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Rising into her SHE

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Dearly Beloveds:: we are gathered here today for this thing called LIFE!! 
Electric word LIFE, it means forever and that’s a mighty long time…
So I’m here to tell you……It’s MAGIC and you, my beloved, have the POWER to create it!! 
And we are going to teach you how. 
Thank you for being a part of something SO Special, Unique and AHazing. 
Your presence, engagement and trust in the Power of Possibility will make a difference to this experience for yourself and for your Tribe.
Please introduce yourself, say hello and welcome in the others.
Celebrating your Essence.
Love Lauri

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Here I am!!!

Not going to worry about if it’s perfect.

I always tell my clients when they are doing their soul work, “it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done” so I’m walking the walk!!!

Thank you again for tonight and I will be posting our Soul School Assignment ASAP tomorrow!

deep love. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. 



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So lets get this party started!! Welcome to your Metanoia!!

Here is your 1st SSA (Soul School Assignment)!!! 


So to begin the Journey as a Conscious Creator you are going to be setting intentions on how you want to FEEL in your life.

E{MOTION} create MOTION and Intention Rules the vibrational tone we want to create in our lives. Hence Manifestation. Manifestation is the Art of creating what we Focus on and works with the Universal Law Of Attraction (LOA).

Based on the LOA, Like Attracts Like. SO basically if you are focused on a feeling of grief, low self-worth, frustration, resentment….anything that is on a low vibration you will continue to attract experiences of THAT into your life.

The same goes for high vibration thoughts. If we can focus on what we desire to FEEL, regardless of what IS right now, you can begin to create a shift in your overall state of being and the Universe will begin to conspire for you to bring forth those experiences that support those desires.

You are going to begin SHIFTING your PARADIGMS. A Paradigm is a thought or belief that creates a habit and life experiences.

I am a WORD LOVER!! When I am making decision on the things I want to do in my life I always ask myself “How do you want to FEEL when you do, have, become….(THIS)!” If I don;t know then I get to think more about this desire and if it really IS something I want.

STEP ONE:::: Grab your Journal…….Here is a great list of hundreds of words to begin with.
Go down the list, no thinking about it, if a word inspires you write it down in your journal. If a word comes up that emulates a feeling you want to FEEL then it goes on the list.

Regardless if this word is a feeling you are feeling now, write it down. 
You will likely have a LARGE list of words.

STEP TWO:::: Choose several or ALL the words and them out using “I AM”. 
Example: I AM Courage. I AM Intoxicated. I AM Jazzed etc.

STEP THREE:::: Please share with the Tribe at least FIVE of the words with your I AM that you have chosen and if you feel inspired please share WHY you chose this word. What did it mean to you? Where in your life do you want to emulate this more? What will you begin doing TODAY to BE that Word?

Avoid delaying because another SSA will be coming this week that relates to this SSA.

{{A note to those going through or will be going through my Life Manifesto course. This is PART of that course so there is no time like the present to begin doing the work for it!}}

Enjoy and GO!!! 
Love Lauri



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Happy Tuesday Tribe!! How is that SSA coming along? 
Would LOVE to see more postings on your chosen Words and of course some more introductions. 
So how can I serve you best? 
Where are you seeking support on growth, challenges, successes, life, soul, art, healing……..?
The next SSA will be coming in the next day or two so be ready by doing the current one.

You can access it here

And in honor of my LOVE for great words here is one to add to your list.

I AM Genshai. Love Lauri



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For those of you still working on the 1st SSA and those who have completed it I say YES YES to you!!! For those who are not there yet, keep going, make time, make space to do it. 
If you are feeling Resistance than share that in here so we can help you to understand it and move through it. 
You can access the 1st SSA here

You are on your way to creating a shift in consciousness as a creator in your life.

I know for some of you this has been easy and for some this has probably a bit more challenging to SEE your self as these I AM words you chose.

Again. let me remind you from our call on Sunday. If you were not capable of being, achieving, doing THAT you would not be dreaming it. 
Soul School is not an easy kick back journey, it takes time to stop, BE present to the work and learning how to listen to the promptings.

Easy, nope, but SO worth it as you begin to see results come forth of your intentions and feel the shift in your beautiful being.

Questioning your “worthiness” and holding on to self-judgement, regret of how it “could, should, would” have been IF I was or did this is really a huge misdirection of energy and valuable LIFE FORCE so use something SO powerful for Dark Magic when you can use it to create WHITE MAGIC!!! 
It happens to ALL of us but your are a being of choice and can choose how you sit with it and move past it.

It’s really choice, a decision to see what could be POSSIBLE IF….so what IF you could be that woman?

Maybe you have not been acting as if before but what IF you began acting as if now. Be the Staring Actress in your life and just see what happens.

Feel IN to that Idea of what if I WAS THAT!!

So here we GO!!!
Grab your journal, don’t bother putting it away because it really gets to be a part of your daily wardrobe now, We do a lot of writing, exploring, unfolding in here.

So refer back to your list of FAVORITE, most empowering chosen words and begin to ask yourself these questions.

I recommend you Choose those that challenge and make you uncomfortable the most.

Going there will foster the growth you are here for. 
Choose a handful, at least 5. 
Some may overlap the others. Be open to revisiting this in the future to continue your Soul Work.

In order to Embody this Word what will I GET to do to move into that?

