come to the fire . . . . . a ritual of release

it’s a full moon weekend

and I have a little release ritual called “Come To The Fire.”

Although February 10 was a Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse the moon energy is still powerful all weekend. So come play.


(and check out the sweet BONUS I am gifting this month further below)

Come to the Fire Moon Ritual

So have you noticed that the energy feels really big right now?

O M Goddess, me too!

(um, me, hence you didn’t get this email a couple days ago!)

We have a lot going on energetically right now. Everything we once knew is changing and we are all amidst a shift of the unknown.

For a lot of it, we are unsettled, in a space of complete trust, even finding ourselves holding our breath in moments of discomfort.

And then for much of what is changing isn’t good and it isn’t bad, it just is. The shifts & changes are coming on rapidly. It is time to pay attention and prepare ourselves more than ever.  

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, blue, cranky, tender, un-sexy, disconnected. For reasons you cannot even identify.

Or perhaps you are feeling ultra creative, high energy, excited about everything, very sensual (*wink), aligned and tapped in.

The moon energy effects each of us differently and we woman are highly tapped in to her rhythm and cycles.


Have you ever played with the moon rhythm to see how it flows with your own flow?


I have been tracking my moon rhythm for a few years now which has made an empowering impact on my life as I am able to know where I am in my feminine rhythm and allow myself some grace during my highly sensitive times and momentum during my highly creative cycles.


So Moon Beam, would you like to learn how to play with your own moon rhythm?


I LOVE to share my own process and so ALL of my siStars who are joining me for my next Essence Immersion Soul School that begins March 1, I am GIFTING you my gorgeous Moonkeeper eCourse ($85 value) (or it’s on sale right now and you can purchase it ala cart for $65 here.)


YES! Soul School gets it for FREE!!! 



During Soul School we will be using this process for working through our moon rhythm to integrate together the other Wisdom I will be sharing. 


Your MoonKeeper represents the space for invoking intention and WOmanifestation.

::Soul School Begins March 1::

“Essence Immersion was THE catalyst in my spiritual and creative awakening. The wisdom I received shifted my way of being and doing.

I cannot recommend this enough!” ~ tribe alumni


So Sister, will you be joining us?

Join me for a deepening into sacred practices, healing, expansion, new awareness and conscious creation of your life.


Soul School is an Online Women’s Circle and all women from everywhere are invited.


During our journey together you will learn a cornucopia of Life Lifting, Soul Shifting Wisdom to ::
⌘ invite earth based spirituality and practices into your daily life
⌘ dive deep into the ascension of the mind
⌘ amplify your life
⌘ connect to the truth of your soul
⌘ reclaim your authentic power
⌘ connect with your feminine creative spirit
⌘ immerse deeper into your essence and align to your own sacred path
⌘ invite in ease & flow in to your daily living through sacred devotional practices
⌘ techniques for grounding, inspiration for creativity, spirituality and tapping in to and claiming your gifts
⌘ and more…

Soul School is on SALE for only $129 (reg $179) or 4 payments of $33.

PLUS receive my eCourse “Moonkeeper” ($85 value) as a BONUS! 

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