reflecting on what I wanted to bring forward in my life and business in 2013 and how I wanted to serve the world and the women in it in a bigger, bolder way. Foster Courage and Change.

I was going through a tremendous growth spurt visible to the world, immersing out of being a full time artist and immersing in to my calling as an artist AND intuitive healer/life and soul coach. It was a struggle to let go of this identity as an ArtGirl and weaving it together with my truest passion, working with women, but one day I just chose to surrender and trust in the Secret Perfection of it and it worked….really well.

Balancing both worlds the best I could while also allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of those who saw it was hard at times. It was part of the process, sometimes not always so graceful but fortunately I can laugh at myself and am not afraid to share my journey…if you follow me on Facebookyou know this to be true.

so back to my essence and the point of the story….. my goal became to Embody The Truth Of My Essence and with that Decisions of my non-negotiables for living and doing began to come up……

the Hanes Underwear that changed my life::


so, as part of that Decision I began to ask myself if my home, my clothing, my energy, my habits, my hair, my food choices etc…authentically reflected the Essence I desired to exude to the world.

Yes and NO where the answers.

That is when I made a conscious decision to begin honoring my Essence in 2013.

DISCLAIMER: Change can begin with Baby Steps. You do not have to jump in fiercely but if anything is going to change you do need to get used to making changes. Here are a few simple things I did that made a HUGE difference to my life, my essence, and made me Happy.

I made a list of things that I was no longer going to do, wear, eat, participate in, hang around….

things like this!

No More undies that are too tight or too big or Bras that didn’t fit my busty curves. To the garbage went socks that were stained and holed. Off with the full artists wardrobe that was covered in paint smears and full of holes. By by foods that drain my health. Adios people (including clients) who suck away my MoJo!


AND with that, I decided what I WAS going to do to invest in myself: NEW Undies, ones that fit and covered my entire bum….yes…grannie panties. LIFE CHANGING!!. (I am sure I dont even need to elaborate more) Hello bras that are the right cup size and accentuate and stabilize my womanly curves. Welcome to my life LIVING foods. Good Hair Products and frequent visits to my wonderful stylist. AHHHH to the essential oils that heal my ailments AND make me smell sensual. Continued Knowledge, Learning, Experiences and Frequent Connection with women.

Beautiful cloths that authentically reflect the bohemian hippie chick flowy girl in me. Even to wear on days I am home working and going nowhere! 

Here is the link to my FAV Website for beautiful cloths at fabulous prices. I have bought a TON from them and Love darn near everything! Enjoy! 

zulily                                                                                       My list goes on but these were just a few things to get you thinking and inspired.

My Heart Deep Insight for you: choose to invest in yourself and the WORLD will invest back in to you. This I know for sure


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