1. What is it I am committed to starting?
2. What is it I am committed to finishing?
3. Who is it I am excited about being?
4. Who is it in me I am excited about letting go?
5. Where is it I will spend my time?
6. Where is it I will spend less of my time?
7. Who will I reach out to and connect with?
8. Who will I surrender and let go of?
9. What is it in my life I feel really good about?
10. What is it I need to forgive myself for?
11. What abundance am I going to bring forth?
12. What excess am I going to release?
13. How will I shine my light in the world?
14. How will I stop hiding my light?
15. How will I strengthen my relationship with Spirit?
16. What excuses will I no longer use?
17. What is it my soul longs to express?
18. What is no longer serving my soul?
19. How will I care for my body?
20. How will I no longer treat myself?

And to remind you, THIS is the space where you are here to learn transparency, trust in other women, authenticity, the art of receiving help/support/light from others…..all the true meaning of Tribe.

So part of this assignment is doing the work but also {{{sharing the work}}} in here so we can hold that space for you as you RISE into being that.

Pick 5 Questions to share with us and share how this work felt, brought up, revealed, supported, scared, empowered YOU.

Love Lauri 
p.s. I’m doing the work too and am discovering a few new things about me that get to be healed, let go of and changed. YES for SSA’s.


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hello Beloveds. I am SO lovin’ your words postings and sharing your introductions.

I can feel the synergy coming alive and the conversations and self exploration about to POP for the Tribe.

So today I am working on more videos so I can get the Essence Of Gaia course DONE!!!…pretty sure it will be done by Sunday and you will get an email with the Access Info. Re-recording the videos really isn’t so bad and I am actually enjoying it.

My home studio looks like a mess but in truth it is really in perfect order for my flow.

I am REALLY excited to see what you all create for your Gaia and my deepest hope is that you will (if you do not already) begin to infuse some creativity time in to your life and really enjoy the fun in this.

For me, Art & Life are one. It is what keeps me breathing and there is nothing better then seeing my beauties breath in life.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing more WORDS from SSA 1 and seeing your pondering’s from SSA 2.

Don’t forget that if you get a little behind, no worries,

Just begin where you are today and move forward.

Love Lauri


Hello Beauties. 
I am jumping on really quick to make sure you check your emails for access to the

Essence Of Gaia eCourse

(AND a separate one for the details for Sundays call).

I am seeing some amazing postings that have put me in and brought out a lot of emotion for me.

Good stuff, good emotion, just needs to words to express how moved I am.

I will be back on later!!

and one little note:::

I want to encourage EACH of you to create your Gaia as you will be incorporating some of your SSA1 into it and I promise, it will be really special for you to do this.

I.LOVE.YOU. ~ Lauri 
Feeling behind? NO WORRIES!!! Just begin where you are now. 




Happy Friday Eve To my AHmazing Tribe. 
I recorded you an important love note as promised as me, no worries of how I look (or smell) and just from the heart. 
Please {{{{LIKE}}} that you saw and watched it and I always love your comments too. It helps me to know what I am doing well and could improve on. ~Lauri

I LOVED it!!!!

Listening to Wendy Schimmel Always FEEDS my heart and Soul and I am forever

Grateful for the powerful force and presence she has been in my life and been there to see me “Naked through the rainstorm”many times. 

It was an absolute Pleasure and Honor to share the stage with her tonight.

I would have NEVER imagined this when I met her in 2001.  

We are Proof of how the Universe gently and powerfully guides us to our destination in life.


You can click the Butterfly to play it in your browser

OR Copy and Paste this link in to your Browser 


In order to access it from the link provided you must have Google Chrome or Firefox.

Still have issues?_ **Clear your history. 
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Dial In Info for Playback

  • Playback Number:(712) 432-1219
    Meeting ID: 293-859-941
  • Reference #: 5
  • Passcode: 727



{{Soul School Life Lesson & Awareness Exercise}}. 

To Access the FB posting Click HERE

Ego-Soul-Intuition-FEAR vs LOVE

I made this reference list for you to begin coming into awareness of when you are operating from a space of Ego or Spirit.

There could be a list 10x longer but really, if you feel BAD, mad, angry, fear, hurt, offended etc you would be in Ego, if you feel GOOD, empowered, joyful, positive etc then you are in Soul/Spirit/Essence.
Right click to Save and print it, Keep it handy. 

As you become and ARE being a Conscious Creator you will begin to understand how to have more power over your emotions (feeling tone, vibration, energy) which will directly intertwine with your powers of manifestation; the creation of what you DESIRE.

When we are in Ego we are out of Essence.

The goal is to become emotionally aware and tapped IN to your body. When you are Ego Driven you are basically operating out of body,

When you are Spirit driven you are operating from a soulful place within your body.

Anger vs Love::

We are born of pure positive LOVE. Love is the HIGHEST Vibration we can emit. When we are operating from a space of Love (to include non judgement, compassion, gratitude, peace etc) we are in alignment with our Essence and connected and tapped in to Source energy.
Everything has a Polar Opposite. As in Shadow Work that Wendy does there is always a Light and a Dark side
Anger/Rage is the opposite of Love. When we are in Anger we are IN Ego and out of Essence. Within the dark light of Anger is FEAR…..

and with that comes judgement, offended, non compassion, resistance, detachment…..and so forth. 


{{Soul School Awareness Exercise::}}
As you find yourself in a space of Anger (and low vibrational emotions I mentioned) ask yourself “what is it I am afraid of?” and then be willing to hear the truth Spirit is delivering.
I know for me it could be that I am afraid of not having control, afraid of being judged, afraid of not being enough to another, afraid of being misunderstood, afraid of losing that “thing” I feel identify’s me/gives me value/makes me special, afraid of not being HEARD, afraid of discovering something about myself that I DO NOT want to know, accept, acknowledge and take responsibility for.

I am feeling Powerless.

And my Ego is offering this up to Protect me from what it does not want me to acknowledge and heal……..

just to give you an idea of what it may look like for you.

