Fire Transform Me Fire Song here.

Fire represents your Will, your Passion, Release, and Moving Energy Fast and Fierce.

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  • Rituals do not need to be elaborate and complicated in order to be powerful and cleansing.
  • Ritual is a portal to call forth the divine.
  • Ritual invokes the energy of sacredness into our regular life.
  • Ritual creates a threshold to step into our true desires.
  • Ritual invokes the manifestation and all based on intention.
  • Ritual infuses feminine magic into the creation of our desires.
  • Ritual must be met with intention.

The element of FIRE is the Frequency Of Transformation

What you’ll need:

🔥 A safe place to do a fire ritual and a safe container to burn; a burning bowl, a tin vegetable or coffee can or a firepit/fireplace are all perfect  

🔥 Wooden Match Sticks (several)

🔥 Paper or tissue paper. Cut or tear into strips the width of your matchsticks.

🔥 A pen or pencil

🔥 A candle or lit fire

The Ritual:

🔥 Write down the things that are heavy on your heart right now that you desire to RELEASE OUT.

🔥 Once you have written everything down on paper that you desire to release out begin wrapping them around the match sticks. Keep in a separate “RELEASE OUT” pile.

🔥 What do you now desire to bring forth and RECEIVE IN instead?

🔥What is the new experience or energy you desire to replace with what you are releasing?

🔥 Once you have written everything down on paper that you desire to RECEIVE IN begin wrapping them around the match sticks. Keep in a separate “RECEIVE IN” pile.

🔥 Light each “RELEASE OUT” match wrapped with paper with a lite candle and hold as it burns.  

🔥Say Release Out Prayer: Alter as desired

I call in all spirits of light, angels, guardians, and guides.

Please assist me in releasing my (state your release) so I may embrace freedom, so I may embrace joy, so I may release my anger, so I may embrace compassion, so I may release my sadness, so I may embrace peace. Thank You and I release you.

🔥 Place inside your container to burn  

🔥 Repeat the process for your “RECEIVE IN”

🔥Say Receive In Prayer: Alter as desired

Today I invite in serenity, tranquility, and the beauty of the now.

I welcome in transformation, growth, abundance, fresh beginnings and receive in all my desires. Thank You and I receive you.

🔥Express in your own words gratitude for all that is and all that shall be.

I receive I receive I receive and so it is. May all be so blessed.

🔥Discard with reverence by burying it in dirt or fully burning it to ash. Place remains in the garden or bury in the dirt.

I hope you enjoy your Come To The Fire Ritual and remember that everything done with intention is a magickal act.

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