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control of the human spirit :: you do have a voice
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I have been reflecting deeply lately on the power of choice as I am in the midst of some deep study around the feminine, awakening Shakti, ancient history, earth medicine, goddess and such. juicy stuff. 

Freedom is something I always feel incredibly blessed to have now in my partnership, as a businesswoman, as the feminine divine with much to say and do as a being of this world today.


Oh but trust me, it has not always been this way.


I have not always felt like I had a voice in this world and would never have thought I would express it in the way I do today or assist other women in expressing theirs.


Today I cannot imagine not saying, doing or being what my soul wants me to express.


How that must hurt so deeply to not.


Yet I realize that is a reality for many, even in the land of the free.


I am not offering up advice today on how to gain it back, I am simply wanting to ensure you know you do have a voice; even if it crackles when you speak or shakes with fear when you try to express, or breaks you down to tears when you seek desperately to be heard. Regardless you have a voice.


I just wanted to share some thoughts for you to ponder as you work each day to reclaim your truth and express it.



“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” –Herman Hesse


om shanti
love lauri

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