When you can be willing to go deeper you can also learn to how to honor that place in you that is afraid,

perhaps it is our inner child, our little girl self who needs to be loved.

So when Anger/Fear etc show up::

take a moment to sit with it, be in it, feel it, acknowledge it, honor it, talk to it.

Ask it what it needs from you. Listen, Breath. begin to feel flow, light, healing.

Invite it in,
THANK Fear/Anger for showing up and let it know you are ok and no longer need it and tell it to go.

If needed feel free to call upon your High Power to help you clear it from you.

Keep Breathing…in breathe, out breathe, Gratitude, Oxytocin.


Thoughts? comments? ah ha’s? new DECISIONS? Questions? Lets chat about this.
Love Lauri 


This was sent to you via email on 7/28



This is a shorter version of what I read on our 7.27 Week 2 Call.


Imagine a woman who believes it is right and good she is a woman. 
A woman who honors her experience and tells her stories. 
Who refuses to carry the sins of others within her body and life.

Imagine a woman who trusts and respects herself. 
A woman who listens to her needs and desires. 
Who meets them with tenderness and grace.

Imagine a woman who acknowledges the past’s influence on the present. 
A woman who has walked through her past. 
Who has healed into the present.

Imagine a woman who authors her own life. 
A woman who exerts, initiates, and moves on her own behalf. 
Who refuses to surrender except to her truest self and wisest voice.

Imagine a woman who names her own gods. 
A woman who imagines the divine in her image and likeness. 
Who designs a personal spirituality to inform her daily life.

Imagine a woman in love with her own body. 
A woman who believes her body is enough, just as it is. 
Who celebrates its rhythms and cycles as an exquisite resource.

Imagine a woman who honors the body of the Goddess in her changing body. 
A woman who celebrates the accumulation of her years and her wisdom. 
Who refuses to use her life-energy disguising the changes in her body and life.

Imagine a woman who values the women in her life. 
A woman who sits in circles of women. 
Who is reminded of the truth about herself when she forgets.

Imagine yourself as this woman.

Imagine a woman who is interested in her own life. 
A woman who embraces her life as teacher, healer, and challenge. 
Who is grateful for the ordinary moments of beauty and grace.

Imagine a woman who participates in her own life. 
A woman who meets each challenge with creativity. 
Who takes action on her own behalf with clarity and strength.

Imagine a woman who has crafted a fully-formed solitude. 
A woman who is available to herself. 
Who chooses friends and lovers with the capacity to respect her solitude.

Imagine a woman who acknowledges the full range of human emotion. 
A woman who expresses her feelings clearly and directly. 
Who allows them to pass through her as naturally as the breath.

Imagine a woman who tells the truth. 
A woman who trusts her experience of the world and expresses it. 
Who refuses to defer to the perceptions, thoughts, and responses of others.

Imagine a woman who follows her creative impulses. 
A woman who produces original creations. 
Who refuses to color inside someone else’s lines.

Imagine a woman who has relinquished the desire for intellectual approval. 
A woman who makes a powerful statement with every action she takes. 
Who asserts to herself the right to reorder the world.

Imagine a woman who has grown in knowledge and love of herself. 
A woman who has vowed faithfulness to her own life. 
Who remains loyal to herself. Regardless.

Imagine yourself as this woman.


{{Laws Of The Universe}}. 


To Access the FB posting Click HERE


You soul work today is to listen to the attached audio from My Life Manifesto Course, read the details below and then do the assignment. 
I would LOVE for you to post when complete for extra bonus loves. 

(click the link for the Audio to launch in your browser) .

Please LIKE that you saw this, are working on it or make a comment. 
This will help clarify much of what has been and will be taught in our Tribe and how this all works.


||Our Universe is governed by many many different Laws such as a few main laws;
Like, The Law of Gratitude, when we can recognize the good in our life the Universe is inspired to give us more.
Or The law of gravity, what comes up must come down,
The law of Cause and Effect, whatever you send out to the Universe you get back. Send out good and you will receive good back from somewhere,
The law of Polarity, everything has an equal opposite; hot and cold, up and down, good and bad and so on.
Or The Law Of Relativity, Nothing is good or bad, big or little until you relate it to something else. Relate an experience in your life to something worse and your experience will always seem better.


In the work I do I focus my teachings and Manifesto process around the The Law Of Attraction or vibration which says that like attracts like. This 
is the one law that governs all laws of the Universe and may also be referred to as the Law Of Love as Love is the highest vibration we can emit.


This has been scientifically proven and while this was known throughout thousands of years in history it was a power that was kept from anyone who wasn’t a part of a high social status which allowed lower social status’ to remain dis-empowered with low vibration beliefs and standards of living and lack of freedom to choose.


But this is not the case anymore and each of you are here now, in this time period, to become Conscious Creators and are fully empowered with this new knowledge and freedom to practice.


So Conscious Awareness of your Vibration is called FEELINGS. Your paradigms are controlled by your thoughts and feelings that dictate your vibration which is then what you will attract. This is why knowing how we want to FEEL (SSA 1) and aligning ourselves to that (SSA 2), despite what our past has been like or what our current circumstance may be, is so essential in manifestation as that will be the dominating factor in what you create.


So through my process we are only focused on our CORE DESIRES (vs current circumstances now) for our Spiritual Life, Health, Relationships, Financial Freedom and Personal Development. 
By getting clear on our desires for each of those areas we can then create emotion or feelings around them and then the action we are willing will take to embody that vision and feeling tone for ourselves and manifest it into reality.


