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Essence Immersion was THE catalyst in my spiritual and creative awakening. 

the wisdom i received shifted my way of being and doing. I cannot recommend this enough! ~ tribe alumni 

This journey is an experience I offered for 3 years to hundreds of women around the globe.

After a one.5 year break I am excited to roll out a freshened up version with past favorites and many new elements added to support your deepening into sacred practices, healing, expansion, new awareness and conscious creation of your life.

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If you need a place where you need to have love and support while going thru rebirth, transformation & opening your wings, then Tribe is for you.  I owe a lot of my growth and truth to Lauri and her tribes. ~ Tribe Alumni 

Soul School is a 16 week online women’s virtual circle, a tribe, filled with

Our Next Session runs from March 1 – June 18

.➳ This experience is created for all women in my Global Tribe, it is a Virtual Sacred Women’s Circle all done online from the comfort of your home.




This is an EXCITING Time to be a woman! We Are Awakening… we are reclaiming our Feminine Spirit.
We are magnets of love, light, miracles and magic that is creating change, growth and transformation and we are being called to step into our greatness.


join us! 



Lauri has been a powerful influence in my life creatively and spiritually.

I HIGHLY recommend anything she creates. tribe alumni




During our journey together you will learn a cornucopia of Life Lifting, Soul Shifting Wisdom to 

⌘ invite earth based spirituality and practices into your daily life::

⌘ dive deep into the ascension of the mind::

⌘ amplify your life align to your own sacred path towards ease and comfort::
⌘ align with the truth of your soul::
⌘ reclaim your authentic power::

⌘ connect with your feminine creative power::  

⌘ immerse deeper into your essence and align to your own sacred path:: 

⌘ invite ease and flow in to your daily living through sacred devotional practices::

⌘ techniques for grounding, inspiration for creativity, spirituality and tapping in to and claiming your gifts::




I have guided hundreds of women around the globe through this, many multiple times. This is GOOD Wisdom! 





Lauri is a gift. All the components of Soul School presented together create a magical experience.

Her wisdom has helped me dive deeper and continue to learn daily about my journey through others and self reflection. ~ Tribe Alumni







o We desire emotional and spiritual FREEDOM 

o We are eager to claim, speak and live our truth

We are curious and we seek to understand ourselves and others

We want, and we crave Tribe and Community. We want to belong 

We are seeking out a spiritual path that aligns with our core beliefs

We desire to forgive and to heal from our past

We crave simplicity and to live our life in a soulful connected way

We want to be heard, seen, loved and validated for who we really are

We desire to live a life of creativity and full expression of ourselves

We want to feel good



Hiding their gifts, their talents and their true essence

Allowing fear, insecurities and their past to keep them small, invisible & feeling insignificant

Not allowing time for growth experiences, opportunities to learn, undervaluing themselves 

Striving to do too much themselves without asking for and receiving support

Creating unrealistic expectations of themselves and what they must to do and achieve to be liked, accepted, successful and loved 

Suffering from depression, anxiety and over load due to self inflicted expectations of perfectionism

Operating from a space of competitiveness and lack

o Not stopping to breathe and just be

Terrified to speak and be their truth for fear of judgement and rejection 

Stuck with no idea how to break free and live out loud 


Through our journey we will touch upon many powerful ways to assist you in your personal journey of expansion, enlightenment, creativity and healing through things like this: 


Exploring new ways of thinking, being and doing

Showing up for life in a space of harmony, flow and aliveness

Choosing “IN” to living life with Courage, Passion and Authenticity…beginning now

Exploring a path that aligns with your core beliefs

o Opening up to your self-discovery, spiritual awakening and expansion of awareness

Tapping into your own divine gifts and internal wisdom

Connecting soulfully in a community of other soulful, authentic women who are also on their own path of self-discovery

o Infusing sacred living, emotional well being, sacred ritual and simplicity into your daily lives




Essence Immersion was THE catalyst in my spiritual and creative awakening. 

the wisdom i received shifted my way of being and doing. I cannot recommend this enough! ~ tribe alumni 




. Emotional Freedom . Moon Rhythm . Earth Based Spirituality . HERstory . 

