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Click Photo For The 6 Week Journey Details



WOW! What a FABulous Call tonight. (attached is the replay) Thank you everyone who could make it in the studio or to the call and for holding the space for me as I ebbed through some big emotion to tell you about my Immersion into my Essence.
It was a honor and privilege to share this space with you tonight and I cannot WAIT for the conversations to begin. Please share any insight, revelations, ah~ha’s or anything that comes to heart. I know I gave A LOT of info for you to absorb.
~ I am keeping registration open through next Saturday so if you know of anyone who would benefit from this journey please pass it on (my offer to refer 5 friends and get your spot free still stands until Saturday and then I am closing down the reg.)
With Love~ Lauri

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Time to get your Oxytocin On Girls because the Video has arrived. Let me know what you think! Enjoy. ~ Love Lauri

breathe baby breathe

It will change the VISCERAL state Of Your Being and allow Ease And Flow and take note of all the amazing things this can do for you.

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 Creating Magic And Miracles Video

Good morning beauties. Sometimes we think “it” needs to look like this but really the Universe is designing something better for us which can sometimes take time, synchronicity gets happen as the perfect scenario unfolds before your eyes.
It can be very frustrating to know and believe you are operating from a space of inspired action but then nothing happens!
This morning I wanted to share a little story of how I was recently really pushed into surrender and trust and the miracle that was created ended up being far beyond the amazing I had originally thought it would be.
I hope this will give you clarity around some of things you are creating in your life and in your business. Enjoy. ~ Love Lauri


Laws Of The Universe Audio 



Here is our Week 2 Call with Suzi and Tiffany. WOW! Such a blessing to hear this Wisdom. They never fail to teach me something new about myself, a belief or an illusion I have. I will be listening to the replay and taking a lot of notes.
Thank you to all who joined the call Live and those in the studio. ! Love Lauri

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WOW WOW! Tonights call with Lindsay and Sally was truly an incredible gift to us! I personally feel like I was elevated to a whole new level of spiritual awareness and understanding. I am deep in gratitude for this time tonight. There are a few minutes towards the end the audio is not stellar but overall the call quality was ok. Always a learning experience. Looking forward to hearing from you on how this Wisdom shifted, changed and elevated you.
If you are interested in looking more into what these powerful women do and how they may serve you in your healing journey (not matter where you are in the world) please feel free to reach out to them personally.
Again, much love and gratitude to each and every one of you beauties.

Love Lauri



Wasn’t tonight call with Marilyn Sorensen AWESOME! She shared some really fascinating content about how our hands hold so many secret messages about your Soul’s Agenda. Get your journals ready. Lot’s of juicy Wisdom being shared. Can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts and takeaways.
To receive the special Mantras she prepared for and read to us tonight be sure to send an email to her assistant and be sure to mention the Mantras from tonights Tribe Call.




We had a BEAUTIFUL call last night with Wendy Schimmel aka Wendilicious. So much Wisdom shared from what she has learned through her own life experiences and through the “Shadow Work” she does . It was a wonderful treat to share her with you. If you are interested in learning more about her upcoming tele-class on the “The Shadow Work” she is offering a {$35 Discount for This Tribe Only} as well. Contact her vial Email at




What a truly beautiful call last night with Angella Johnson of Soul Vision Business.
I was moved deeply by the Wisdom she shared around living in our own **Courage** and the truth of what it really takes to be in **Alignment with Your True Essence.**
Thank you to each of you who show up everyday to your Life, Dreams, Goals and Truth no matter how hard, messy or unpretty it can be. When you do so you are Shifting and Lifting the World,
I love you. I see you. I honor you. ~ Love Lauri



HOLY WOW! Tonights call with Cat Palmer or Cat Palmer Photography and Brittany Golden of Brittany Golden Studio was AMAZING!!!

Thanks to Brittany I came home and immediately began looking at my own feng shui and how it supports my life and overall abundance and how I am SO ready to purge more soon so I can create more space in my life to receive the things that really matter to me!

Cat’s truth and her personal, raw journey of her own self-acceptance, business success and creating things that matter through her art that have a powerful voice within them has given me a new level of heightened awareness of how I get to grow in my own art and play bigger in my life and soul coaching business.

Be sure to pull up Cat’s video during the last half of the call here

Powerful stuff tonight. Enjoy the call ~ Love Lauri















I am not sure how we could have Possibly had a better Final 8 week call last night.

Ashley and Heather were SO Fantastic!

I was personally moved to tears, deeply inspired and could see how their messages would be the perfect words for many of you in your current journey.


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Happy Solstice to our Tribe! I am heading off tonight to celebrate this glorious evening with my local tribe and wanted to express my deep gratitude for each of you being here. We are still missing many of our girls in the group but I am trusting it is all perfect.

In the meantime I would like for each of you to begin introducing yourselves, what you do {or want to be doing} and perhaps share what inspired you joined the Tribe and where you are in your personal journey of Essence Immersion.

With love,


So WHO is ready for our 1st call tonight as I bear my little soul and share a diddy or two about MY Journey! Love and Gratitude is overflowing today.
BE sure to check your email for the Call info {5pm MST TONIGHT} and IF you are in The West Jordan Area, remember you join me in my studio (details are IN that email I sent yesterday!) ~ Love Lauri


Here I am! In the studio centering and awaiting our call while eating my dried young coconut!


why yes, ask me anything. I am an open book to you. How is your heart today?


So last night I talked about my immersion into {AWARENESS} and shared this||
“when you immerse yourself into awareness you can no longer refuse to be aware anymore and you typically would not become aware of something until it is your perfect time for that awareness. BUT once awareness happens it becomes pretty impossible to ignore because your soul will not let you forget what your mind and heart know to be your truth.”

So, with that new thought, what are some things you either became aware of about yourself, your situation, your path last night OR things that you know to be your truth but are resisting to accept?
~Love Lauri


I just wanted to informally introduce you to our guests speakers for our call this Sunday June 30! I am SO excited to share two of the most DIVINE and Wickedly Powerful Goddesses on the Planet, Suzi Lundquist Bleak and Tiffany Clayton Rose of The Real Woman Revolution. You are not going to want to miss this call. Feel free to Like their page, friend them and become as dazzled over them as I am.


Does everyone have a Journal? I am hoping each of you are taking notes about what is being shared but also, I would love to see that you are documenting your very precious Immersion into Essence.
As you fully immerse yourself into this journey over the next 8 weeks you are going to launch on such a new level of heightened awareness as a conscious creator that you are going to look back at this week and not even believe it!
Taking the time to journal about how you feel, ahahs, shifting perceptions and good vibrations you are getting is going to help you to see how AMAZING and POWERFUL you are. Recognize and document the littlest of things before you forget them.
Allow yourself to SEE yourself doing this. Take the time. You are here because it IS your time and you realized that you have so much value that you gifted yourself with this experience. I see you. ~ Love Lauri


Ok so based on my posting yesterday about some of the MISSED steps in creating a Full-On Life, Soul and Biz Immersion I am going to address {Divine Guidance} 1st which is actually where I believe ALL of it begins! When you can become Tapped in, Tuned up and Turned on to your higher power the MAGIC will Begin!

If you resist this you will continue to struggle with hearing those “whispers”. If you desire to INFUSE Soul into your life (and biz) that obviously requires “SOUL”!

I stumbled across this article (divine guidance) in my email last night and honestly, it explained HOW so well and with such simplicity I figured, why reinvent the wheel and decided to share it instead of explaining it myself!

MEDITATION is where that connection to your Divine Guidance is going to begin and with anything NEW it takes practice, that is why it is called a PRACTICE. If most of your life you have not kept in connection with Spirit or your Intuition (that nonphysical side of ourselves that knows ALL of our truth) then you are going to have to re-learn how to get there and it is going to require YOU being WILLING to do the Work it’s going to take. DECISION TIME!

So with that here is a different way I connect with Source/Guides/God/Spirit etc. I have built a lot of trust in my higher power and I have no fear anymore being real with them. So aside from having this quiet time in meditation I also have verbal CONVERSATIONS with my guides. No, they are not speaking back to me (I WISH!) but sometimes I find that I just need to get loud and vocal with them. There are times I just cannot HEAR what they are saying, sometimes those WHISPERS or little signs just do not cut it and I get frustrated and go in circles. So I tell them! I say in a loud and firm voice “I CANNOT HEAR YOU! I need you to SPEAK UP! I am OPEN TO HEARING the messages. I am WILLING to RECEIVE your guidance but I NEED you to be CLEAR in your messages!” When I am filled with FEAR and toxic emotion I will COMMAND them to help me clear this energy. To TAKE IT. SHOW ME what to do to relieve myself from it and when it leaves my body it can almost put me in a state of euphoria and feels amazing once it leaves after being consumed with it!

I do not receive clairaudience (ears) messages very often (sometimes I may hear the voices of my Earth Angles Quinn and my Grandma), I only receive clairvoyant (eyes) messages when I am accessing the Akashic Records (a whole different thing I am in practice with). I receive cognizance (thoughts or awareness) and Sentient (feelings). Through practice I do believe someday I will be tap into my clairaudient and clairvoyant talents. EVERYONE is capable of this.

So back to my conversations with my guides…. Very often miracles happen right after or within days. I will open an email and there it will be! I will get a call. I will see something or I will receive the butterflies in my heart chakra when I stumble upon an idea that downloads through me. I have ASKED that butterflies show up in my heart chakra when I am INSPIRED (=In Spirit) and this is how I have KNOWN without a doubt I am ON PURPOSE (this Tribe is a HUGE example of that). It does not always happen but again, I am still practicing and honing in on this talent.

and breathe. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. How does this feel to you? Love Lauri


We have some very quiet girls in the Tribe. I know right now you are observing quietly, finding you place, getting familiar, building trust and this is perfectly ok and very normal.
I do want to assure all of you this is a safe space for our connection and for you to reveal the parts of yourself you are ready to share. The group IS private, no one from the outside world will see a word of what you post and of course, {What happens in Tribe stays in Tribe}.
||With that said, this is our forum, all of our guests speakers are in this group and gently observing the energy of it. They, along with me, want to serve our time together to the best needs of this group and will do that best if we can understand your needs.
Please be brave and express your needs, fears, challenges, ideas.
||So lets get the conversation started. Here is a list of things I had posted on my registration website that I see many people MISS. Which one resonates with you and tell me where this is a challenge for you and we will begin there on ideas of how to do it!


A True Story|| Many years ago I had taken a position at a large corporation making substantially more money than my previous corp. I was excited and terrified. It was a newer position that had several other old positions condensed into one. I was always really good at inventing my positions and creating value and was always blessed to have leaders who took interest in me and allowed me to really flourish and expand. When I showed up for this job I learned really fast that I was alone in this job. My “boss” lacked any kind of leadership, didn’t care at all about helping me to learn this job and the energy of the office was SO different from my last job and I worked with high level demanding and fast paced Salespeople who thought I was a complete idiot!
I was SO deflated and completely frustrated and lost. I remember going into the bathroom or to my car for breaks often and desperately praying for help, striving to not become depressed or walk out on this opportunity.
I remember getting this inspiration. “You ARE Master of YOUR UNIVERSE and All Planets Come To YOU” and the question “so WHO are your planets?? ” And it hit me! I AM the UNIVERSE, I AM my own creator of my own reality and I am going to DECIDE and CREATE my value for this JOB and I AM going to KICK ASS!
The Planets for me became my “boss”, 2 in office co-workers, the sales team, the Director Of Operations I reported under and a few of the Sales Executive Leaders. My job was VERY Visible to high level leaders.
With this I evolved my job into something more amazing than even those who hired me to do. I cut out any nonsense tasks that were just time wasters, streamlined, put together policy and procedures that they totally lacked and put them in compliance risk and became the expert of our the system we used. I became THE ONE that the sales team came to to “get it done” and they trusted everything I said and did. I built amazing respectful relationships with executive leaders and through my 6 years there I received several awards and bonuses and acknowledgement for the value I created in the company.
I have used this thought process for many situations I have been in and it helps me to keep my head clear on the big picture as well as a reminder that I may not be able to control them but I can decide for me and when I shift MY vibration it will shift others.

So tell me what you think about this new idea and Mantra? ~ Love Lauri


The perfect message today from DailyOm. How lovely to see so many of you becoming Conscious, Awakened, Willing to SEE the Illusions of our Beliefs and then choosing to hold Others in their highest light who we perceive to not be there yet. ~ Love Lauri
People Who Don’t Get It||
When dealing with people who seem very unaware, remember that everyone must find their own way to awakening.

You may be someone who understands the true nature of reality, perceiving deeply that we all emanate from the same source, that we are all essentially one, and that we are here on earth to love one another. To understand this is to be awakened to the true nature of the self, and it is a blessing. Nevertheless, people who just don’t get it are seemingly everywhere and, often, in positions of power. It can be frustrating and painful to watch them behave unconsciously. We all encounter individuals of this bent in our families, at work, and in all areas of public life. It is easy to find ourselves feeling intolerant of these people, wishing we could be free of them even though we know that separation from them is an illusion.

It helps sometimes to think of us all as different parts of one psyche. Just as within our own hearts and minds we have dark places that need healing, the heart and mind of the world has its dark places. The health of the whole organism depends upon the relative health of the individuals within it. We increase harmony when we hold onto the light, not allowing it to be darkened by judgment, anger, and fear about those who behave unconsciously. It’s easier to accomplish this if we don’t focus on the negative qualities of individuals and instead focus on how increasing our own light will increase the light of the overall picture.

When dealing with people who seem very unconscious, it helps to remember that every one must find their own way to awakening and that the experiences they are having are an essential part of their process. Holding them in the light of our own energy may be the best way to awaken theirs. At the same time, we are inspired by their example to look within and shed light on our own unconscious places, sacrificing the urge to judge and surrendering instead to humble self-inquiry.