Emotion creates motion, action creates attraction. In the process, through a shift in your paradigms compliments of your strengthened and the powerful system we use to reconfigure your brainwaves, these also become your new dominant beliefs. By creating your vision in these 5 main areas of your life you then create a fully rounded vision that supports the flow of them coming together seamlessly.


{{{{Here is the truth about manifestation}}}}. 
If your belief system does not match the vibrational tone of the desire you will continue to experience struggle around manifestation. You may be able to manifest some things but it will be a half ass experience so you will be a “sort of” manifestor. You may find you create an awesome experience but continually find yourself in a state of self-sabotage and back peddling. You no longer want to be a “sort of” manifestor, you want to be a deliberate manifestor and that is why you are here right now.


You can create powerful goals, create vision boards containing your brilliant dreams and desires you aspire to and you can wish and wish all day long but the truth is that until your actual belief system is on a vibrational match with those desires you will continue to miss the mark, which is actually the higher vibrational way of defining the word [fail].


Manifestation has a Language and when you can understand and use this language and can then move into a space of truly believing this IS possible for you, be willing to be in motion to creating them and align yourselves with the feelings you want to feel you can then create the abundance of love, health and mental wellbeing, supporting relationships, financial and spiritual freedom and overall peace, ease, flow and joy in your life.


As our world today continues to experience powerful vibrational shifts into new thought consciousness we are all being asked and even forced to live our lives as Deliberate and Conscious Creators, Step into the Truth of our Essence and begin making new choices to support and heal our communities and the world it can seem overwhelming and vast for our oneself to do this. I can tell you that just by making new decisions in our own way of living, being and doing we can create a positive energetic shift that will benefit the greater good of all.


Doing this work in here (and those of you doing and will be doing the Life Manifesto Course, this is a part of that!), you will not only learn to move through opposition, fear and challenges in a more graceful empowered manner but to also make a difference to others in ways I would have never thought possible before.


Grab your journal and begin making YOUR list of what you desire in these

5 Core Areas Of Your Life: 
Spiritual Life
Financial Freedom
Personal Development.


Looking forward to seeing your Desires posted. 
Love Lauri



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I am SO excited right now I could throw up (happens sometimes when I get too excited) and have to share with you 1st!!!!….

and then I get to calm myself down a little and go breath and come back INTO my body……like the women in this photo right?


There is a women’s event that I was able to attend previously but it spoke to my SOUL and is exactly in alignment with the soul work I do and TRIBE.
I knew, without doubt, I wanted to attend for sure the next one and toyed with the idea and possibility of what it would be like to be bad-ass enough to be a speaker amongst other amazing women.


I saw that they had a call for vendors and speakers so I inquired about it and they sent me the application that was due July 20…..but I forgot all about it because I was joyfully knee deep in this Tribe mode…….
and just YESTERDAY i stumbled upon the application email and thought “damn, how could I have let this opportunity slip away and not even attempt it.”
I went to the website, looked around, got excited and began reading about it and again, knew I wanted to attend for sure!!!


Out of the BLUE a little bit ago I got an email from the Event Coordinator,

it said this::::We would love to have you as a Facilitator at the (will tell you what later when it is all final)!
I have seen your website and love your work.
I believe you would be an excellent addition to our lineup of powerful teachers.


Are you Kidding ME!!! YES YES YES!!!


To be honest, speaking like this has not been a big goal of mine, just being visible and sharing the work I do to women who desire to listen and learn.
So apparently the Universe DOES have a bigger plan for me. At least for this event.
EEEEP! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.




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{SSA #4} FEMME: Women Healing The World Movie
I, and a few other locals in this Tribe, saw the screening of this movie last night and WOW!!

I am so grateful I went and I am SO PROUD and excited to be a women in this time period.


This movie is in absolute perfect alignment with this Tribe, the soul work we get to do, the collaboration in here, the healing, the connecting, the movement and the shift in consciousness we are sharing and experiencing. I felt perfectly on path in my own journey and purpose as well.


Perfect timing!!! For those of you who are feeling a resistance in doing/completing SSA 1-3, begin HERE!! and get that jump start.
INFUSE yourself with excitement & inspiration.

For those of you who have completed 1-3, this is the perfect next step to heightening and expanding all you have done to this point.

The movie is available for purchase ($14.99) or to rent ($4.99)



You have all likely heard the quote from Ghandi “be the change you wish to see in the world.” I see this used A LOT and love watching movement happen. I also see it used a lot, rather loosely, with fingers pointing out ward “YOU go be the change…” to our leaders, politicians, teachers, churches, family/friends and so forth.


In truth this change we wish to see has got to begin with US, inside, internally, it begins here with ownership of our individual responsibility to SEE the change needed and to then BE the change needed to then vibrate with the synergy of the Collective Consciousness.


And it is not a I vs HE/SHE, it is a WE. Choosing in to and learning how to be the Feminine Divine Rising and then DANCING with the Masculine Divine, in harmony for the greater good of our planet.


So your SSA is to rent the movie HERE and watch it.
Have fun with it, pull out your Essence Of Gaia course and paint while watching it. Or invite your GF’s over and have a movie night.
My beloved is excited to see it so I will be watching again with him.


Take notes, SO much Wisdom shared by such amazing people.


One person CAN make a difference and create a ripple effect. We do not need to be overwhelmed by the idea that we have to do gigantic things to make a difference and that be our life’s purpose.
Sometimes those who do that are serving theirs fully, they are here to do that, sometimes ours is simply by being a part of that collective by our own awareness and personal shifting.
The Global Shiftmakers relay on us to hold space for it.


I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, shifts, ah-has, feelings on this.


