Creating my art is the process I use to discover and tap into my spiritual essence and allowing it to flow through me..
i believe creativity infused with sacred practice is a fundamental part life . for me, art::life::soul, they are all one  .  it is what keeps me breathing . it is how my essence is fully expressed  . it is that space that keeps me connected and alive  .  it is what is most sacred and pure for me  . :: it is my soul medicine .

if you are craving a path to infuse creativity mixed with sacred soul practices in to your life explore my Art eCourses SHEmoons Sacred Woman Circle, Essence Immersion Soul School and of course my in studio offerings.

I believe in the importance of community, creativity and sacred practices. I am dedicated to making creative and soul offerings that are accessible to all who desire a creative outlet.


My offerings are more than just a class, they are an experience that have soul infused meaning…and we have a Soulicious time! 


No Classes Scheduled for April 2017.

Check out my May 2017 Offerings HERE




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