So I was happy to see that MOST of these I actually do. 25 Habits Of People Who Are Happy, Healthy & Successful Maybe not 100% all the time but overall I think im pretty good at most of these. Also happy to see that most of this list we will touch on in this group one way or another.
#24 and #5 are areas I have to be veeery careful about and typically only occurs for me on FB (or art an occasional market or art show) and if I find myself feeling competitive or in comparison I QUICKLY sign off of FB and remind myself I am unique, authentic and come from a pure space in what I do and need to not worry about what others are doing and can be happy for them. Also, what others think of me is none of my business.
I’m going to print this off and tape it to my wall just in case!
So how about you? Perhaps these could be some good and simple reminders to things you want to be, have, feel or do.
OH Boy! I got to use my own advice today! Had to share.
I had an appt with a local artist to meet me at my studio to see if she wanted to “partner” with us as I have a open spot now. I made the time at 11:30 and was clear I would not be there until then and also provided my Phone# {to CALL or text with any issues}.
Scrambled out the door with my pups and got there 10 minutes early and then at 11:40 she never showed up or called so I checked my FB messages on iPhone which I don’t often do to see that at 11:20 she sent me a message to let me know they already arrived, door was locked and so they left but thanks anyway! They also didn’t like the parking (there is an entire fenced parking lot in the back they didn’t see) (I must have missed her by a minute!)
I was actually pretty ticked and feel like I had every reason to be perturbed. So I let myself be that for a bit because I am human after all and went out of my way to meet my commitment. So I took the pups to Petsmart to get new toys, off to get them shots, vented to Ms 17, ate and then started processing it and asked myself what FEAR the Anger had brought out in me.
I realized it was a few things:
1- I am afraid of being unaware of things I may do or not do or say that may hurt other people and have no clue.
2- I am really annoyed at the partner we had who packed up and moved out without any consideration to us girls and without giving me any kind of decent notice to replace her spot (but I GET that she has total lack of awareness around any of her decisions and realized I have not forgiven her like I thought I had).
3- Which now puts me in fear because I have to cover the extra rent. (it is SO affordable so not going to really phase me) but it still seems to bring up a fear of some kind with a feeling of Lack I must have around it because I wanted the studio to be as cheap for me as possible ever since I opened it.
4- And I learned that I have fear that it will take months to find another partner and I had HIGH hopes for this gal and so
5- I felt rejected, disrespected and that my time was of no value, so it means I AM not important.
PHEW! After about 2 hours of being bent it only took me about 15 minutes to discover, accept and move on. Did my Oxytocin breath and now I am all good again!
Thanks for letting me share. ~Love Lauri

Interesting banter going on with a posting I made to my wall yesterday in support of Paula Deen. A lot of anger being expressed about a mistake one person made. What a good time for me to learn something about myself. I didn’t realize people would be so bold to post this way on my wall.I choose to hold the space for LOVE (and forgiveness) which is the highest vibration one can omit.

The opposite of Love is Anger and within that Anger vibration you will find Fear. So what I am seeing is there is something about what Paula did that has created FEAR in those who choose to Judge her poor choices (based on our perception of what she did).

I find that I am typically in judgement of others because there is something about them that reflects something ABOUT ME to me. So in that, when I am in a space of Anger, Fear or Judgement there is an opportunity for me to find the GIFT in it and ask myself “What does this emotion I am feeling say about me?” “Where in MY Life am I not being in integrity?” “What is it about what she did that makes ME feel like I am a xx, xx, xx or xx?”

So hey, I just took this opportunity to quietly blaze those with opinions with love and light and will remain in visible support of Paula Deen no matter what she did or what other think of me because I can see a WHOLE lot of good she had done that outweighs this.

That is all. Love Lauri


Some of the greatest teachers in my life come through Esther Hicks via a collective group of channeled energy called Abraham. Listen up and enjoy beloveds.
“If you knew your potential to feel good, you would ask no one to be different so that you can feel good. You would free yourself of all of that cumbersome impossibility of needing to control the world, or control your mate, or control your child. You are the only one who creates your reality. For no one else can think for you, no one else can do it. It is only you, every bit of it you.” -@Esther Hicks Abraham-Hicks



Stumbled upon this photo of Me Suzi and Tiffany. We were playing with REAL crowns that night at Patrice‘s house. These girls ALWAYS make me laugh hysterically, bring out the total silly in me and I learn something amazing every time I am with them. Can’t wait for Sunday’s call! — withTiffany Clayton Rose.


I’m in my studio today painting away, getting ready for a big fine art show I am doing in August and my tunes playing, I’m singing, flowing, in complete joy. And my beloved John Mayer comes on with one of my fav songs, Clarity. I became overwhelmed with emotion listening to the words and felt compelled to share with you.
And I will wait to find
If this will last forever
And I will wait to find
If this will last forever
And I will pay no mind
When it won’t and it won’t because it can’t
It just can’t
It’s not supposed to
To me, this song means just being in the present moment. Enjoying or being in what is in the moment, knowing that “it” won’t last forever because life continually evolves. The bad we can know and believe “this too shall pass” and the good can always get even gooder. It evolves, changes form, elevates us or stifles us. Whatever that may be for you in that present moment, but YOU can choose and hold on to your Faith. I promise because I am proof for faith.
I am so grateful for each of you choosing ME to be your guide through this journey. I hold this close to my heart and have every to believe we were supposed to be together right now.
Love Lauri


In our week one call I talked about {DECISION and the word DE(CIDE)}
**Be sure to listen to call if you missed it!
When you DECIDE it IS and SHALL BE.

So now that you are AWARE of this new thought concept I would love to know who of you have been making some powerful decisions around your life, biz, desires, relationships, boundaries etc and I would really LOVE to know what those decision are! When I am aware I can better hold the space for you and so can our Tribe.
~Love Lauri


So on the subject of Gratitude and noticing all the things in our life that make our world go ’round and so special, I would also like to have you discover and share with the Tribe the things about YOU that make YOU SO SPECIAL.
Many of you are in the discovery stages of even understanding why you are so special, what your purpose is and how you matter to the world. You are here to become aware, learn to tap in, become conscious creators and unfold those gifts about you.
It is easier to hold others in their greatest light which helps to then bring that out in them. But how often do we hold OURSELVES in our Greatest Light?
So today I challenge you to begin showing GRATITUDE for you and those gifts you hold that are uniquely yours, SEE yourself to your greatest potential, do not depend on others to do that for you, and allow yourself to BE that person.
So What 5 things do you love about you?
I will start:
*I love my gift of being a space holder for truth and light to emerge in the women I work with and with people in general. I can always see purity in people or see deeper into why people do, act, say the way they do.
*I can always see a different and objective perspective in any situation and shed light to create awareness for another side of the story
*I am talented and grateful for the ability to create art that touches people
*I do not let fear interfere with what my heart and intuition is guiding me towards
*I am a very good creative teacher, life and soul coach and person. I know that I change peoples lives with these gifts.
ok, ready, GO! ~ Love Lauri


I’m in the studio, counting down the minutes to our call! EEEP!


Years ago I stumbled across, what became, my theme song. I listened to this every single day for at least 6 months, sometimes over and over again. So now I want to pass this on to you. Stand UP and be ready to move your hips and feel GOOD!

Years ago I stumbled across, what became, my theme song. I listened to this every single day for at least 6 months, sometimes over and over again. So now I want to pass this on to you. Stand UP and be ready to move your hips and feel GOOD!


Here is your new word pronounced Gehn-Shy. It is an ancient Hindi word I want each of you to incorporate into the cells of your body and exude out to world with your Essence. How can little you change the world? Live in Genshai and allow yourself to BE that change you want to see in the world. ~ Love Lauri


Good Evening beloveds. I have had a super busy day today creating something special for the Tribe (i will reveal soon or tomorrow). I just hopped on to catch up in here and I have to say that tears are streaming down my face right now as I read the postings and comments and seeing the love, interaction, support and trust in here.
To me, this is what JOY RISING is.
Thank you for taking each other hearts and holding them with such tenderness and compassion. Thank you for SEEING each other as divine beings.
Seeing women come together like this takes my breath away and right now I am filled with so much love I want to explode and cry and cry.
So please, as you do this for each other, please also remember to do this for yourselves. As you can see, you each matter a lot and if you can be in Genshai for yourself you will create unmeasurable power and light to the world.
I love each of you to the moon and back. Thank you for filling such a huge space in my Universe ~ Love Lauri


So today lets talk about {Feelings}. In my Life Manifesto process, part of creating the minutely detailed vision you want for you life is knowing HOW you want to FEEL when you have that “thing”. Emotion creates Motion and you’re feeling tone is what gives the desire/goal power. If you don’t know how you want to feel when it manifests you will want to evaluate this dream more to see if this is truly something that is going to give you the Joy, Happiness, Prosperity and Harmony you are desiring to create in your life. So grab your Journal.
I have provided a link I thought was really good that you can use to begin with to help you make Decision around how you want to feel just being you…but there are a million other feeling tone words out there so I challenge you to become aware of them.
So for now become aware of the overall feelings you want to feel in your life and about yourself. Then as a desire comes to mind refer back to your list of desired feelings and then begin conscious decisions around how you want to feel when “that” comes into your life.
[Remember] Your Journey will require time and work. Being WILLING to do the work it takes to deeper your immersion into your essence is going to be vital.
So Who’s in? Go ahead and share some of the feelings you want to FEEL in your life.
Here is some of my List: ~.Prosperous/Prosperity.~.Harmony/Harmonious.~.Essence/In Spirit.~.Feminine/Sensual.~Warrior.~.Elevated.~.Courageous.~.Empowered. Love Lauri


Words of Pure Wisdom from our Tiffany. I remember being in our class one night in a group coaching program of theirs I went through last year and she said this with such belief and passion and truth that I got chills in my body and never forgot her words.
Being that I was on my own “Essence Immersion” (I never told anyone what I was calling my journey) this just hit me! I want THIS! I want to be so much in the truth of my essence that just being that alone creates a ripple effect to others. So each day I wake up, do my Oxytocin breath so I can embody the state of flow, grab my coffee and begin my day simply [Quiet Inside Myself] and take baby steps each day to embody this more and more. ~ Love Lauri


So guess who our incredible Guests are for this Sunday July 7? That’s Right!
Sally of An Unprescribed Life With Voodoo Sal and Lindsay or Soul Inspired Wellness. Be sure to look these gals up and begin getting to know them a little.
Both are powerful healers of light and truth who bring magic, compassion and internal peace to the world with their vast wisdom and gifts. You can read their BIO’s here
You are in for a delicious treat. Get excited! ~ Love Lauri


{The Art Of Gratitude} I like to say 5 Grati’s a day will change your life! When we can begin to notice those things that make our world go ’round we excite the Universe to bring us more.
We are all grateful for our homes, vehicles, family etc naturally but what, within those things make life so precious, do-able, liveable to you.
So I challenge you to begin being AWARE of those things starting now.
Today I would like to know what you are grateful for and become committed, beginning today, to verbally expressing or writing them down (you can do both with equally amazing results)
[My Gratitudness for today:]
Fresh brewed coffee I woke up to this morning
A Love Note on a post-it I found from Mr Sexy
Osbourne and OliveJoy’s morning kisses on my face
The gorgeous pot of purple flowers my mother gave me for my birthday
Lots of Lettuce ready to be harvested in my little farm
I could go on and on…….Love Lauri


I just found this (very private) journal entry that I would typically have burned. It took my breath away to read and took me a few hours to be brave enough to post it.
Tears, more tears and then more came as I realized how far I have come in the past year! I knew I had to show it to you.
I wrote these sub conscious beliefs about myself down 7/25/13…only one year ago..when I was working with Suzi and Tiffany in a group coaching program they did.
Remember they spoke about the Bag Work they do? Well this was part of the Bag Work process. Through it you go deep into your subconscious thoughts and begin pulling out this stream of non serving rubbish, baggage and beliefs you are carrying around….how tiring it is to hold on to crap!
So all of this is what came out of me in this process. I cannot believe I actually ever thought any of these things about myself! Thank god I did BAGWORK and exploded these beliefs. I’m trying to recall if any of them ever were really true in my real life but really………all I see is lies about me.
I look at this list now and say that if any of these things are still subconscious beliefs are still true than I have no idea how. I truly don’t believe any of them. THIS Is the power of Bag Work Ladies and I didn’t even understand the intensity of it until today.


This morning I am overwhelmed with the LIGHT in this Tribe, the healing taking place, the movement, awareness and willingness to be transparent, brave and supported. I am IN such a high state of LOVE right now that every cell of my body is vibrating at such a rate that I have to keep stopping to cry and move my body. YOU have all ELEVATED me to a Higher Expression of Myself and I am in deep deep gratitude. Ellie Drake of Braveheart Women (who I learned about Oxytocin from) says it is your S.H.E. (Souls Highest Expression) Thank you for elevating ME to a higher level of my S.H.E. and thank you for you for choosing to be in this journey.


In light of that note I posted about myself yesterday I wanted to give some insight on a question of burning negative written thoughts to the whole group.
It is my belief that the negative things we write is a way of acknowledging them so we can then create a space for healing. We do not really want to keep things like this as it contains negative energy and all of these things were deeply embedded subconscious illusions I had of myself, none of them true.
The note about me would always be something I would burn so I have no idea why I had it still. I can only think that I was meant to find this so I could share with you girls my experience and be transparent as I promised I would be. Even I have negative thoughts and beliefs but because I am now so conscious of my feelings and emotions I use them to know when I am in alignment with my core desires. This has taken a lot of time and a lot of work to get to this place in me.
Burning in a fire is releasing, healing and symbolic. Everything is energy, including our thoughts. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can change form. When we burn in the fire we release these negative thoughts and beliefs and the fire represents the energy in them that can now be released into the Universe and move on to serve a new purpose in a new form. I always say something like “thank you for showing up in my life to teach me. I am ready to let you go. And SO IT IS!”
Andrea Bilich, thank you for asking the question. Here is a photo of my last fire burning on the full moon. I love my pit. But you can also just light your paper and let it burn if you dont have a pit.


{Truth Time} So between Yesterday and Today (since I released the info about my Retreat and my Life Manifesto 6 Week Group Immersion and even about my private one-on-one coaching) I have been getting a LOT of private messages [all around fear] of taking this next step into this journey with me and WHAT is going to happen to them when they do and WHAT I am going to DO to them! 
{Well, 1st off I come only from a Space Of Love so I will not hurt you. LOL.}
So I am going to lay it all out for everyone (sorry for the long response) because I have no doubt many of you quiet ones have the same worries or questions. 
I AM a Truth Teller, I AM the holder of Sacred Thoughts and Dreams. I AM not here to judge you or enable you to keep yourself safe and small. I AM not here to solve your problems. I AM here to hold the space for YOU to EMPOWER Yourself to Create your NEW reality and champion you through it.
(The picture below is a humorous, yet truthful, version of what I do.) 
Sometimes we are unable to fully immerse ourselves into a certain stage of the journey until we are ready for that stage of the journey WITH the one called to guide us. That is why it is called a journey and you cannot be aware until you are ready to be aware. 
Like I spoke about in my week 1 call, when you become aware you have to begin making decisions and commitments to do whatever it takes to get you where you want to go which requires WORK. 
Soul Work is HARD and NO program {that is in alignment with your soul path} is going to be easy, clean and packaged up nicely. EVERY Single woman I work with has to break open Illusions in order to see the truth and sometimes it is really freakin painful. But then through that the beauty and the gift has an opportunity to reveal itself.
And truth is that the work is 100% yours, letting go of things is your work and creating new things again, is your work…..and trusting in the support of your higher power to lead you and support you AND the person you choose to mentor you. 
Somewhere inside those voices you hear, the fear you feel, the self imposed negative beliefs you are SO attached to are SERVING you and those are things you will need to figure out and will ONLY lose their power when you decide they have none which will happen through healing them. 
HOW is this crap serving Me? Perhaps it’s as simple as just to keep you small and safe in your little world and because expanding is BIG work that brings a lot of shitty stuff up so it ALLOWS you to let yourself out of it and you let it confirm how “insignificant” you are. WHICH is a complete illusion, lie and a 100% COP OUT. 
Until you DECIDE to do life different not much will ever change. 
You are in this Journey with this Tribe for one BIG reason. The Universe is PUSHING, COMMANDING, SCREAMING for you to uplevel and force yourself through it so you can Step into the TRUTH of who you REALLY ARE and do the work work you are here to do. And truth be told, I do not believe that it is MY calling to take ALL of you there which is WHY I am sharing with you every Sunday and in this group others who MAY be your next guides, mentors, healers, teachers or who will simply open up your awareness to seeing other possibility. 
But you MUST be willing to invest financially, mentally and spiritually in yourself and commit to the process and the time it takes. 
Begin where you are today and DECIDE where you want to be tonight and then tomorrow and then next week and then next year. 
It is a process of evolution with enormous options to go on the path perfect for you right now. There is NO perfect path for everyone. 
There is no one size fits all method or program or mentor or belief.
Continue to allow yourself to be supported in our space and be open to the whispers of your Soul guiding you to the next step in your path. 
Today just say “YES. I am OPEN to hearing the message and receiving the guidance” 
That is all. I love you and I honor every single one of you! Love Lauri


Wisdom from my very beloved and very wise friend Tiffany. Lets choose bigger and better beliefs for ourselves. Let go of the Illusions and Perceptions of other that do not align with your desires. Whether you can prove it is not relevant. You can still choose to believe in something with greater possibility for yourself. I do it ALLLLL the time! Good night my friends. Love Lauri
  • What I know for sure…

    We can choose our beliefs – and I choose to believe that life is working for my highest good.