I would love for you to answer this question:
Today, how will I choose to be a part of this Feminine Rising to reverberate my light and love into the collection Consciousness?

Expand on that as you feel inspired.


Enjoy ~ Love Lauri 


To Access the FB posting Click HERE


{Self Sabotage} 

I posted this comment on a thread the other day in response to a post from someone who has been feeling A LOT of resistance getting started on her SSA’s. 
SO much insight, wisdom, processing and coaching is actually shared IN the comments and unless you are delving in to read each post, juicy life shifting stuff can get missed. I felt that this was too relevant for anyone to miss so I am posting for you today. 

Let us dive deep into truth telling beloveds. Take a seat and make note. 


Although I strive to avoid giving our “shit” an identity, because when we give it an identity it forms a personality and a thing we like to carry around on our shoulders, pet and show everyone and so very often makes us feel horrible, stuck and helplessly guilty!! 


But sometimes it gets to be recognized and named for what it is so we can understand why it is here, we will name this one Self-Sabotage, SS for short. 


So if you break SS down to the vibrational tone it sits in you will see it is an extension of Fear, and best friend’s with Ego. 


As Kristy beautifully explained in a posting the other day “The ego is basically the persona we take on in this life to keep us safe and to help us get through. The ego is basically all of the lies that have been projected upon us about who we are and all the lies we tell ourselves (consciously or subconsciously) about who we are. We are SPIRIT. We are Divine. Most of the world doesn’t comprehend this so to fit in our egos want to keep us small. The egos main desire in my opinion is to help us fit in so we can be safe”


My view is that being safe is an extension of staying small. SS serves us very well in doing that. When we stay small (whatever that smallness means for you) people really expect less of us. If we make a mistake people will not be as disappointed with us. If we create a goal and fail no one will likely ever know. 


As you see SS shows up, interruptions, busy work, panic, depressions, drama in our life/families, no time, no money, no support, no space….blah blah blah, you can see the bigger picture as this is really FEAR and by sitting in that feeling tone that is what we continue to experience. 


So ask yourself, by showing up fully to life, tribe, commitments, people etc, what is it I am so AFRAID OF? 
*What is it I am REALLY afraid of happening if I……..? (do the SSA, listen to the calls, whatever that is for you)
*Perhaps it is simply, I will have to change/stop my current way of thinking, being and doing. 
*What will I have to give up to make powerful changes in my life? And will others think I am lazy, selfish, rude,…… 
*I will have to say NO to people and that will bring conflict or they will not like me or love me.
*I will have to separate myself from things and people that will create space in my life, perhaps make me feel empty, lonely, and uncomfortable for a while until I find something else to fulfill that need with. 
*I will have to conscious of my choices, habits, direction and that is hard work!!
*I will have to take responsibility OF my life.


So then ask yourself “What would it look like IF…….” I was feeling alive, purposeful, passionate, alone, reinventing, less busy.

(Hence SSA 1- choosing your I AM words) and then be willing to be willing to do WHATEVER it takes to do, be, achieve that. 


What would it look like if I just stopped worrying if the house, yard and my external life looked perfect and took time away to dive deep into my soul work excavation? 


Now on the other side of that is also learning how to do the work, step back and let it internalize, infuse you and shift you a little at a time. Learn how to be tender and compassionate with yourself and not be so focused on taking on all this work and not paying attention to the presence of yourself and being IN your body and soul. 


You can do this. 
Love Lauri 


{Essence Camp Invitation} 

Email sent July 30 HERE

Hello Tribe –

I have had some of you interested in attending my retreat that I normally host in September.

Due to my sisters wedding I was unable to do that this year.

However, I have an overnight one planned in October with several girls in my year long monthly Essence Simplicity Circle, all of the girls in the Circle going to that are in the Tribe as well.

Today Spirit Spoke so I am tossing it out there to you……..

woman throwing dried leaves into air 2

Feeling a strong sense that some of you get to be there with us so I am excited to open up invitations to this overnighter {Essence Camp} that will happen October 25.

This is a mini version of my normal 3 day weekend retreats and will be a casual sleepover at a condo in one of my favorite places, Eden, Utah 

(1 hour north/east of SLC up Ogden Canyon).

Since this is only for those IN this Tribe and my Circle you will have already made soulful connections with them before hand.

(Tina Kirkham, Morgan Rae Corder Bass, Cherie L Parry, Joy Stoddard, Candice Mallicot, Lorie Rogerson, Myndee Garrett, Shelly Kaufman, Michelle Jensen)

By casual I mean, fun, refreshing, connecting, tribal and SOULicious. 
No formal wear necessary (you do not even need to wear makeup or do your hair!) or any strict confining must do’s, I have an outline of course but the time will also be done my favorite organic style way to best serve the Tribe. 
This is also an opportunity to enjoy the crisp Fall surroundings and infuse yourself with ALIVENESS, connection and inspiration.

By camp I mean this is shared rooms, beds and bathrooms (not a biggie at all really) in a lovely, comfortable accommodation with amazing views and wide open spaces. There is even a hot tub on the grounds for an evening soak.

We eat together, we commune together, we Tribe together.

The precise details, as I call it, minutia; 

What I ask you to do is surrender in knowing exactly what it all will look like, exactly what we will do, and trust in knowing that it will be Divine, just because that is always how I roll when creating my events, I can’t stop myself. Mystery is fun too.

The Cost; This is a HUGE bargain and Wonderful Investment into yourself of only

$169.00 or 3 Payments of $60 or 2 Payments of $90

and includes accommodations, all your love infused food (and snacks), SWAG bag and a DAMN good soulful time with the Tribe.