. Feminine Awakening . Earth Elements . Soul Nourishment . Body Wisdom . Creative Play .  

all of which supports the



Who am I? What do I desire? What do I value? What do I love? What do I believe is true for me?

Let’s explore these questions and more. 

.Who am I? What do I want? What do I value?


 o Twice a month we will meet online via Zoom Video Conferencing  for our Live ‘Soul Jam’

You can choose to call in via phone or join us via video. 

o I highly encourage you to attend the live calls however, they will be recorded for playback


Live Soul Jam’s happen twice a month to offer up flexible options for all;

Wednesdays 6:00-7:15 pm MST and Sundays 2-3:15 pm MST:

Click here to convert your time from Salt Lake City Utah (MST) time

March 1 (W) Opening Call (will run from 6-7:30 pm MST)

March 19 (S)

April 5 (W)

April 16 (S)

May 3 (W)

May 21 (S)

June 7 (W)

June 18 (S) Closing Call (will run 2-3:30 pm MST)


Bonus:: I will be inviting in a few of my favorite women on occasion who emulate the vibe of the tribe to spice up the conversation with wisdom & inspiration from their own journey. 


All content and recorded Soul Jams will be housed on a private sight and available for you to access any time for one year. 

o A private Facebook group will be our Sacred Cocoon for our interaction and sharing through our journey if you desire to connect.

While the content is self paced I do highly suggest that you actively engage in the interaction we will have in our private Facebook group during our time together and indulge in the live Soul Jams whenever possible. 

While the content and process of this online is self paced I highly suggest you actively engage on the interaction we will have in our private Facebook gr


Lauri is an AMAZING, tapped in, powerful space holder for women. 

There are many Spiritual Experiences & Gifts along the way. ~ Tribe Alumni
oup during our time together.


This is a high value course for Truth Seekers who are committed to being Conscious Creators and desire to infuse emotional and spiritual Freedom into their lives.


Soul School is on SALE for only $XXX (reg $XXX) or 4 payments of $XX.

PLUS receive my eCourse “Moonkeeper” ($85 value) as a BONUS! 

During Soul School we will be playing with out own Moon Rhythm to integrate together the other Wisdom I will be sharing. .

Your MoonKeeper represents the space for invoking intention and WOmanifestation.


If this sounds like something SOULicious you want in your life and you are ready to invest into your emotional, spirit, mind, body well-being I encourage you to join us. 


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explore these possibilities


You crave Tribe, Community, and Authentic & Soulful Connections with women

You desire to re-ignte your light

You want to try something New and Expand your Circle Of Friends

o You feel a stirring of curiosity and are a seeker of wisdom  

You feel a Shift coming on in your life, inside you and desire to explore it more

You feel a deep desire to be a part of something Soulful & Life Enriching

You feel numb or disenchanted and are ready to break FREE and Live Out Loud

You desire to create a life infused with SOUL

You are seeking a path the feels in alignment with your personal truth

You want to explore a new way of Living, Being, Doing

You are tired of doing life alone & want to expand, grow & thrive with the support of a Tribe

You desire to infuse creativity, ritual and spirituality into your life

You have your own gifts you desire to claim 

o You desire to learn more about spiritual practices 

You are ready to explore POSSIBILITY 

You are Open and READY to make some shifts and feel ALIVE!

o You are committed to investing into your spirit . mind . body well-being


but perhaps


You want to fit in somewhere but feel alone and different

You have not allowed dedicated time for growth experiences

You are terrified of being judged or rejected for being YOU

You have had challenging experiences connecting with and trusting women

You are not sure where to find your Tribe

You are hiding your gifts, talents and interests from the world or your inner circle

You are operating your life from a space of Fear, Lack and Dis-Empowering self-beliefs

You are not sure HOW to make the changes your desire

You are curious, you seek knowledge, you are teachable and open to possibility

You are allowing Fear, Insecurities and the Past to keep you small


and now; despite the “buts”


o o You are ready to commit to your Personal Growth Experiences.

o o You are saying YES to YOU!

⌘ Claim Your Early Bird Price

⌘ Payment Options Available

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