    Can I prove that? No.

    But because I choose to believe that I can find meaning in pain or disappointments and see the bigger picture.

    I can find purpose and tutoring from life’s grand Creator. And those lessons are worth more than gold.

    With this belief I can more easily see the “silver lining.”

    And with this belief I attract many positive outcomes & experiences.

    So if you could choose your beliefs, would you choose in your favor?



    So tonight I am excited to teach you (most of you) a new word:
    ho’oponopono {I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You}. I 1st learned of this fascinating Hawaiian practice through Dr. Joe Vitale, a spiritual marketing guru I am a HUGE fan of, in his book (audio for me) Zero Limits. (you may remember him from The Secret). So as Conscious Creators (which I have ordained all of you) you are taking responsibility for everything that comes into your life and the awareness that comes to you, knowing that on an energetic level WE are all connected. (Energy is a huge subject to delve into so we are not going to do that right now).
    I am going to let Joe explain what it all means and he also shares the COOL story about how Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len HEALED a prison with some of the worst criminals ever using this prayer.
    But I want you to know ho’oponopono is one of the the tools I used to finally end the severe emotional abuse I experienced (up until 5 years ago) from my ex husband. We do not speak or interact now and he has ZERO power over me anymore. My vibration is WAY to high for him now.
    I use this on my flowers, trees, my husbands feet to heal them, and when we argue we always ho’oponopono each other to make up. I do it to dumb drivers, to news stories i read, people who are angry and on every single post from each of you that needs healing, I ho’oponopono. It shifts my energy and open up the pathway to healing.
    So I encourage you to take 10 minutes and learn more about this powerful word and begin to incorporate it into your vocabulary. And READ the Book or audio! Its fascinating! Tell me what you think!
    ~Love Lauri




So we are now into our Tribe a week and a half and WOWZA! You girls are Incredible! We still have some quiet ones out there and I want to invite you to say hello, introduce yourself, be brave and connect, as you can see it is so full of love, truth, compassion and support in here. I am just dying to know all of you! The more I know the better I can serve our time in here better.
I have attached the list of {The Steps People Miss when Creating a full on Life, Soul and Biz Immersion} (that was on my reg. site). Begin noticing all of the things that have been unfolding right before your eyes already.
Make note of where you struggle so you can be AWARE when the insight comes.
Print it off, place in your journal and be sure to take notes along the way.
If something POPS then jot it down!
There has been A LOT of Wisdom I have personally shared as well as our guest speakers. THESE are precious nuggets and tools that you want to make note of because many of the answers are being revealed as we flow organically through this journey.
With DEEP Adoration and love for all of you. ~ Lauri



Good morning beloveds. Here in the USA it is Independance Day. The day our Country became Free. I believe I am living in the greatest, most exciting time in history.
Today I am deeply grateful for being a Woman, for my life and all the abundance I get to experience in it.
I am a Woman with complete Freedom to express my own ideas, beliefs and rituals without risk of being burned at the stake.
Create a business I am madly in LOVE with that gets to EMPOWER my fellow sisters
I can freely choose my friends, life partner, clothes, hair, food and what time I go to bed and wake up.
I support Equal Rights for marriage. I support Freedom Of Choice for abortion.
I believe in “Love One Another” and “If you do the right thing the right thing will happen to you” and I Believe in “Sweet Karma In Means Sweet Karma Out” and I AM Grateful that I CAN support and believe whatever I choose.
I will be unplugging to spend the day with my Beloved Mr Sexy (who has been working 7 days a week since May) and wanted to say good morning and happy FREEDOM day. ~ Love Lauri


Cute love note video Tiffany posted today and I had to share. Choose your dreams girls! Love Lauri

Jul 4, 2013 11:49am
Happy 4th! Just wanted to say I love you!!!
Length: 2:29
Good day Conscious Creators. With so much being shared in our Tribe my head has been swirling with what Wisdom for creating Ease & Flow in your life I wanted to share today.
Today I thought that {Intentions} would be a beautiful topic. Grab your journal {new best friend} and begin making notes every single time something comes to mind you need to capture and now overlook or forget. These are whispers from your intuition, soul, spirit guidesYou are here because you have committed to saying YES to Explore Possibility and to learn how to become Aware of your emotions which, in turn, supports you in being a Conscious Creator of your life. That is going to begin by setting Intentions.When you become intentional the Universe has a better understanding of what to shoot for in supporting you to create that.

So today let’s begin that with creating Intentions for our day today. Making Decisions about how you want to [Feel] today, how we want to [Choose] to get through the day as [Gracefully] as possible.

Many of you are going through a lot of Fear, Opposition, Loneliness, Confusion and feeling a Lack of Direction.

Instead of letting life happen to you today how about choosing your “Feeling Tone” today to empower yourself or creating a Mantra that you can refer back to which reminds you “oh YES, THIS is how I want to feel today?” “OH YES, This is WHO I REALLY AM”

Today I will choose to feel harmonious. Today I choose to feel JOY, PEACE, COURAGE.

I AM LOVE. I AM recieving peace and clarity in my soul with every breath I take. I AM clear, positive, empowered and inspired.

Here is a Mantra I use in my own Life Manifesto.
“I am a beautiful, powerful, passionate, loving, healing, inspiring woman. I have an amazing happy full life and I radiate a very positive, peaceful and loving energy. I am passionate and on purpose and my life has full meaning. I AM LOVE”

TODAY: ONLY positive, compassionate, loving thoughts to your being.

and by ALL means please share the Intentions you chose for yourself today. For me I have chosen to be connected to Source and tender to myself as I ebb through some heightened emotion today. To be focused on my many “to achieve” items I have today. To be fully present with two potential new coaching clients I have Discovery Sessions with this afternoon. To be compassionate, graceful and truthful with a current client who is having a very difficult time in her life therefore avoiding her accountability with me and herself. To tap into my Muse so I can spend time creating fabulous works of art for a big upcoming Fine Art Shows in the August Jackson Hole show (I let myself get a little stressed about it). And to ensure I nourish my body with healthy foods today. AND SO IT IS!
Love Lauri
In Light of my posting today about the Power Of Intent. 10 minutes of Powerful Truth and from Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks). Enjoy the peace in the words shared. Love Lauri


Good Morning Sunshines! Today I will be gone to do a Farmers Market at the sweet little Gardner Village down the street from my home and studio. Hoping the rain brings a nice cool day for me.
So as I head off into the day I wanted to remind you that the challenges, fear, opposition you may be having are only experiences you “get to” have so you have an opportunity to learn and grow from them. They may still happen but you can be a chooser of how you react to them. So today choose be less Reactive and more Proactive and allow yourself to move through them with a little more grace and ease today.
I Love You. Lauri . . . . haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Good evening (or morning to those on the other side). I spent the day doing the Farmers Market and had a really wonderful time, but market days really wipe me out. I so enjoy meeting new people who go out of their way to come and meet me and those who just happen upon my booth. I LOVE to connect with my people and it is a major reason why I am still willing to still do markets. To get up on a weekend at the crack of dawn and immerse myself into a day typically consisting of hot, sweaty, hard work. I also enjoy allowing myself to unplug from cyber space and be out in the world as I am so often home in my studio working and can find myself hermitizing a bit too much at times. I am by nature, a homebody and love my quiet time. But I LOVE and must have social time in doses too.So I have been scouring through all of the amazing posts and comments made throughout the day and I have to say again WOW. Wow. WOW.Some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen is what this Tribe has evolved into and how each of you are tenderly holding space for each other, making TRUE friendships and opening up so much of yourself with complete trust of the others.
And to think so many of you “didn’t trust other women” HA!It’s really magnificent to be a part of this kind of movement and to see what each of you have been WILLING to create together. It’s extremely humbling to me to see something I RESISTED tooth and nail come alive and to have the Universe support me so much that a better reality was created than I even had the vision for myself.Each of YOU have been essential in showing me how powerful I am and I hope that will inspire you to see how powerful you can be as well as Conscious Creators.Keep on RISING sisters. You are a part of something truly Kick ASS and should congratulate yourself for hearing the Call and giving yourself with being a part of something so good, true and beautiful! Well Done! ~ Love Lauri

Today I want to talk about {COVERSATIONS } (a recording of this is attached). More specifically uncomfortable conversations with in our RELATIONSHIPS with loved ones (partners, friends, family). I am seeing that many of you coming into a place with your Journey where they are going to need to happen, right now, if you are ever going to fully embody the life you want and the way you want to feel in it.So often I see women (and men too} who come to place in their life that they become aware that there is something more to them and the desire to elevate to the next level of their being. And the discovery process begins to unfold. Who am I, what do I believe in, what do I want to experience in these relationships, how to I want to FEEL and how will each of these desires support my full Immersion into my Essence?

In my Life Manifesto process there is an entire life section dedicated to creating the relationships we desire in our lives (specifically with partners, friends, children and even co-workers or clients). Despite what we are experiencing in them now, through our own desires and conscious decisions of what we are WILLING to do to have what we want we can shift the energy in the relationships to support our Peace Path (which we address in the Spiritual section of the Life Manifesto).

We have no control over what others choose, desire or create but we DO have control over how we enter in them beginning now and how we influence them.
The truth about it all is that when you shift it forces a shift in the dynamics in the relationship and typically it will be done so discreetly the other will not even understand. They may SEE and FEEL you changing but not even aware that they are changing with you. But with some the changes will become very uncomfortable, you will experience opposition and things may seem to fall to pieces at times.

[Two things will happen]. They will either shift WITH you or they will shift AWAY from you.

You will hear things like “you have changed” “you are not the person I married” “you think you are ALL THAT now” “I don’t even know you anymore” “we have just grown apart” “we have nothing in common anymore” and so on and so on.
As you shift and evolve you will notice that deep friendships that supported the old version of you become less and less and new people who are now on a more vibrational match with you begin to show up into your life, and so often because you made a decision of the kind of people you want to surround yourself with so the Universe immediately began to support this.

The more difficult relationships to maneuver through is with your life partner because you are karmically intertwined with every aspect of their life. Financially, physically, children, sexually. Splitting up with a partner is way more complicated than any other relationship.

So here is where CONVERSATIONs comes in to the picture. THIS is when you need to sit down with partner, family, and friends and say (something like this) “I am on a new journey. I am learning new things. I am wanting to grow and become the best version of myself and I want to invite you to join me in this journey”

They will either accept or reject, they may fight you in it and try to convince you (through fear tactic) that this is ridiculous. This IS NOT the time to let go of the work you are doing to evolve deeper into your essence and find the truth of yourself. Your Soul will not allow you to forget this desire and will scream out any chance it gets.

Very often the shift in you will naturally shift them to a new normal with you and they are not even aware. But very often there will need to be decisions made of who it is time to let go of so you can open up the space for new relationships to invite into your life.
You have heard the saying “Birds of a feather flock together” This is the absolute truth. Who do millionaires surround themselves with? Other Millionaires. Who do the homeless surround themselves with? Other homeless people. Look at our society and begin to notice all of the flocks out there and there will typically be a common thread between them. Take a look at your flock.

We naturally tend to flock with those who have a vibrational match to us, are like thinkers and like doers because it is comfortable to us. But as you expand and rise you will absolutely need to take a good look at who you surround your time with.
When we can begin to see and feel that surrounding ourselves with those people is not feeling as comfortable as it used to then you know you have evolved to a new vibration and shift is occurring. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad people and you cannot still like or love them, it just means your vibration is not a match to theirs anymore and that so often it is going to bring to light any illusions you have held on to about the depth of the relationship.

So before you let any precious relationships slip away I invite you to have those conversations, invite them on the journey and be specific and clear about what you desire in the relationship now that is going to support your immersion.

Love Lauri


Interesting post I saw on FB today “I’m trying to keep in mind that the villain in the story is also almost always the hero in somebody else’s book.”
I thought to myself, hmmmm, who was my villain in life and it’s easy to say my ex husband and he seems to be the hero to the family he created after he left ours.
But he was also one of my greatest teachers ever and through the horror he put me through I allowed them to become some of the greatest gifts in my life and used them to teach me rather than destroy me.
I am SO SO grateful for “stupid” and for him challenging me more than anyone ever had in my life so I could SEE who I really was. Without him I would ever have become me, who I am today.


Seriously just noticed I have this gorgeous thing in my shelf which i have always loved displaying in a vase with other treasures and shells.

Tell me what it is and what powers it may have!


Just a soft reminder of assurance that this Group IS private.

Only those who are in this group can see anything being posted.

It WILL show up in your news feed because you are in this group but again, no one else, except those in the group can see it.

With that said here is your reminder of the day. ~ Love Lauri


Just a little teaser for our call next Sunday!

Marilyn of Marilyn Knows will be joining us in the studio to share her very cool talents and vast Wisdom on how she helps her clients with discovery their soul path. Remember in my week 1 call I told you how a soul path reading changed the direction of my career when I learned (to my utter dismay!) my PURPOSE was not as an artist?? Well it was through that reading with Marilyn I became aware and set out on my path to discover the meaning behind that. Once again, you are in for a treat!

— with Marilyn Sorensen.


“Me?” I say. “Yes me” says my soul. “We told you you could do this. We told you it was time. We told you they were ready.

We told you, you were big enough.” says my spirit guides
The conversation in my head as I sit here tonight snuggled on this cool summer eve in my bed, journing a list of gratitudes so long it took three pages.

In this moment I am overcome with tears and more tears running down my cheeks as I write each of your names down (75 in all) on my list and bless you all with ho’oponopono and wishes of love and peace and prosperity.
In just the last few weeks I have 75 more things to list in my Grati’s. Can you believe how RICH with love I am to have 75 more things on my list!
I came here to teach you, give you a place to share your voice, your truths and unite as sisters in this world. I came to share this amazing collection of wisdom my Soul was SCREAMING for me to share of mine and introduce you to others I knew would impact you to the core. And I did it, and you have received it and it is perfect. And look what YOU have created for yourself.
And what I received just so far in this journey had changed my entire life and elevated me into my Essence and Purpose further than I thought was possible.