I am only offering a limited amount of spots and this will be available for a limited amount of time so make a DECISION quick and claim your spot!!!

Pay In Full $169.00 HERE.

Make 2 Payments of $90 HERE

Make 3 Payments of $60 HERE

Final payment on 2 and 3 pay options MUST be paid by October 20th. Spots are non refundable/non cancellable

Arrive at noon Saturday Oct 25 
Depart after our closing ceremony that will end around 3pm Oct 26

but you are welcome to hang around later, hot tub, nap, hike, enjoy the grounds together or alone….. I am staying an additional day for my personal alone time retreat so there is no huge hurry to leave right at 3

Transportation: not included but there are plenty of carpool options with the others. 
If you are going to fly in we can pull together to accommodate that I’m sure.

If you feel called……

then get registered. Again, limited spots offered for a limited time.

If you have any questions just let me know.

What a really beautiful way to wrap up the completion of the EIT as well.

Love Lauri


To Access the FB posting Click HERE

 Beloveds- I am here right now to tell you that I SEE you. I FEEL you. I LOVE you. 
Some days I find myself overcome and needing to step back for a breather. This won’t be the 1st time in this round. 
I have learned, (after EIT #1 stretched me to the core. biggest learning experiences and deep dives I have ever taken) that I get to listen to that and better serve when I feel a clear head and heart. 

So this afternoon I did that to do some clearing, nourishing, soul work and life things.
I am to the core GRATFEUL and humbled by each of you, our teachers, our tribe, for stepping in to share, support, love, hold space, help process and be willing to show up in ways beyond what my heart can even conceive. 

I will be back on tomorrow; There is a lot of breathtaking postings and comments I am looking forward to reading, sitting with, praying for and commenting on. 

I am mesmerized by the power of Tribe once again and this is only day 11!!! SO much more amazingness to unfold still. So much healing, truth telling, movement and diving deep to go. 

This is what I LOVE!! Bowing to the grace in each of you and will be in my Goddess TeePee tonight doing my clearing ritual with each of you included in my heart.
Love Lauri


EIT Final Call {Fireside & Potluck}



You can click the Butterfly to play it in your browser

OR Copy and Paste this link in to your Browser


In order to access it from the link provided you must have Google Chrome or Firefox.

Still have issues?_ **Clear your history. 
Ensure you have **FLASH enabled.** 
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Dial In Info for Playback

  • Playback Number:(712) 432-1219
    Meeting ID: 293-859-941
  • Reference #: 6
  • Passcode: 83




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Full Moon Clearing Preparation

Emotion is the 1st indicator of what you are doing vibration ally. 
Did you know that thoughts come before emotion?


It is my belief that writing down the negative feelings we are having is a powerful way to acknowledging them so we can then create a space for healing. I call this “emotional dumping” that allow us to create NEW thoughts and beliefs around the situation. 
Yet, we may not really want to keep these things as they may contain negative energy and all of these beliefs that are deeply embedded subconscious illusions, much, not even close to true.


We ALL have negative thoughts and beliefs that come up. As we become Conscious Creators we also become aware of our feelings and emotions to know when we are aligned with our core desires. 
Getting to this place does take time, effort and focus but I know for sure it IS possible for YOU.


I am a self-proclaimed RITUAL LOVER and I love to use moon-time as a time space holder to keep me on track with my cycles of life, releasing the old, inviting in the new. I LOVE FIRE for its powerful symbolism of letting go and release. 
Burning in a fire is releasing, healing and symbolic. Everything is energy, including our thoughts. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can change form and move on to serve a new purpose. 
When we burn in the fire we release these negative thoughts and beliefs and the fire represents the energy in them that can now be released into the Universe and move on to serve a new purpose in a new form.


When we use the New Moon and Full Moon as our time triggers we begin to flow on the rhythm of the universal cycles. It is MAGICAL!

We have a Full Moon coming up this weekend (Sunday) so let’s begin preparing for that ritual this week so you can release release release.


{SSA Instructions & Idea to Prepare}
**Download Erikas {Journaling with Intention.doc} that she posted today located in in the FILES TAB up top. Do the work as she listed. 
**Begin to be aware of your feelings, annoyances, stresses, fears etc, write them down as they come up. Refer to your SSA’s for ideas.
**As you do the SSA’s begin to make note of the things you are ready to move forward on, let go of, become, forgive, create in your life.
Journaling does not need to be time consuming or hard. Just jot words down that describe your feelings, doodles, thought that come to head etc. 
This week:
1. Keep a daily list of the emotions that are most prominent for you. Become aware of your relationship with these emotions. Are they comfortable or uncomfortable? Do you allow yourself to feel them or do you resist them? Are you labeling your emotions as right or wrong?

2. Keep an inventory of how you respond to your emotions. Do you intellectualize them rather than feel them? What actions do you take – or not take – in the face of your emotions? Do you eat over them? Exercise? Socialize? Surf the web? Drink?

3. Identify an action you can take this week to tend to your emotions and then take that action.


Also!! Paula Lindquist Mosier is hosting her wonderful 
Full Moon Shamanic Fire Release Ceremony AND it is based around Relationships if you are in the SLC area and want to attend. 
Details HERE:


|||Full Moon Ceremony|| 
Light a fire in your pit under to full moon. I love to sit by myself and do this and journal, meditation, talk out loud to Source and my guides and listen to high vibration New Age Music such as Snatam Kaur, or my favorite Native American instrumentals, drink some tea or coffee. 
You can always make a fire pit from a large veggie can (Costco size cans), punch a bunch of holes in the bottom and around it with a nail or drill. 
Be sure you are SAFE where you burn. Concrete, dirt or sand is good!! 
You can simply take your paper outside, light on fire and let it burn on the concrete as well.


I always say a release prayer or something like “thank you for showing up in my life to teach me. I am ready to let it go and WELCOME in the new! And SO IT IS!”


Thoughts? Who is IN? Questions. What are your plans? 
Let the PEACE infuse you. 



To Access the FB posting Click HERE

haaaaaaaaaa. Tribe!!! Hello. 
I took off yesterday and spent the entire day to focus my attention on re-recording, uploading and publishing the videos for our

Essence Of Gaia course

and am HAPPY to say that the last couple videos will be DONE today!

Here is the “SO close to complete” Gaia I used in this version. 

Hoping you are Inspired to begin & finish SOON and post your photos so I can see what you create. 
I swear it is SO EASY and FUN!!

I guide you step by step with lots of short videos, just like you are in my actual classroom. 
The PRIVATE eCourse page is here:
I will be BACK later today and responding to so many of the wonderful postings I have been seeing. 

Deep Love ~ Lauri



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Forgiveness…RADICAL Forgiveness 


I am really excited to share this with you today as I know many of you are struggling with this place inside yourself and with others to let go,

move on and truly FORGIVE.


Your SSA today is to stop for 19 minutes and listen to what I am sharing in this video. Take notes. Juicy Life Shifting and Lifting Wisdom offered up.
For those of you working on SSA 5, this is perfect to add to that.

A reminder that if you have fallen behind, NO WORRIES! Begin where you are today and move forward. The Soul School work is powerful and you are here to experience what is being offered up. 


Please LIKE that you watched this and add your feedback, Questions!! challenges. Let have a powerful conversation on this.
Love Lauri

August 8 

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Our Week 4 Call is Sunday!! SO excited to hear the Vagary of these 2 goddess Amy Sziber and Kristy Marie Thomas
An email was sent last night with the details!!! Please be sure you are getting my emails and reading them! 
A reminder that if you have fallen behind, NO WORRIES! Begin where you are today and move forward. The Soul School work is powerful and you are here to experience what is being offered up. 

 August 8 

To Access the FB posting Click HERE

OH BOY OH BOY is the emotional energy for you as crazy as it is for me?!!! 
LOTS of emotions coming to head today…fears, discouragements, insecurities, frustrations, decisions to make seem to be the dominant vibration I am on in WAVES and too long moments.

Tears coming in spurts as well.I want to LASH out for no reason even. 

Ir took a lot of self control not to post on my FB wall “today I will not entertain, ponder or respond to any stupid questions.” LOL.

That is totally NOT my style nor what I would even want to project to the world of FB (aka the UNIVERSE!) 


So me, taking a LOT of oxytocin breaths today as I get ready for my monthly Circle gathering. We are having a fire tonight at my house instead of gathering at the studio because I felt a very strong prompting yesterday that all of us get to do some releasing along with our soulful time tonight.


I remind myself with every breath I’m taking that this is NOT real and this too shall pass. The Full Moon for me really brings up what I call “heightened awareness”, I am more in tune, more sensitive to energies which feels RAW, vulnerable, annoying and frustrating,


Because I am conscious of my emotions I am able to tell when I am aligned with my core desires. Because I let myself role with the tide I always know I will be ok and all of these icky feelings are merely illusions.


So in case you are feeling the tides of the moon cycle I wanted to let you know you are not alone, you are NOT going crazy, you are not going to ruin your life if you feel this way for a day or two and I promise that this too shall pass and fresh perspective coming.


FULL MOON is Sunday. Did you work on your {{{{SSA 5 yet??}}}} The moon goes full each month at a specific time, but she is technically full for 48 hours. You have 24 hours before the moment of fullness and 24 hours after to do full moon magic, which includes meditations for healing, peace, creation, abundance and prosperity, whatever you want to bring IN and whatever you want to RELEASE, while welcoming in the knowledge, courage and spiritual support to do whatever is required to intensify the moon in her fullest state for YOU.


Lets WHOOP this Fiesty Moon Goddess energy in the butt! 
Who’s IN??! 
Love Lauri

August 9


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{Love Note}

A happy Saturday to my Tribe. 

1st off. I love you. I love seeing all the postings and comments. I love seeing the truths being shared. I adore the support you are giving each other.

I admire your desire to do the soul work and the light I am seeing. 

I wanted to acknowledge each of you for being a part of something so precious and important to me. 


I have some projects I get too work on today with my beloved while it is cool outside so I will be back on this evening.

I will commune to my Goddess TeePee to create sacred space and be present to what has been shared and respond. 


If ANYONE is needing some specific healing work done please respond to this post with any details you wish to share.

I will be doing some energy work tonight for the Tribe while in my TeePee and will be happy to include anything specific that you may need some focus around. 


Love Lauri

A deep bow of Gratitude for Amy Sziber and Kristy Marie Thomas sharing their Incredible Wisdom, Stories and Gifts with Us. 
I am overflowing with Love for the Goddesses who show up for me and my Tribes and this call was truly amazing and contains the perfect message for anyone.
Would LOVE to hear your thoughts, feelings, ah-ha’s and insight. 
An Email has been sent with the call recording details. 


You can click the Butterfly to play it in your browser

OR Copy and Paste this link in to your Browser


In order to access it from the link provided you must have Google Chrome or Firefox.

Still have issues? Clear your history. 
Ensure you have **FLASH enabled.** 
iPads and iPhones are not compatible so use call back info below. 