I have EXPANDED to this amazing space inside myself that some moments, takes my breath away.
All of the things I get to take away from this sacred space will further bless and enrich my life in ways yet to unfold.

Thank you again beloveds. I love you. I Love you I Love You. ~ Love Lauri


Reminiscing over the wisdom shared last night by Lindsay and Sally. What a beautiful gift we all received this week. — with Sally Ostler and Lindsay Hinton.


Once again, [OXYTOCIN BREATHE] has made a HUGE difference to my day knowing I had to deal with something UNCOMFORTABLE.
I got to have a very compassionate & honest conversation with a client this morning who is struggling, in a space of denial with some Illusions that have unfolded which she deeply trusted in and choosing to hold on tight to her identity as a “Victim of Circumstance”. She has also chosen to not participate in this Tribe allowing fear to keep her silent and rejecting the experience we have created here.
Because I created my intentions this morning, did my breathing and asked spirit to allow me to be in the best possible service with my two clients today the call #1 was AMAZING. She listened and she HEARD me and she allowed me to support her in making NEW decisions that will EMPOWER her path right now. As we closed the call her energy was completely different, she was in tears of JOY and Gratitude and she had fully committed herself back into the Journey.
Now for call #2 with another client.

I wanted to remind you to revisit the video above and make note of HOW this breathe can help you which in turn will

directly affect others as your energy can help to SHIFT theirs.

Here is the Diddy of HOW this will help you IMMERSE INTO YOUR ESSENCE!
[The Oxytocin Breath] is going to shift your internal Visceral State Of Being, the cells of your body, your organs, below your chin and right below your belly button so that you are in a state of flow.
When you are in a state of flow as a woman you are embodying successfulness which means FULL OF SUCCESS
This breath is going to help you to own your voice as a new healer, as an artist, an entrepreneur, a woman and more. It will help you to create prosperity in your life and de-adrenalize your body.
So in order to de adrenalize {which is FIGHT FLIGHT AND FREEZE} we will use a breath to create a hormone we secrete naturally through the body called Oxytocin
This is a natural hormone we produce during Orgasm, during childbirth to open up our cervix to give birth. It allows our body to release milk to feed the baby, helps us bond with our loved one, create trust within our own body and trust in our journey so that we can create success.
[We have a Personal Purpose, Professional Purpose and a Global Purpose]
[On a Personal Level]
it reduces cravings, depression, repression, promotes a healthy sleep cycle, releases toxins and fat, stimulates longevity, allows the body to feel nurtured and loved, intensifies bonding and trust with partners and boosts orgasms!
[On a Professional Level]
it allows you to be more magnetic, authentically influential, strengthens your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, helps you own your own voice so you have less fear and more ease
It stimulates brain cells growth which helps boost memory, helps you to be more consistent in manifesting your intentions, allows you to create prosperity without the adrenaline burnout all while feeling conscious of your state of being.
[On a global Level]
It allows women to see each other as sisters, its supports the shift away from ego and towards essence, helps you to bond with your purpose and calling, allows woman to collaborate in creating new industries and trends that are vital to the planet to thrive, allows woman to recognize their joyous woman within as we rise together in harmony

[As far as the birthing piece.] On a natural level it allows the cervix to open up to give birth. If Oxytocin shuts down during birth you may be given the synthetic hormone call Pitocin
So as woman we are birthing our full potential therefore we need to depend on Oxytocin to deliver it.


The view from where I sit this morning. Under my glorious Tree Of Joy. Soaking up the sunrise and love I woke up to this morning. I have been blessed to have the largest yard in my neighborhood (.25 acres) that has become my private sanctuary the past 6 years & holds hundreds of christmas lights that are glorious in the evening. It had held many gatherings with my tribe and where I have spent hours upon hours fostering my dreams, cried when I felt defeated, having serious conversations with my spirit guides, meditated and simply sat in silence. Once in awhile I even do my calls with my clients here.
I have a small simple home built in 1972 with colorful walls and whimsical unmatching decor that goes together perfectly and has been a lovely place to raise 3 out of our 5 children. I grow flowers with no rhyme or reason because gardening is not my genius and perfect gardens are not my thing.
I just wanted to share with you the place that brings me so much joy.
Today my Intentions are to be in compassionate service to two clients today, connect with my creative Muse who has been eluding me lately, disconnect from cyber world so I can be Quite Inside Myself today and fully focus on my business today.
Have a beautiful day as you Consciously Create your life. What will you be creating in your life today? ~Love Lauri


Just a glimpse of the art work in progress..waiting for them to tell me what they want to become. My paintings are a soulful journey for me, not to be rushed but once the inspiration comes my paintbrush becomes my guide. SO much to get completed before my Jackson Hole show next month and yet I am so relaxed and feeling no pressure. Ok, off I go! Love Lauri



Good afternoon beloveds. Just got off my client call#2 and feeling pretty awesome right now.
Wanted to pop in really quick to welcome a couple of new girls who just requested to join us in here and wish you an amazing afternoon. Off I go to shower, feed my belly and paint things and consciously create more magic for myself.. Loving each of you very much.


Good morning Conscious Creators.
How is your heart today?
How will you choose to nourish your heart, mind, body and soul today?
How will YOU be your own best friend today?
~Love Lauri


WOW! Soul School at it’s finest today, right here!
Todays teaching from Abraham Hicks (through Esther Hicks) touches upon CHOICE. What do those experiences mean and how you can move to a level of awareness of your truth and move through them with the intent of becoming a vibrational match of WHO you want to be and what you WANT to experience now regardless of the past.


Even my Love understands and believes in the power of ho’oponopono.

(If you missed the post I did 7/1 about ho’oponopono you can find it here .


I have to share one of the sweetest photos ever. Taken last month at a Solstice Soiree I attended last month (2 days before this Tribe launched). During our gathering we all grouped together for a ceremony and some of us gathered on the blanket, several I had only met that night, as we each, one by one to everyone present, shared and declared a few of our secret desires. I love connecting with my dear friends and making new ones. Connecting like this is some of my most cherished times in my life.
Unplugging from technology for a few hours. ~ Love Lauri — with Lori Clayton.


{Little Rant with a Good Lesson for All Of Us that comes clear at the bottom of this posting so stay with me} Ms 17.5 posted something to her FB today which she typically only does when she wants me to see something.

Little Background: She made a choice to quit (with my support) her waitressing job in April so she could play the last month of school and then live in Jackson Hole with my sister and son for the summer (and make a lot of moolah). She had a job lined up as well. Last minute she backed out (fear) and then didn’t even tell me for a couple weeks, had to learn from my sister (I was heartbroken and disappointed but chose not to be angry).

In the meantime she has wanted very much to work but has made very little effort to find the job. She honestly thought she could get a job easy, on the spot, as she did with her last job. This has been a HUGE lesson of patience, support and compassion for her to learn huge lessons and figure this out, a little guidance here and there but I have made her OWN the responsibility. I give her no money, she lives off her savings or nothing. She is adorable, very responsible, very wise and understands the power of intention and law of attraction and any employer would be lucky to have her.

She is home ALL the time and so I rarely have any time alone in the house which I NEED due to my nature but also the empath part of me can be very tender.

Today I finally went to her room and asked her what she would be doing today. I basically told her I needed her to find something to go do that is OUT of the house today and her inactivity and being home SO much is beginning to wear me down. Either go hiking with dad tonight or go somewhere. She got teary (she is very tough skinned). Told her I love her but she has got to focus on her job being to find a job.

{Her Positing} “I just need someone to push me and push me until I’m motivated. Trying to find motivation for anything by yourself is hard, when theres not really any positivity in your life, and the only thing you can do is doubt yourself.”
{My Response} Nobody can want something more for you than you. You are VERY supported, loved and believed.

{So here is the Lesson} Nobody can want something more for you than YOU. YOU have to really want it and be willing to do the work it will take to create it. Health, Mental WellBeing, Financial Freedom, and Success in your Business, Relationships that support your path. Anything, no matter what it, is Your choice and Your Journey. You have to be WILLING to stop focusing on the negative and begin focusing on the opposite of that. Most are VERY willing to make you feel supported, loved and believed in so we must learn to accept that (or if support isn’t present STILL be willing to do the work) and then as the Amish say “Pray and MOVE YOUR FEET!!” meaning, ask and then TAKE ACTION and the Universe will instantly conspire to support you!

Here’s to your New Awareness. ~ Love Lauri


Today I am off to attend an cool business event Angella is hosting so I wanted to say good morning from my sweet little home studio as I sip my coffee in my favorite soft pink comfy rob.
Each of you are so very extraordinary so I wanted to share this with you.
Today choose the light. ~ Love Lauri


If you are unable to attend the retreat please go ahead and DECLINE the invite. If you are planning to attend please say YES. I am working to gage attendance and my reservation hold while using this invite for any retreat updates.
By saying YES I can ensure you will get the updates I post.
If you are saying YES please be sure to either Pay In Full OR get your $100 deposit in RIGHT AWAY to secure your spot.
I cannot hold spots without the deposit and would hate for anyone to lose theirs it gets booked.
I also HIGHLY recommend you consider opting in to the BONUS NIGHT for only $99 more and although some of the details will not be revealed until then I ask that you just TRUST it is going to be perfect for you. Very limited spots available as it will be condensed into a smaller retreat that night.


“Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny–he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally–you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you.” ~Osho
I am getting really excited for Marilyn‘s guest call on Sunday as she shares amazing Wisdom about how she helps her clients (including me) to get more clarity around your life and soul purpose using her own special talents! Fascinating stuff coming up soon! — with Marilyn Sorensen.


Had to share this hot shot of our upcoming guest (august 4) Cat Palmer ofCat Palmer Photography. This gal is kind of a BIG DEAL here in Utah. She has created a very successful award winning photography biz, is the curator of Urban Arts Gallery AND NOW the Queen Poobah of her own arts festival happening next weekend, Urban Arts Festival. Artists take note of this gal. It IS possible to do what you love, create meaningful work and kick ass at it!


In light of some thoughts posted yesterday about Tribes I thought this was a really good article about how to make friends in this day in age. A lot of my real life local friends now, I seriously made on FB 1st, through friends we have in common. Eventually we end up meeting in person at a gathering or event or even through one of my workshops they take.
How I see it, if this person has some of my real life friends in common it is likely they are good vibrational match for me because my good friends are pretty good at also attracting good people into their lives with common beliefs and interests.
In my experience though, you have to actually leave your home and show up for your Tribe. Once you do they will welcome you with open arms.
I can tell you I have, time and time again, invited women to join me at gatherings and the next thing I know they are now a part of Tribe expanding their world, and it all happened because they showed up.


{I have a confession to make and a story to tell.}
I used to call myself “Girl Misunderstood”. I even had a line of artwork I named after that (like 10 years ago), like this one pictured (feel silly showing you), and they always had some kind of word or an odd tender saying on them about how they really felt inside that people never understood about them. I sold a lot of them.

I remember coming across this saying “The worst thing that could happen to one is to be completely {Understood}.” I was so confused about that saying for a very long time. “Why would it be terrible if I was totally understood?” I would wonder. I WANT people to understand me so I can stop having to explain myself, my past, my story, my motives.

Today I have had to ponder some deep emotion that came up with something I read that was a direct reflection of how I was completely misunderstood. Today I felt judged and disappointed and hurt. I wanted SO bad to jump into my own EGO and EXPLAIN myself, all my motives, my truth and ensure I was NOT being misunderstood. And for a few paragraphs in response I did.

Well as I have been working through this today it brought me to this story I wanted to share. Funny how it just hit me!
For so much of my life I felt like people always misunderstood me, what I was trying to say, my body language, my appearance etc. I seemed to always be portrayed as a little stuck up (because I didn’t look people in the eye-insecure), a boyfriend stealer (because I would somehow get perused by men that were not my guy- seeking attention) or that my words came across wrong (because of the way I spoke that always came out so shallow and wrong-tongue tied), women didn’t usually like me and my friends were always having to “explain” me to them. I felt like I was being judged and hated all the time because I was pretty, or because I had this or I did that. I was so frustrated no one would notice and validate me for who I really thought I was or acknowledge me for what I had come through in my life and notice me for what I was really trying to say or do. DAMNIT! I wanted them to validate me and undestand me!

Then years later I finally got that saying!!! It was when I began learning I WAS the creator of my reality, good or bad, regardless of my past, which was also good or bad. I had learned that my past is my past but it does not have to define me and “my story” didn’t have to follow me wherever I went. I learned something that shifted the way I think about myself and how I wanted so bad for other to perceive and validate me.

I remember having conflict with a girl I used to work with, she was always so jealous of me, my success, the attention I would receive from our leaders, the opportunities I was always being given even though we had the same position on our team and she had the same opportunities as me, she just chose to never ask for them. I remember her telling me once “We are like Fleetwood Mac. You are the Stevie Nicks and I am just that other girl in the band who’s name no one can remember. You are the perfect, pretty one, the smarter one, the one everyone pays attention to and I’m sick of you doing THIS TO ME!” I was SO ANGRY I wanted to Pull Her HAIR! Instead I said to her so rudely, “You want it go for it. Stop being just an insecure whiner. I’m not here to make you look good and you will never be better at this job than me, ever, anyways.” I wanted to hurt her. I was SO SICK of her. The conflict we had was so intense our manger and team leader had to get involved….which really made me mad because it meant they were now seeing me as a trouble maker they needed to “council and discipline”. I was totally ticked about it.

{Life changing moment here} I was in a private office with my team leader Wendy, my mentor, most trusted friend and guide (who you get to meet on our call July 21) and she said to me “what is it about Liz that is really pissing you off?” so off I vented, cried and had a fit. Then when I stopped she asked me “and what about her that you can’t stand is really all about you? What is it about her that may be reflecting out some truth about you?” I was floored by that and totally rejected it. Wendy began to explain to me that we are “allowers” of our emotion. No one can make you feel any way you choose not to feel. No one can treat you how you don’t let them. She said “So when you are seeing her as all of these negative things the truth is she is just showing you something about yourself and it really has nothing to with her. What she hates about you is all about her and nothing to do with you.” She said “so when something comes up that brings our anger, fear, judgment or criticism in another ask yourself, where in my life AM I doing this to others. Where IN me and I seeing this?.”

She told me to “stop being a victim and begin empowering yourself to be ok that others may misunderstand you because it usually has nothing to do with you, it is about something in them and you were the trigger. As long as YOU are acting in integrity, being kind, coming from love and compassion than what other think of you is none of your business. And besides, if everyone understood you how boring would that be!”

The end.

Any thoughts? Would love to hear any questions or feedback. ~ Love Lauri


This morning, as I read, with teary, proud, joyful eyes, what has been shared about your new awareness, the miracles unfolding, the magic you have created and to now, becoming conscious creators and solution finders just in the past few weeks, one word came to mind to describe my most beloved Tribe.
“A courageous warrior doesn’t look to her past, her patterns, her family history, or her problems to determine whether she can feel good about who she is. She looks inside herself and to the divine power that created her. She is here to gather the strength to fulfill her potential—which means she will have to face controversy. She will have to break through the limitations of her thoughts and her mind that can trick her into believing she is nothing more than a mere flawed mortal. She will have to be willing to face conflicts that will serve to ignite her strength as she stays focused on her vision of the future rather than on the past. A courageous warrior is a woman who bravely battles with the universal enemy—self-ignorance. ~ Debbie Ford”


{Tribe in Utah} I have been SO excited for this workshop to get launched. I am for sure doing the Intro class on Friday Sept 6….will see if I can commit the time to be able to do the whole workshops as it gets closer but I would LOVE for as many of you to trust me that you need to come to at least the intro class with me. From what I understand it is a very intense weekend workshop but that the intro class will be a really superb taste of this movement!

TaKeTiNa Workshop – Immerse Yourself in Rhythm!

September 6 at 7:00pm in MST
YMCA Community Family Center: 4223 S. Atherton Drive, Taylorsvile, UT 84102
Invite Friends · Get Tickets · You’re going
As I sit today in my studio creating my newest works of art this came on my playlist and the Lyric came on “I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there”
WOW! It so hit me how perfect and truthful it is for this Tribe and this journey.
So I had to share. ~ Love Lauri{Lyrics}
Too many shadows in my room
Too many hours in this midnight
Too many corners in my mind
So much to do to set my heart right
Oh it’s taking so long I could be wrong, I could be ready
Oh but if I take my heart’s advice
I should assume it’s still unsteady
I am in repair, I am in repairStood on the corner for a while
To wait for the wind to blow down on me
Hoping it takes with it my old ways
And brings some brand new luck upon me
Oh it’s taking so long I could be wrong, I could be ready
Oh but if I take my heart’s advice
I should assume it’s still unsteady
I am in repair, I am in repairAnd now I’m walking in a park
All of the birds they dance below me
Maybe when things turn green again
It will be good to say you know meOh it’s taking so long I could be wrong, I could be ready
Oh but if I take my heart’s advice
I should assume it’s still unsteady
Oh, yeah I’m never really ready, Oh, yeah, I’m never really ready
I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there
I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting thereI’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there
I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there
I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there
I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there


Good morning beauties. Sometimes we think “it” needs to look like this but really the Universe is designing something better for us which can sometimes take time, synchronicity gets happen as the perfect scenario unfolds before your eyes.
It can be very frustrating to know and believe you are operating from a space of inspired action but then nothing happens!
This morning I wanted to share a little story of how I was recently really pushed into surrender and trust and the miracle that was created ended up being far beyond the amazing I had originally thought it would be.
I hope this will give you clarity around some of things you are creating in your life and in your business. Enjoy. ~ Love Lauri


I was taking a break under my Tree Of Joy and a tiny baby ladybug landed on my shoulder. This is how I know my best friend Quinn (and my son’s dad) who died of suicide is with me. (I talked about him in my Week 1 call) I asked for him to show up as a ladybug (for proof!) because I don’t see them often in my yard. He has been coming around A LOT this summer guiding and supporting me. It made me feel really tender and I just wanted to share these photos that I love with you…just in case you were interested. I just wanted you to know that if you want to connect with your earth angels, they are there. Just ask for them to show you signs.

The big hair pic was us right after our son was born. Yes, I had megga big permy hair and when it comes back in style I will be 1st to sport it again.
Then there is me and him when I was a glamour girl. This was after I got divorced and he became my big brother, protector and best friend. We loved to party.
Then there is me and our old very dear friends at his burial. There were SO many people there and it was a full day of celebration, laughter and a lot of hugs.
The last picture is my son (middle) and his 2 best friends. My husband took it and I think it is an amazing shot of that day we buried his dad.
Then the picture of my son and Quinn only 1 year before he transitioned to the spiritual realm. I cherish this photo of them.

{ROLL CALL!} Chatted with Marilyn yesterday and she said to tell you “I have a few sizzling moments in store!” for our call tonight! (check your email for call in details I sent on Saturday!)
Who will be IN The Studio?
Who Will be ON the Call?
Who Will be listening to the Recording later?
I am LOVING all of the Wisdom that has been shared so far in our journey that is helping each of you Create a Full-On Life, Soul and Biz Immersion that is infused with Authenticity and Essence.
Have a beautiful day and I will see you all tonight! ~ Love Lauri
Another sweet little miracle under my Tree Of Joy today I had to share really fast!
I posted about my ladybug experience yesterday with my Earth Angel Quinn. I realized that I have never asked for definite signs from my beloved Grandmama who passed when I was 8 and I have never stopped grieving for until I did some healing over it last year, now it only comes in spurts rather than almost daily.
Yesterday I thought to myself, I wonder why I never see feathers in my yard even though we have so many birds who nest and feed here. Maybe feathers should be what I ask for from her. And that was it! Not another thought about it.
As I was working on a painting my Grandma’s face shot into my mind for a split second which always makes me emotional so I stopped painting, grabbed my coffee and headed to sit in my chair under my glorious tree.
And Guess what! A FEATHER WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO MY CHAIR! I said thank you and FELT her say “I Love you Lauricia.” (my birth name)
Now her feather gets to live forever in my Grandmama Shrine. That is all. Signing back off for the day to paint, flow and be quiet inside myself and will see you later. ~ Love Lauri
My life continues to be blessed by the Wisdom of this phenomenal woman Maya Angelou.


Just a sneaky peek at next Sundays call guest Wendy Schimmel of Coach Wendy Schimmel. SO SO SO excited to introduce you to my soul sister, mentor, angel, one of the most pivotal, influential women in my life.
Vast Wisdom embodies this woman. It is a true gift to have her joining us.


unfolding the layers of my truth and talent today. shared on my page and wanted to open up the question to each of you as well. ~ Love Lauri

{A Thought In My Head Today} So much of my soul, my essence has been coming through in my studio as I prepare for a big fine art show in August. I am really upleveling in my life & soul coaching as well as in my art and overall life.
Really stepping into a new space requires a willingness to being seen to a new level of my skill, talent and life purpose is unfolding.
Creating very large scale high end painting as well and not wondering how and where will I store these if they do not sell but instead believing that I AM creating these beauties for the person who GETS to connect on a soul level and purchase them.
I wanted to share a smaller painting I am working on. I love painting hearts because they are the Universal Symbol for Love. No matter where you are in the world a heart speaks the same language.
[Question] So I ask you, what do you love to paint and what is the meaning for you behind it?


I felt like I wanted to repost this again. I loved the feedback from a few of you and would really love to hear more. Part of immersing into being a Conscious Creator is also becoming Solution Minded. So regardless of our current situation and our past, through the new Awareness you have received you can now begin to see there are so many other Options and Possibilities of healing, creating, doing, being. So with that I look forward to the insight here. ~ Love Lauri


{Love Note To My Tribe}

I just wanted to tell you each again how grateful I am that each of you chose to allow me to be your guide on this Journey.
I have LEARNED SO much from the experiences you have so bravely shared. I have been allowed to test my knowledge/skill in what I know and have been so privileged to help you see a new perspective of possibility and unfolding new awareness.
AND boy how I have been stretched, grown and challenged to the fullest.
And for anyone who thinks I haven’t received opposition, HA! oh let me tell you!!
I am being PUSHED into up-leveling again (before I was ready), facing head on my OWN shit and truths, working through the healing of my own things that have come up through this journey and honing down again on my own personal authentic journey of life, soul and biz.
And in all honesty I am energetically and spiritually POOPED so I am going to take a break from all of cyber world for the rest of today and quite possibly tomorrow so I can move through some really BIG stuff that has come up for me with a little “spiritual cleanse.”
I will miss you and trust you will all gently hold the space for each other. And to also encourage each of you to take a break at least each month from FB and from cyber and connect with you. I will catch up when I get back. Lots of Juicy posts I want to comment on that have come through today! ~ Love Lauri


Good Morning to all my Conscious Creators and NOW Solution Finders. I wanted to invite each of you to join this 21 day FREE Guided Medi Challenge with Deepak Chopra and Oprah. For those of you NEW to meditation or those of you who simply desire a new flavor THIS IS IT!
Guided meditation is really nice for those who have a lot of chatter in your head and would benefit from having your thoughts guided.
Every meditates different I do not believe there is a right or wrong way. You may never reach a state of zen and that is ok. The point of it being connecting to your internal being and your source. It is also a practice that takes practice.
I hope EACH of you will join and ALLOW the state of ease into your lives. ~ Love Lauri

Oprah & Deepak’s ALL-NEW 21-Day Meditation Challenge™, Miraculous Relationships Begins August 5! Free to participate – Registration Now Open! Join us on August 5 for a transformational three-week guided meditation journey into the heart of true love. Discover the wonder that exists within and then…
My Favorite Poem ever is by Danielle LaPorte. I have a total girl crush on her and was super giddy that I manifested her to come to SLC this winter and hang with this super power babe AFTER the show (kind of a big deal). Twas awesome! I hope this poem will help you as much as it helps me when I need to be reminded I am going to be ok. ~Sending blessings of Peace to your heart and souls. ~ Love Lauri 
{Are You Hanging By A Thread}
It’s hard, it’s wrenching. It’s incredibly painful and it’s difficult to feel lightness. Or to see clearly. Hanging by a thread can be really disorienting. What you’re going through undeniably sucks. 

Listen to me: It’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this. You can do it. Baby, you ARE doing it. You’re getting through this. Right now your cells are plumping up and your heart is beating and you have your breath. In breath. Out breath. It’s really okay if you have to get that basic about getting through it. In breath, out breath. Sun’s gonna rise. It’s going to be okay. Take encouragement from strangers. Like me. Go ahead. Take it. It’s free and I don’t feel karmically entangled. So listen to me: It’s going to be okay. 

This will not kill you. 

Do you believe in angels? If you don’t just believe in them for the next twenty fours. There are a hundred thousand angels by your side. 

You’re probably feeling devastatingly alone, like an iceberg drifting. No one can hear you cracking. It’s cold. But, just like an iceberg, you have so much beneath the surface. Years of layers and lifetimes of experience and strengths to call on — skills of expanding consciousness that you didn’t even know you had. You will not sink. 

People have been through what you’re going through right now. Thousands of them. Really and truly. Your picture of heartbreak, your strain of pain is part of the human fabric, and that tapestry is holding you like an Eskimo blanket. Other people have survived this and when they got out of the hole, they left a morphogenic popcorn trail out of the pain. You can trace their steps. 

It may be hard to believe right now, but not only will it be okay, not only will you get through and over this, you will thrive again. You will be clear and vibrant and INCREDIBLE. You will not only have more character to pull out at parties and wisdom to offer the world, but you will feel more joy than you think is possible right now. You will. 

You may walk with a limp. You may wince when you look back (understandable,) you may cry unexpectedly in the book store, but you’ll be more alive, and more You. You will be strong. And you will feel a curious sensation of being more useful. And it will feel really, really fantastic. 

What you’re going through right now is so difficult. 
And it’s going to be okay. 
More than okay.

[A Repost from my post 7/1. Today seemed like a good day to revisit this]
So today lets talk about {Feelings}. In my Life Manifesto process, part of creating the minutely detailed vision you want for you life is knowing HOW you want to FEEL when you have that “thing”. Emotion creates Motion and you’re feeling tone is what gives the desire/goal power. If you don’t know how you want to feel when it manifests you will want to evaluate this dream more to see if this is truly something that is going to give you the Joy, Happiness, Prosperity and Harmony you are desiring to create in your life. So grab your Journal.
I have provided a link I thought was really good that you can use to begin with to help you make Decision around how you want to feel just being you…but there are a million other feeling tone words out there so I challenge you to become aware of them.
So for now become aware of the overall feelings you want to feel in your life and about yourself. Then as a desire comes to mind refer back to your list of desired feelings and then begin conscious decisions around how you want to feel when “that” comes into your life.
[Remember] Your Journey will require time and work. Being WILLING to do the work it takes to deeper your immersion into your essence is going to be vital.
So Who’s in? Go ahead and share some of the feelings you want to FEEL in your life.
Here is some of my List: ~.Prosperous/Prosperity.~.Harmony/Harmonious.~.Essence/In Spirit.~.Feminine/Sensual.~Warrior.~.Elevated.~.Courageous.~.Empowered.
Love Lauri
For those of you unable to attend the Weekend Retreat I have another incredible opportunity for you to Support the next level of your Immersion.
Life Manifesto {6 Week Guided Group Journey}.
I invite each of you who are ready to begin making new powerful decisions in your Overall Life {and your Business} to HIGHLY Consider this 6 week Guided Journey with me.
The Investment in yourself will Change Your Life and touch upon every aspect of your life (NOT just one area) Creating a full embodied, well rounded vision for your entire life that will flow seamlessly into the other.
THIS IS the tool I have used to create a Life and Soulful Business and it changed my life.
$100 holds you spot and payment is not due in full until Sept 21. Visit for the details. If You DO plan on doing this Please Click YES on FB This Invite.

Life Manifesto {6 Week Guided Group Journey}

September 29 at 4:00pm
Via Conferance Call or Join me AT my Studio
I saw this amazing posting today that really hit me and wanted to share and I hope it will bring some sort of peace to you as you struggle with grief, loss, what was and give you insight on to how we manifest it into our current choices. ~ Love Lauri
What grabbed me was this:
“Your attachment to anxiety is your attachment to your (partner, ex, mother/father, church, predator etc), – for he/she provides the mix of anxiety and adrenaline you need …
Feasting on stress. That’s the only way to put it.
It puts you in control in an out of control situation. You know what to do when you think things to death – worrying, loathing, obsession. That’s how you stay OUT of your feelings. By spinning your wheels you can forget how much pain you are in.”

A Word About Feasting on StressIn America, we are addicted to stress – as a nation and as individuals. It provides us with an identity and a holy reason for being … one that trumps simpler, subtler experiences like being, feeling, and noticing.In short, if we are stressed we are fighting ‘the good fight’. When, in …See More

Good Morning Beloveds!! I am back from my little break and LOVE seeing all the postings and comments and wisdom shared. The sharing and the support makes my heart is SO full this morning it could possibly POP!{Being Empathic} So I wanted to share a story about me that I believe many of you experience as well but may not have understood what this really is all about.It’s long so prop up your feet and stay awhile and take notes.So I was feeling a little Fragile and Tender this week. As a highly Intuitive Empath I have had to learn how to “zip up” and create energetic boundaries around my body so I do not absorb the stuff of other (takes practice and being conscious of it). More so others stuff “attaches” to me in public however, it can also happen at home very easily, and the energy doesn’t even have to be bad, it just has to be big and I can feel myself struggling with breathing, focus and feeling horribly off.

I forget to “zip up” a lot when I’m home and if I jump on FB I can feel myself sometimes shifting out of alignment with my Desired Feeling, it can be from reading negative postings, reading about other deep struggles and it can also be from reading about other peoples success and bring out a feeling of competitiveness or a feeling I am not keeping up with those I perceive as “more successful, smarter or more talented that I” (Stay Tuned for another posting about Competition this week). When I can feel my vibration sink I know I must remove myself immediately. Another practice that takes being conscious again of the FEELINGS I want to feel.

Through my journey I have also learned that I can experience moments of being HIGHLY sensitive, not just energetically/emotionally but also sensitive in my nerve endings. (Stay tuned for another posting about Sensitivity this week).

So back to the {Empathic-ness.} Another soul in our Tribe recently discovered that she was also Empathic because she was feeling overwhelmed in this Tribe and finding herself consumed energetically so she asked for some insight on how to control this and I thought I would share what I shared with her.

She will be going through my Life Manifesto process (at the retreat) so I shared a paragraph I have in my Spiritual Section and decided, (although this is sacred info I share typically with my clients only) I wanted to also share with you as it is a powerful example of the Language of Manifestation I teach.
[Notice I am NOT giving attention to the ISSUE but placing a positive vibration around it.]

“I have a gift of being an empathic spiritual healer. I am highly intuitive and embrace this gift. My vibration of joy and love is so strong that I am also able to internalize the love and positive energy of others into a serving positive manner to me and exude that out into the world. Because of my loving and calm vibration I am able to channel positive energy and powerful insight into any situation and create peace and healing for others. I am conscious of my feelings and use my feelings and emotions as guidance to know that I am aligned with the universe and my core desired feelings and intentions. I know how to raise my vibration at any time using breathing to clear my energy. I am focused solely on feeling love, joy and peace in my life.”

I then shared with her this “It is really about creating a shield around you. They call it Zipping up. Not that you are aware you are highly empathic and can be affected by others emotions you get to learn how to Zip Up. Eventually it becomes natural and you do not need to do this but I have worked out a deal with my guides to support me in this. I picture myself stepping into a giant bag that covers my entire body up to my neck. Then I zip it up, I actually do the movement of zipping my bag.

I think today you get to have a conversation with your guides and tell them what you are experiencing and that when you step into your bag and zip it that it is your shield. Remember that your guides are just energetic forces. They are light and have no ego. So take them out of this human realm you may have them in and just know spirit and guides are just your white light and you can say whatever, ask for whatever, scream, yell and demand, whatever you need and there is no judgment in that or punishment.”

So knowing this about myself I was able to see that, aside from up-leveling AGAIN (OY!) in my life, purpose and business and having to work through some healing that came up for me in this Journey (YUP! I am GROWING with you!) as well as some Ego things I needed to pay attention to and let go of, I was finding that much of the convoluted emotion I was having was due to my Empathic Gifts and I was attaching to many of the emotions in this Tribe. Not bad. Just IS. And we are ALL Empathic to some degree and it does not have to ruin your life when you can learn how to recognize it and then learn to control it.

So I invite each of you who begin to feel a little fragile to ask yourself “Is this mine?” and then call upon your Higher Power to help you let go of the toxic emotion in your body.

Just BE AWARE of how you are feeling and the feelings surrounding it.

Thoughts? Hope this helps. ~Love Lauri

For those of you experience symptoms in your body here is some really good recent news about a new discovery. I hope this provides you HOPE and awareness to begin seeking the solutions with your medical providers.

Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved!

Researchers have found the main source of pain in Fibromyalgia patients, and contrary to what many believe, it does not stem from the brain. The findings mark the end of a decades-old mystery about…
Week 5 Call Details just emailed! I cannot WAIT to share Wendy Schimmelwith you!
Every time I talk to her she helps me to unfold more layers, see more of my own truth and I receive so much Clarity and Peace in her presence.
Hope Everyone Will join the call! ~ Love Lauri

{Essence Immersion Tribe} Week 5 Call Dial In Information

SO SO SO excited to introduce you to my soul sister, mentor, angel, one of the most pivotal, influential women in my life.
I just wanted to take a moment to remind each of you of the (exclusive for this Tribe only) Essence Immersion Weekend Retreat in September.
As many of you are really making some powerful new choices, decisions and movement in your lives since beginning this Tribe I am going to really encouraging you to consider Gifting Yourself with this Amazing Experience I have created for you as you step into the Next Level Of Your Immersion with me and my incredible staff..
Allow yourself a Breathing Space away from your everyday life and be open to receiving the nourishment your mind, body and soul is desiring.
I have only 6-8 spots left and (only TWO spaces left for the Bonus Night). $100 deposit will hold your spot and payment is not due in full until Sept 11.
IF you will be joining us please also click YES in this FB invite. ~ Love Lauri

Essence Immersion Weekend Retreat

September 20 at 3:05pm
This morning as I was working on updating the Financial Section in my Life Manifesto some BIG “Kick Me In The Gut” Fear around some goals and actions plans I was creating showed up for me.
I needed to stop and really sit with it for a while. Feel the Fear and Acknowledge it (not run and hide from it), and ponder what I was so afraid of despite the inspired action I have clearly received from my Higher Power and the knowingness of what I AM Capable of.
As I walk through my journey and up-leveling in all areas in my life (particularly around my business) Fear will often show up for me and I have had to learn to embrace the contrast it provides me and relay on FAITH and being open to Possibility, even when it seems IMPOSSIBLE!
This Tribe has been a HUGE validation for me and had I not chosen to hold my vision and walk through the enourmous Terror Barriers I experienced with creating this, I, and you, would have missed out on this incredible journey.
I was inspired to write this Mantra “I Empower Myself With Faith” and hope it empowers you as well to Trust in the Unknown, the Hard and the Possible and allow yourself to experience what it is like to create something IMPOSSIBLE!
~ Love Lauri
I shared recently on a posting thread the power around the music you listen to (aside from not watching news, reading newspapers or listening to radio).
When I became aware of the power of my mind I had to really begin making decisions around the language I used as well as the kind of music I embedded into my mind. I’m an 80’s girl and LOVE a lot of the music I grew up with but as I began noticing the meaning of the songs as well as the band members I was able to see how much of it was not supporting the vibration I was wanting to move into and discovered my PASSION and LOVE for New Age music. I now have a wonderful collection I almost always listen to. But I do allow myself a dose of mainstream music too on occasion.
So SURPRISE! I found you some FREE music Downloads compliments of one of my favorite new age musicians Deva Premal and Miten.

Deva Premal & Miten – Music – Downloads – Deva Premal & Miten

Sacred moment I got to share with Wendy last night after our call. She heals me with her incredible essence and gifts.
Full moon tonight!!! A beautiful time to create fresh new beginning as we move into the new month of our year. For me, I use it as a time where I get to write down what has been weighing my head and heart down. I also like to jot down my Big Life Gratuities and any of the desires I would like support in and clarity around.So what are your cool plans? I will be attending a friends gathering who will be teaching us about some new meditation techniques she has recently learned, enjoying some good food and a firepit. Been jotting down the things I am ready to surrender in the fire and release fully to the Universe. Do some special, even if it means a bath, candles and some beautiful music or a walk about to clear your energy. Whatever will feed your soul and help you to Breathe Peace.
~ Love Lauri
Good Morning Conscious and Deliberate Creators.
{I would love to hear from each of you today.}
I thought this was a BEAUTIFUL posting from Lindsay and wanted to share with the Tribe. With so much movement, and change and commitment to your YES! happening quickly for so many of you I thought this was so divinely perfect.
A lot of uncomfortability, fear and opposition from many sources may be creeping in, perhaps overwhelming you with “Am I BIG ENOUGH, Smart Enough, Courageous Enough, Talented Enough?” The Answer is YES, you are. I just ask that you continue to Trust in your Higher Power. Trust in your Intuition. Trust in your Journey.
Remember, if something you truly Desire SCARES you then that is where you should really consider going, even just to investigate how it WILL Serve you.
The more you push through Terror Barriers the Stronger The Truth Of Your Your Essence becomes.
To DECIDE means to Take ALL other options off the Table. It IS and Shall BE.
||So I would love to know what your commitment to your YES is.
||If you care to please share how you are making this happen.
||If coming up to opposition how are creating solutions to move through them?
||How can I (and the Tribe) support and hold space for you?
I Love You. I See You.I Honor You. ~ Love Lauri

In taking ownership over yourself- you create boundaries and claim what is yours- the truth that lives in your heart.You have all the power you need- just believe it.You cannot be stopped unless you wish to be.

It’s not stubbornness, it’s passion.

It’s not selfish, it’s in service. Of the WHOLE.

Your heart calls in a specific way because we ALL need to hear from the whispers of your heart.

See your truths.

Hear your story.

Share it, and never be afraid.

Much love,


{My Truth of Sensitivity. Need To Be Alone. And What I Did Today that helped ME!}
One of my biggest challenges, as my Empathic Abilities have become more developed, is the conversations over and over again with my family asking to receive understanding and support over my absolute need to be alone in my home for large chunks of time several times during the weekdays (Mon-Fri 5-8 hours a day would be perfect for me!). It seems no matter how tender I am around the subject my family takes it as I don’t like them around or that they are a bother to me. And because they are downstairs they should not be bothering me at all. I am a loner by nature so even before this I thrived and craved being alone.This summer has been a HUGE challenge for me because Ms 17 has not worked since April and just barely found a new job (she finally begins this weekend) so she has been home A LOT during the day and even staying in many nights as well since being out of school. Trust me, we have had many conversations about what times I want her gone each week day and she ignores them or waits for hours as she gets ready, eats and takes her time before going. And then Husband comes home at 6 so I only get a morsel of time alone before he comes.Some days are no bother (weekends I seem fine) but there are days I experience waves of hyper sensitivity, and not just emotionally from being empathic, but actually in my whole body and nerve endings.There are days I want to scream and feel like I could pop because I feel so overwhelmed needing my work space to just be and to work without the flow of another’s energy intertwining with mine. But I do consciously choose to have peace and love in my home as well so I do what’s possible to not create conflict or hurt their feelings and also understand that unless they felt like me it will be very difficult for them to really understand what I feel. To hear it I would imagine it sounds pretty ridiculous.My family and the noise in my home isn’t really loud or high energy however my husband in particular does laugh, sneeze, cough and talks loud and during these waves it will actually bring a spear of pain into my body. And Ms 17 loves to play her music loud at times which also is uncomfortable to me.Today I was annoyed with my daughter and just made a decision to LEAVE my house and just head to the park to have a good old out loud, uninterrupted, no worries anyone will hear me, conversations with my Higher Power. I felt I needed to leave my property so I could be out of my element and let go of some heavy energy to circulate back into the Universe, breath in new scenery and simply refresh myself away from the house and my work!I was at the park, the grass was long, soft and so green. I just laid on my back, looked into the sky, put out my arms, found my white light, took deep breaths in..and out, did several oxytocin breaths and just talked and talked out loud! I sung out loud all of Gratitude. I laughed out loud too and no one could hear me! It felt SO good, empowering, cleansing, releasing and refreshing!I loved it so much I had to take a picture of my view and share! I want to encourage each of you, even if you live alone, are not experiencing hypersensitivity emotions or have plenty of alone space to just be to still gift yourself with this experience and then post a pic of your feet into the sky so we can see!
~ Thoughts? Who’s In?
Love Lauri
I am truly excited for our call this Sunday with one of my dearest sister friends and role model Angella Johnson, 6 figure Business Coach of Soul Vision Business.
Since we met (I will share my very cool story of HOW I created my local Tribe) I have witnessed this Amazing Warrior time and time again practice the Art Of Rising, what “staying committed to your dreams no matter what, when opposition is forcing though and tries to knock you down from your Vision of Life, Soul and Biz” really means.
She has created a Successful, Authentic and Soulful business and supports like minded women who are ready and committed to do the same.
Whether you are a entrepreneur or not you will greatly benefit for the vast Wisdom she will share of how she fully embodies her truth, commitment and essence into her Life’s Purpose.
Just shared this on my page and wanted to post in here too!
Yesterday in one of news threads in here the conversation came up about the Inner Child. Some shared how they are working to recreate some of the experiences in the now for their little girl-selves that may have not been as we wished it could have been. Some by spending time during meditation to love herself again as that little human being and others, creating fun adventures and creating new memories.
I realized I had wished I had more barbies when I was little. The only one I ever got on my 6th birthday (SO EXCITED) had her leg broken that same day (devastated) so I had to used scotch tape to keep it on. Unsure WHY I didn’t get another one or why I never asked for one but it still remains a memory for me that I felt I needed to nourish when on a shop-about yesterday. (I told Mr Sexy about my new Barbie and he thought it was a fantastic idea and suggested I take her on my trip next month to Jackson Hole for the Air Show I’m doing too!)
Well in my excitement over my purchase of this GORGEOUS Buddha, a new scarf, delicious candle, toothpaste and some tape I forgot about all about Barbie!
I will still be getting Barbie net trip but thought in the meantime I would show you Buddha! (only $16.99 at TJMaxx!) My inner child was VERY excited for him too! Isn’t this GORGEOUS! Brought me a TON OF JOY!
Today I would love to talk about the word {WORTHY} and would love to hear your feedback and will offer you mine, which you may or may not agree with and I am SO OK with that.
The definition is [Deserving effort, attention, or respect.] and [A person notable or important in a particular sphere]I believe that the feeling of “worthiness” to “receive” the life and things we desire has many illusions and attachments to it and is a dominant concern with many in our Tribe which is why I felt it was important to open up this conversation.I am curious as to how this word makes you FEEL when you refer it to yourself as a spiritual being having this imperfect, messy, beautiful human experience.Because I teach the “language of manifestation” I choose (and guide my clients to do as well) the words I use to infuse into my neuro pathways consciously and look at how certain words make me feel vibrationally.I have discovered for me, this is a word I actually avoid using. When I say “I am Worthy of…..” the feeling and need of perfection, complete purity and flawlessness comes to my mind. “Am I Smart Enough, Good Enough? Talented Enough”. In truth, just because we are here right now doesn’t that alone make us Enough to be Worthy of [Deserving effort, attention, or respect.] and receive love, abundance, prosperity, happiness and peace despite past mis-judgments, choices and our own humanness. Or are their really stipulations around my goodness that makes me Worthy?I choose to use the phrase “I AM open to receiving ………………” and that is because I just simply believe anything is possible for me to have just because I am here despite my past and current circumstances.Another word, to give you another example, is being “debt-free” When I say “debt-free” I just feel and hear “debt” and that makes me feel bad and lowers my vibration. I choose to use the phrase “Financially FREE” as it empowers and excites me.
Yet for some of my clients, when I ask them how being debt-free FEELS to them as they use in in their Manifestos and vocabulary, they have no negative vibration around it.So to sum this up, as a new Conscious Creator of your life, begin looking at the words you choose to think and speak, typically just by old habits, to describe the feeling tone that is in true alignment with your desired feelings.When you can begin to be aware of the feeling tone the word creates FOR YOU there is power behind it and aligns you in the Power Of Manifestation and creates a shift in Paradigms.

Paradigms are thoughts and feelings that create your habits and beliefs. As you shift your Paradigms you begin to vibrationally align yourself with your desires.

Let the discussion begin. ~ Love Lauri

Today I wanted to give you some insight on {The Laws Of The Universe ~Law Of Attraction}
(Audio For Listening Is BELOW).
I think this will help clarify much of what has been taught in our Tribe and how this all works.

||Our Universe is governed by many many different Laws such as a few main laws;
Like, The Law of Gratitude, when we can recognize the good in our life the Universe is inspired to give us more.
Or The law of gravity, what comes up must come down,
The law of Cause and Effect, whatever you send out to the Universe you get back. Send out good and you will receive good back from somewhere,
The law of Polarity, everything has an equal opposite; hot and cold, up and down, good and bad and so on.
Or The Law Of Relativity, Nothing is good or bad, big or little until you relate it to something else. Relate an experience in your life to something worse and your experience will always seem better.

In my coaching I focus my teachings and Life Manifesto process around the The Law Of Attraction or vibration which says that like attracts like. This is the one law that governs all laws of the Universe and may also be referred to as the Law Of Love as Love is the highest vibration we can emit.

This has been scientifically proven and while this was known throughout thousands of years in history it was a power that was kept from anyone who wasn’t a part of a high social status which allowed lower social status’ to remain disempowered with low vibration beliefs and standards of living and lack of freedom to choose.

But this is not the case anymore and each of you are here now, in this time period, to become Conscious Creators and are fully empowered with this new knowledge and freedom to practice.

So Conscious Awareness of your Vibration is called FEELINGS. Your paradigms are controlled by your thoughts and feelings that dictate your vibration which is then what you will attract. This is why knowing how we want to FEEL and aligning ourselves to that, despite what our past has been like or what our current circumstance may be, is so essential in manifestation as that will be the dominating factor in what you create.

So through my Life Manifesto process we are only focused on our core desires for our Spiritual Life, Health, relationships, financial freedom and personal development. By getting clear on our desires for each of those areas we can then create emotion or feelings around them and then the action we are willing will take to embody that vision and feeling tone for ourselves and manifest it into reality.

Emotion creates motion, action creates attraction. In the Manifesto process, through a shift in your paradigms compliments of your strengthened and the powerful system we use to reconfigure your brainwaves, these also become your new dominant beliefs. By creating your vision in these 5 main areas of your life you then create a fully rounded vision that supports the flow of them coming together seamlessly.

Here is the truth about manifestation. If your belief system does not match the vibrational tone of the desire you will continue to experience struggle around manifestation. You may be able to manifest some things but it will be a half ass experience so you will be a “sort of” manifestor. You may find you create an awesome experience but continually find yourself in a state of self-sabotage and back peddling. You no longer want to be a “sort of” manifestor, you want to be a deliberate manifestor and that is why you are here right now.

You can create powerful goals, create vision boards containing your brilliant dreams and desires you aspire to and you can wish and wish all day long but the truth is that until your actual belief system is on a vibrational match with those desires you will continue to miss the mark, which is actually the higher vibrational way of defining the word [fail].

Manifestation has a Language and when you can understand and use this language and can then move into a space of truly believing this IS possible for you, be willing to be in motion to creating them and align yourselves with the feelings you want to feel you can then create the abundance of love, health and mental wellbeing, supporting relationships, financial and spiritual freedom and overall peace, ease, flow and joy in your life.

As our world today continues to experience powerful vibrational shifts into new thought consciousness we are all being asked and even forced to live our lives as Deliberate and Conscious Creators, Step into the Truth of our Essence and begin making new choices to support and heal our communities and the world it can seem overwhelming and vast for our oneself to do this. I can tell you that just by making new decisions in our own way of living, being and doing we can create a positive energetic shift that will benefit the greater good of all.

I invite you to explore the details and process I teach in my Life Manifesto course and that I have used in my own life to create a life (and a business) that I truly love which has allowed me to not only move through opposition, fear and challenges in a more graceful empowered manner but to also make a difference to others in ways I would have never thought possible before.

When the Student is ready the Teacher will appear and I am grateful you have shown up to explore possibility with me.

I also invite you to join me at the {Essence Immersion Retreat} or my {Life Manifesto 6 Week Guided Journey} as I walk you step-by-step through the process.

The Laws Of The Universe {Law Of Attraction}


Just shared this on my page and wanted to post in here too!
Yesterday in one of news threads in here the conversation came up about the Inner Child. Some shared how they are working to recreate some of the experiences in the now for their little girl-selves that may have not been as we wished it could have been. Some by spending time during meditation to love herself again as that little human being and others, creating fun adventures and creating new memories.
I realized I had wished I had more barbies when I was little. The only one I ever got on my 6th birthday (SO EXCITED) had her leg broken that same day (devastated) so I had to used scotch tape to keep it on. Unsure WHY I didn’t get another one or why I never asked for one but it still remains a memory for me that I felt I needed to nourish when on a shop-about yesterday. (I told Mr Sexy about my new Barbie and he thought it was a fantastic idea and suggested I take her on my trip next month to Jackson Hole for the Air Show I’m doing too!)
Well in my excitement over my purchase of this GORGEOUS Buddha, a new scarf, delicious candle, toothpaste and some tape I forgot about all about Barbie!
I will still be getting Barbie net trip but thought in the meantime I would show you Buddha! (only $16.99 at TJMaxx!) My inner child was VERY excited for him too! Isn’t this GORGEOUS! Brought me a TON OF JOY!



Good News for my mini me! I had to drop off a package at UPS today and right next doors was a Home Goods store. Decided to pop in and stroll around and what do ya know! they had toys, barbies and thingys. I grabbed the barbie excited and then looked at her and realized I really do not even care for how they look anymore and it didn’t feel at all right for me. Then I saw HER and her Kitty! She is tiny (i love tiny things) and she looked like ME, blonde hair and all cute and I had a kitty who ran away named Morey that I loved so much! I found the perfect thing right here and for fun I had to get the kitty with wings and the alien thing too. Placing on my shelf in my studio and now I am complete.

Lauri ArtGirl Cox's photo.


Good afternoon Conscious Creators.
Today I was inspired to give you a little {Soul School Assignment} to begin working on over the weekend and throughout the week, have FUN with it! [details outlined below]

Yes, it will take time, effort and wiliness but any journey is going to take that to get where you want to be and is worth this kind of dedication.
You are also now a Solution Finder so with that it is time to move forward in creating them and the EXCITEMENT around it!

With your Commitment and Acceptance of it I would love to see an “I Accept! Or a YES YES!” in the comments (OR at least a LIKE for this comment).

Each of you joined this Tribe for unique individual reasons based on the outline I created on my website for this. Something within this outline resonated deeply with your soul and the journey you are currently on. You said YES to this 8 Week Life and Soul Journey and accepted your calling to become a new, powerful Conscious Creator and jumped in with a sense of trust in what would be opened up for you and the Tribe.
As we head into the final 2 weeks I felt that right now was a beautiful time to begin reflecting back to the woman you were when we began the Tribe to the woman you are today as SO much phenomenal Collection Of Wisdom and Awareness has been revealed.

{****So Here We GO!****}
Yesterday I posted an audio about the Laws Of The Universe and Attraction.
I spoke about the 5 specific areas in your life that get to have a specific vision around and how doing so can help you to fully embody a life you desire.
{Spiritual~ Health/Wellbeing~ Relationships~ Financial Freedom/Career~ Personal Development}.

Attached to this post is the list I posted in my website about some of the missing steps essential in creating a Full On Life, Soul & Biz Immersion infused with Essence.
So much of the what/how/why has been discussed throughout this journey.

And Last. Here is the list of FEELING Words I have posted before.

{***Here is the Assignment****}
{Step 1:} Listen to that Audio I posted in this group 7/25 (or you can find it right ABOVE THIS POST)

{Step 2:} Get out your Journal and begin making a list of the things you want in all 5 sections of your life.
{Spiritual~ Health/Wellbeing~ Relationships~ Financial Freedom/Career~ Personal Development}
If you need ideas for your desires you can find some towards the bottom under the [LETS EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITES[ header here

{Step 3:} Go over the Feeling Words List and next to each desire listed find the word(s) you want to FEEL when you receive each specific desire.

{Step 4:} Print out this attached list and begin to journal about your solutions, inspiration, commitments and new awareness around them.
Here are some journaling prompts to use:
A – What will you do to move forward in each?
B- How could this be a benefit to your life, soul, biz etc?
C- What knowledge have you learned in the Tribe to help you in doing so?
D-What are you Willing to do to create these for you?

Enjoy the process and I would LOVE for you to SHARE some of what you unfold.

Happy Friday! ~ Love Lauri



Some of my favorite things for mind well-being I wanted to share. I go homeopathic any time I can and LOVE the homeopathic blends made by a very reputable shop here in UT.

{Stable Mind Homeopathic Drops} I swear by from Dave’s Health & Nutrition. Does WONDERS when I am feeling low. (you can have shipped as well) I typically only need to use in the winter for a few weeks when I am receiving less sunshine and the blues hit me but on occasion throughout the year I get bluesy or feel uneasy energy in me so I use the drops and can FEEL a wave of calm throughout my body within 15 minutes, takes the edge off for me to breathe peace and get my mind clear. I will use as often as I need during these times. I also have used his {Positive and Serenity} blends as well. Can’t say enough about them.

{Quality Vitamin D pills}, I bought from Daves as well. I use in the winter when I am lacking sunshine. Do not be tempted to go cheap!

{Peppermint Essential Oil} from doTERRA. I use for headaches, indigestion and concentration. I will add a few drops in water to my Scentsy warmer and it is amazing.
(I also love their Elevation Blend for uplifting benefits) Do Not be tempted to Go Cheap on your Essential Oils! In my opinion doTERAA is the best (also based here in Utah) and if you are looking to learn more and even become a distributor some of my past and current clients who are creating businesses around it could help you. I also have a MANY friends who do it as well. I would be happy to refer you.

{Fresh Ground & Brewed Coffee} The one thing I am not yet willing to let go of. I use stevia and powdered creamer only. Odd but that is what I Like!

Just a few more ways I create Ease and Flow in my life. ~ Love Lauri



Hey Girls. Wendy just sent me the details for the “Meet The Shadow” workshop teleclass she is offering that begins August 20.
She is giving ***$75.00 OFF** to anyone in the Tribe!!
I have no doubt this Shadow Work will be HIGHLY beneficial and Powerful to many of you.
You can see details at Email her directly at for any questions and to secure your Discount!
Coach Wendy Schimmel


{Where I was at 3am this morning}
Good morning Beloveds. It is 5am for me and this is the view from where I sit.

I was woken at 3am today, panic overcame me, not around any one certain thing, just a flood of emotions that moved quickly into panic before I was able to be fully awake and stop them from spiraling.

So I got up, made coffee and came to my sacred space in my yard which led me to my firepit which then led to a beautiful fire with me, my spirit guides and quick visit into my Akashic Records.

I leaned into my “Soul-Aide Tool Kit” (breathing, journal, spirit guides, medi music etc) and allowed myself to settle in to my soul and feel whatever I was feeling and asked to show me what needed to be nurtured and acknowledged around the panic that took me out of alignment with my desired feelings.

I had a conversation with my Source (outloud) and asked for the toxins and fear to leave my body and fill me with peace. I decided this was the perfect time to do the wonderful exercise Angella taught us in our call last night as well as some of the Soul School Assignment I gave you all Friday. Then I burned to the fire!

I also blazed and blessed each of you with Love, Light, Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. Perhaps I was woken just because some of you needed this strength and blessing today.

Feeling better and ready for the day. I decided to stay up for the sunrise that will take place soon. Perhaps a nap later will be needed but I am so grateful for the time I got to have in solitude this morning.
~Love Lauri


Today I wanted to acknowledge our COURAGE.
cour·age /ˈkərij/ Noun
The ability to do something that frightens one. Strength in the face of pain or grief.

As I reflected on this journey together so far in my early morning meditation and sunrise camp fire the word Courage kept coming up as I thought of each of you.
As I went through my list of {Feeling Words} to choose my words for todays desires the word Courage, again, came up for me several times. Today I want to feel and acknowledge my personal Courage and to also acknowledge yours.

What bravery you have displayed by vulnerably sharing the secret truths of your journey as you have allowed your Tribe to open our own hearts and hold space for you. To stand naked, vulnerable and raw and trust in receiving compassion and wisdom from strangers and then being willing to allow yourself to emerge, little by little, into the white light that belongs to each of us.

Your Purpose will be Found In Service.
For those who have held space for others, either quietly or with your comments, I acknowledge you for the Courage it is taken to embrace the unpretty truths and heartaches of others with such compassion and non-judgment and allow yourself to transcend deeper into your own Essence and BE the light being for another, despite the energetic holds it may have tried to attach on to you. I takes tremendous bravery to stretch yourself in this way to Elevate into your New Thought Consciousness and saying YES to being in service to a new dimension of your purpose and service to others.
For those of us healers and for all of us women, it is essential that we learn how to strengthen our spiritual muscles and practice the art of compassion, being challenged. Holding space takes being willing to show up for others in the darkest of times and to hold them in the light of possibility.

I acknowledge each of you who trusted me in this stage of your tender journey, not knowing the full extent of what it would entail, just simply knowing that your own soul and intuition led you here.

I honor you for being dedicated to the unfolding of your own Essence which may have revealed deep secrets and awareness you have wanted to resist and deny about yourself. I SEE how you have remained dedicated to your journey, no matter how terrifying, ugly and vulnerable it made you feel.

I SEE you and I am honored yet again to be here in this incredible sacred space with each of you.

I Love You ~ Lauri


Today I need your Love and Support and Blessings of Light. 
After a long emotional struggle (filled with a lot of guilt) I made a decision to put our pug Zeppelin to sleep. He is about 16. Was supposed to last week but rescheduled for today.

I dug his grave yesterday. He is blind, deaf, has dementia, arthritis, epilepsy (seizures), rotten teeth that will likely infect his organs and he has these howling fits, sometimes 20 times a day, that make me nuts. It has been very hard to deal with an aging dog like this and I have to pull patience from anywhere I can some days. In all honestly I am relieved.

The vet agrees it could be time but would not say yes or no either way.

Ms 17.5 has been bothered by the decision and although she hasn’t given him much attention for years she is now sharing how ticked off she is.

I woke up to a huge text but I will paraphrase “My blood has been boiling for months and I think you are putting him down for you own unsaid selfish reasons and it’s wrong. I’ve never seen someone with my own eyes be so rude and heartless to an animal. You always talk about Love, compassion, patience and all that crap but you show no sympathy to him. I WANNA SCREAM AT YOU!” There was MUCH more to it than that.

I talked with her this morning and explained again his quality of life. I get that much of what she said to me is really what she thinks about herself because only recently did she begin to start showing him attention instead of being annoyed with his episodes, panting, howling and oldness ways. I think we are ok now but I still feel torn about doing it.

I will be signing off for the day and being quiet. Love Lauri


I a SUPER excited to share with you on our Week 7 Call this Sunday two FABULOUS artists who have each created Thriving Soulful Businesses doing what they love.

{Cat Palmer of Cat Palmer Photography} has been my own personal photographer and through her award winning medium she uses her art as a platform for Edgy, Empowering and Political messages for Women. Through her journey to success she has been met with forceful opposition from others who wanted her to be a “normal” artist and the lack of a formal education, all of which created enormous doubt in her spirit, her purpose and her passion. Despite all of this she has remained true to her own vision.

{Brittany Golden of Brittany Golden Studio} has been a good friend of mine for years. She is a simple earthy girl, very spiritual, a huge dreamer, lover of knowledge and a vast source of information. She is never afraid to do anything and even in moments of forceful challenges and opposition she remains confident and trusting in the Universe and it’s divine assistance to make it through. Brittany is a multi talented artist, focused on her vision and is one of the BEST Manifestors I have ever met.

Can’t Wait! — with Brittany Golden.


You. Me. Fascinating what happens when we choose to RISE, believe in POSSIBILITY and come together in this journey to Rise each other into possibility.
My thoughts for you today.
Grateful. Humble. ~ Love Lauri

{Imagine A Woman}
Imagine a woman who believes it is right and good she is a woman.
A woman who honors her experience and tells her stories.
Who refuses to carry the sins of others within her body and life.

Imagine a woman who trusts and respects herself.
A woman who listens to her needs and desires.
Who meets them with tenderness and grace.

Imagine a woman who acknowledges the past’s influence on the present.
A woman who has walked through her past.
Who has healed into the present.

Imagine a woman who authors her own life.
A woman who exerts, initiates, and moves on her own behalf.
Who refuses to surrender except to her truest self and wisest voice.

Imagine a woman who names her own gods.
A woman who imagines the divine in her image and likeness.
Who designs a personal spirituality to inform her daily life.

Imagine a woman in love with her own body.
A woman who believes her body is enough, just as it is.
Who celebrates its rhythms and cycles as an exquisite resource.

Imagine a woman who honors the body of the Goddess in her changing body.
A woman who celebrates the accumulation of her years and her wisdom.
Who refuses to use her life-energy disguising the changes in her body and life.

Imagine a woman who values the women in her life.
A woman who sits in circles of women.
Who is reminded of the truth about herself when she forgets.

Imagine yourself as this woman.

– Patricia Lynn Reilly


Good morning Tribe. I am getting very close to needing firm decisions on who will be attending the Essence Immersion Weekend Retreat in September so I can finalize the condo space. I invite you to really consider how this weekend could serve you.

This could be a Pivotal Experience in your Journey, provide you with the Breathing Space needed to focus on you, have a break from everyday life and it will be downright FUN and Miracles and Magic will happen!!!

***I need deposits quickly.***

Visit for the details and if you have not paid your deposit but DO plan to still attend please message me with your intention.
Once I see what is still available I will be opening this up to others who are ready and wanting to go through the Tribe but didn’t join this round.

I am Incredibly EXCITED for this weekend with you. Love Lauri


you today and every day to come. the journey never stops unfolding, evolving, changing. keep doing the soul work, trusting in the process and allowing yourself to receive and SEE the miracles you create with every breath. ~ Love Lauri


Who has already signed up for the 21 day Challenge?
What I LOVE about this one is it is geared around Miraculous Relationships! With so much coming up in the Tribe around relationships this is perfect timing.
Guided medi’s are a wonderful way to begin creating your Peace Path and learning the art of it. They also are so helpful in shutting off the mind chatter you may experience when trying to do in quiet or even to music. Experienced or not, you cannot go wrong here!
~ Happy Wednesday. Love Lauri


So, let’s get real today. I shared this thought on my page today and wanted to also expand on this for the Tribe as I see Fear showing around making DECISIONS, as well as flowing, with Courage, through some really hard stuff.
Remember as I spoke about in my Week 1 call, when you {DECIDE}, you take all other options off the table. It IS and Shall BE. It is an UNwavering Commitment to your life.
It is NOT A Maybe, or a “I can’t decide yet”. It is a YES YES YES. Maybe is NO, can’t decide is NO. Decision is YES. NO is an ok decision to make. Decision to YES and NO takes faith, trust, courage and commitment. Do you know how to decide yes or no?

||Today I am fueled by my faith in {TRUST}||
Up-leveling in your Life and Business takes significant Courage, something I am LEANING into everyday.
To Live your Truth and Fully Embody the Essence of your Soul will always entail FEAR showing up. I show up to my life and biz Every Single Day with Commitment while being prepared to Create Solutions around Opposition because I know what I do to serve the women I work with makes a difference. When I am willing to acknowledge and forge through Fear I inspire others to do the same. ~ So here’s to Fear.

Let’s have a Discussion|| As you have received so much Wisdom in this Tribe around Possibility, Awareness and how to be a Conscious Creator my question to each of you to comment on (or ponder in private) is:
What is your Commitment today to show up for your Life, your Business, your Essence; The Truth Of Your Soul?. Every Day.
What Decisions will you make to answer the calling to what your Soul is trying to Express through you?
Are you Willing to be Seen in your Truth regardless of judgment or opposition?
How will you create solutions differently with your new awareness?
What decisions have you made around your Spirituality, Relationships, Health-Wellbeing, Financial Freedom/Career and Personal Development that will align you with your desires and support your Journey moving forward?

So whether you are struggling with decisions around receiving a healer in your life, letting go of people and things that create Energy Leaks in your well-being, attending a workshop to help you expand your knowledge and awareness, changing career paths, going through a certification class, attending my retreat or Life Manifesto Course, or just simply around how you will begin to infuse soul into your life I urge you to connect with your Higher Power to ask for guidance when needing clarity and spiritual support AND reach out to your Tribe/Mentors to help you get out of your own way.

(calls are posted here and they are included in each email I send each week. I hope you will revisit the calls to hear the messages you may have not been ready to receive initially.

I SEE you and your Brilliance. ~ Love Lauri


Anyone interested in sending in {Your Secret} for Cat‘s “I Have A Secret Exhibit” please do so THIS WEEK to PO Box 727, Clearfield, UT 84089.

Here is the actual event for anyone who wants to attend the opening night or wants to learn more.

{Soul School Assignment} Today I wanted to throw out there a thought to ponder and journal on.
Why are You So Important?||This was prompted by my own reflection yesterday after I stopped my world to be in service to my Ms 17.5 despite feeling run down by a cold, my Ms 26’s wedding next week, my big art show coming up in a couple weeks, planning my retreat and holding space for this beautiful Tribe, amongst other every day to day life stuff.She was so grateful for this time with me, I was present and focused only on her and felt very aligned with the mother side in me. Being a mother did not necessarily come natural to me like most women. My kids have never been high maintenance or over demanding, very independant like me, so I find even still, I have to be conscious of allowing them to “need” me sometimes in a healthy way and remember to “baby” them sometimes for no reason other than I am their momma.As I layed in bed last night catching up on FB, my girl very content in bed with me (not a regular thing of course) I felt so IMPORTANT to her.I was overcome with joy and tears to receive 3 private messages, out of the blue, yesterday from women in this Tribe each expressing how much this journey with me has meant to them and how it has made a significant difference in their life.Then my husband came home late from hiking and sat next to me in bed and rubbed my aching legs and kissed my forehead. He told me how proud he was of me and how grateful he is for all I do for him. He also made me a sign one year that has this saying on it that hangs in my studio and fuels me everytime I look at it.So I went to sleep last night feeling like pure white light and this morning I woke up feeling content with what is and just grateful for me being me. I am proud of myself and for what I do to be in my Truth and I am not afraid to acknowledge that in myself and accept gratitude and love from others easier than I used to.Wayne Dyer says “Your Purpose will be found in Service.” So this morning I decided to make a list of reasons I am so Important and came up with 3 Pages! What a way to begin my day so I thought I would pass this on to you so you could experience the feeling of acknowledging your own being, your importance, your talents and how you make the world of others go ’round. Healing and aligning with your Essence begins with the willingness to practice self-love.

Enjoy. I would LOVE to hear what you come up with too! ~ Love Lauri

I am a Wild Woman
I know, inspite of myself
and in spite of what I’ve been told
that there’s beauty in every age
no matter how oldI am a Wild Woman
I’ve learned what it means to be a life bearer
to bear children
to create art
to plant seeds of LoveI am a Wild Woman
from the depths of the dirt underneath my fingernails
to the height of my very Soul
I am one with the Earth
the winds from the four directions whisper through my skinI am a Wild Woman
and the Spirit of every Wild Woman coalesces in me
for we are each Wild Women
and we are all the Spirit of the Wild Woman
I will follow the oVice in my HeartI am a Wild Woman
I sing from my Heart
I Dance with the Stars
I howl at the Moon
I Love uncontrollablyI am a Wild Woman
from the deepest, darkest, most Sacred part of me
I am fearless
I cry in Strength
I open my arms to the sky and welcome the rainI am a Wild Woman
I Nurture, Love and Protect
I stand, strongly, silently, sweetly for my brothers
I walk dutifully, prayerfully, joyfully upon the mother
and I will not be stoppedI am a Wild Woman. (by Melissa Clary)

{Marketing Insight for The Solopreneurs}
Marketing is essential for business. It takes moxey, a lot of time and it also means some people will get tired of you (=unsubscribe, unfriend). I say Oh Well to it and don’t take it personal. My message and what I do is important and my desire is to reach those who are ready for my services and products. EVERYBODY is a potential customer. They may not be one today but they could be tomorrow or next year. I have had many people end up as customers, students or coaching clients YEARS laterWhen it comes to marketing I have chosen to have no fear but I only do it when I am on a high vibration, I call it Spiritual Marketing. I only create my material when my vib is good, I only post to FB when my vib is good, I only talk about what I do when my vib is good and I only send marketing emails…yup, when my vib is good. That energy is FELT out in the world so I am highly conscious of this. I am never desperate but I am intentional and I am persistent.
I am confident when I am launching my services and my products and I call FEEL it when I am off course or unclear about my message. If I feel resistance I stop, step back and take a look at what I am projecting and if it really portrays the truth of my Essence.For those Artists in the group (applies to any solopreneur really), here is a good article on the truth of marketing you and the work you do.Enjoy~ Love Lauri
Tonight is the NEW MOON!
Although you will not see it is the sky it is still there for you to call upon. I love to use the New Moon to reflect on my gratitudes since I released many things during the full moon. I will be lighting a small fire tonight, journaling and burning to the fire and making a WISH!
Rituals are fun to have and they also help us to remind you to set monthly mid-points to stop, reflect, clear energy, make decisions, set new intentions and celebrate all that you have that blesses your life whether it be materials things that create ease and beauty in your life, new things you have learned to help you grow, new friends, new opportunities and new possibilities.
What will you be doing to night? Whatever it is my wish for you is that it brings peace.
~ Love Lauri
What beautiful reminders of who I am really am.
I did Day 2 of the 21 Day Oprah_Deepak Meditation Challenge when I took a bath today and it felt SO good! I feel light and true and on purpose now.
Today I AM a conscious Creator of my experience. I accept all responsibility for my life, past and present. Today I am a radiant spiritual being.” So hum.
~ Love Lauri
Our Week 8 (and Final Call) on Sunday is with two women I SO adore.
Ashley Mitchell of Blessings In A Basket, and Heather Laughter of Life ReCreatedBoth will share their beautiful journey of how they have used their own past life challenges as gifts to do the work they do now and make a difference to the lives of other women.Be sure to friend them and like their pages and get to know them.
{Soul School Assignment}

As we head into our final week of this incredible guided journey with me it is time to begin really reflecting back on to the Collection Of Wisdom you have gathered to help you move forward in creating a life and biz that is infused with soul, your truth = your essence.When you made your decision to join you would have said YES to some or even all of these questions that were a part of the marketing I used to create this Tribe.

We have touched upon each of these along this journey through our calls, my postings and throughout the comments. In truth it all comes down to creating our spiritual vision and practices first, which I call, [Peace Path].

When you are looking to create a soul infused life (and biz) your Peace Path is your foundation to that. If it is not a solid, unwavering structure it will not fully support the desires you have to Live Out Loud and Play Bigger.

This week I challenge you to grab your journal, go down this list and begin writing out the things you have learned that will support you in your journey to saying YES to each or most of these questions.

Many opportunities, rituals, and inspiration have been presented to you to immerse deeper in your essence.
With each question you choose to focus on ask yourself;
*How will I choose to continue my journey to immersion, even though fear and opposition?
*How will I, today and every day, stop allowing life to happen to me, and instead, be a conscious creator who is a solution finder when dealing with everyday life that happens to everyone and the really hard stuff that shows up to grow me?
*What am I willing to be willing do to break through the Terror Barriers and show up in my Essence?
*What am I willing to do to invest (financially, spiritually, mentally, physically) fully into my life, my soul, my dreams? (healers, coaches, teachers, experiences, classes, practices)
*Where do I SEE myself by the end of 2013 and throughout 2014? What is my Plan?

With that I want to encourage you to begin making DECISIONS now. When you are clear and intentional and then DECIDE it IS and SHALL BE. The Universe will immediately begin to conspire and support you in that decision and laying down the path for it to unfold in the perfect Divine moment for you.

The money, people, opportunities, internal whispers and circumstances will begin showing up. You just have to be conscious and aware in noticing them.

I also encourage you to look deeper into the guest’s experts I have presented to you in this journey and see what and who feels good to you that may serve you in your journey right now.

Some of you are ready to Immerse Deeper with me as your guide so I encourage you to take a deeper look into my Essence Immersion Weekend Retreat, my Life Manifesto {6 Week Guided Group Journey} or consider my one on one coaching, (set up a free discovery session with me and let’s chat about the possibilities.

Whatever you choose right now allow yourself to RECEIVE Support from this Tribe, allow yourself to seek and find your truth and allow yourself to BE that girl who is in her Essence.

I Love you ~ Ho’oponopono and Namaste. Love Lauri


Special Notes from my Week 8 Email: 
Our Facebook Group WILL remain active and available to you. Although I will not be personally accessing as often I will still be checking in and you have ALL the Love and Support within the group to help you to RISE.
PLEASE stay connected, share your journey (high’s and low’s) and use this as an opportunity to continue your Immersion with a Tribe of Women who are there to support you.

Our Private Website containing ALL of the recordings and my personal postings will also remain available to you.

Your RE-Immersion Each week, beginning August 25 I will be reposting the call recordings to the Facebook Group. My hope is that you will re-listen to the calls and be able to hear many of the juicy nuggets you may not have picked up previously. Each call is packed with inspiration, tools and truth that will allow you to create Ease and Flow in your life.
Create new discussions and share your ah-ha’s and your new found wisdom.

When a Woman Stands In The Truth Of Her Essence She Shifts and She LIFTS the World.~ Tiffany Rose

By keeping this Tribe going, together, as a Collective Group of Powerful Conscious Creators, you will make incredible shifts to each others lives, your communities and the world.

It has been an Honor and A Privilege to be on this Journey with you. I am forever changed.

We’ve only just begun. If you are interested in continuing your Journey with me as your guide please consider joining us at the Retreat in September, doing theLife Manifesto 6 Week Journey or lets talk about the possibilities of my one-on-one Life & Soul Coaching Program.

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