Dial In Info for Playback

  • Playback Number:(712) 432-1219
    Meeting ID: 293-859-941
  • Reference #: 7
  • Passcode: 810



August 11

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{Last Nights Opening Prayer}

Funny Divine Story 1st. 
I was originally going to read another poem last night but right before the call I kept getting drawn back to this one I had seen recently on FB and LOVED, 
I could not remember where I saw it but when I did I added it to my EIT file. 
Before I began reading the poem I has chosen, in the very LAST second, as I took that breathe I just began reading this instead, which I had not practiced at all.
After the call was over Kristy said thank you for reading her poem!!
I about fell on the floor! I had NO idea what so ever that she had written this and now I know why intuition kept taking me back to it which makes it even more special. So I wanted to share with you again her beautiful written words!! ~ Love Lauri 

Breathing in the Peace 
The Stillness 
The Utter Perfection of this Moment 
This Flow 


Once again Spirit has pierced
my heart
my soul
this cosmic, orgasmic dance


And I am enamored
I delight in this deliciousness
Erotic at its core
So deeply earth-y and otherworldly
So deeply immersed in this very mundane
yet transcendent moment


Change of heart


This is the heart of the hu-man experience
Where sacred meets mundane
Where spirit coalesces so beautifully into matter
Where the Divine Mind & the Divine Heart 
sacred spirals emanating
through time
and timelessness


Such beauty
Such perfection
Such holi-ness
Such whole-i-ness


I bask in the heart of my Beloved.
Divine Union.

~Kristy Thomas

August 11

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{SSA 7 + LifeSchoolLesson – Purpose & Service}
I made you a video to share with you perspective on Life Purpose and Service.

There is a reflection SSA at the end of the video. 
Please share your thoughts, insights and what came up for you in this. 


August 12

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In light of the news about Robin Williams I felt an overwhelming prompting to share with you my story of losing a loved one to suicide and who actually has been a HUGE part in me creating this Tribe. I find that sometimes I get triggered and a lot of emotion comes up around it, I love Robins work and this has really touched me. 
I am sharing with you my truth and just ask that you see it the light and truth that I am seeing it in.
I hope that in whatever way, for anyone who reads it, that it brings you peace in a way that may resonate with you. 

April 23, 2010 my son, who was 16 at the time, lost his dad to suicide. My husband pulled him out of school to bring him home. He thought he was busted for having pot found in his room.


It was one of the most horrific things I have ever had to speak, “your dad died of suicide today” as he fell to the floor and screamed, my husband and I fell with him and we all sobbed and hugged. My son ran out the front door with his hands on his head screaming as he ran down the street and collapsed as neighbors watched having no clue WTF was going on. It was a horrible moment to say the least. The story of when I found out earlier that morning is a whole other horrific story. Although for years we friends and family knew it was a possibility, I stopped one of his attempts, when it happened it was shocking and so was his chosen violent method. His baby brother found him the next morning in the garage. One of our best High School friends was the 911 dispatcher who took the call but due to confidentiality she could not let me know so for 3 hours she knew and could not reach out to me.


I was not just a mother to a kid who just lost his father though. His dad was also one of my dearest friends in the world from high school. We were never married; we had a fling after we reconnected in at a bar when I was going through divorce #1, we had a baby, stayed together for a couple years and ended up becoming best friends. I was so in love with him but he was not a good partner and really more like a brother to me. We had a relationship that was very close, we spent holidays together, we camped, we partied and we were even roommates for a while when I went through my divorce from my daughter’s birth father all those years ago. He was my rock and protector. We were a package deal to all the men I dated and he went on many dates with me too, often bringing his own date!


He moved me to Salt Lake and did it knowing I was moving his son an hour away from him we he used to have daily access to him. And he still showed up for me because he knew I was making the best choice for ME.


Quinn gave me away when I married my husband now. Our son was 8 at the time. He SO earned that honor by putting up with me all those years

I spoke at Quinn’s funeral. We always agreed we would do that for whomever died 1st and share our story and honor our son. He had SO many friends it was standing room only and people showed up from all over to not only grieve, but to celebrate a man who was an amazing person. And was dearly loved.


A LOT of why I am here today, doing THIS Tribe is because of him. He is one of my earth angels and guides me, sits with me and still pushes me. I hear him laugh and he shows up as a ladybug for me and leaves me dimes on the floor, which is annoying but he always loved to do annoying things.

He always saw my potential, was so proud of me and always bragged about “the mother of his son” to people and our friends.


On that day that I got the message to create this Tribe he was there with my Spirit Team nudging me, poking me, waving at me to pay attention! I dedicate this Tribe to him and a lot of who I am now and how I carry myself is because of what I learned from him and how he carried himself.


One of the things everyone said about him is that when you were in his presence you KNEW you mattered. And that is what I strive to ALWAYS emulate to everyone I meet today.


Your Presence MATTERS to me and I want you to know that.


I held guilt for a while. My last text to him a few months prior were not nice. I was mad at him and had distanced myself to him for a year prior. I was mortified to think someone else may see it or that possibly he kept it and read it again and again and hated him self more for choices he made that I was angry about. What if I was one of his reasons? He hated when I got upset with him and I knew that and was really good at getting my way with him through guilt trips and being miffed. I had to forgive myself which took a lot longer than forgiving him.


But although his choice was devastating, because of the understanding I have around forgiveness, sacred contracts and the spiritual realm I forgave him rather quickly and focused the pain I had around holding space for my son, who is now 21 and has not yet grieved….at least in the manner one would expect. It is possible we both processed much of this before he died because, again, there was always an underlying possibility it could happen. My son named his girl dog Quinni after his dad, we call her Quinni The Pooh. His dad’s nickname was Quinnly Bear.


I have so much compassion for the space Quinn was in at that time, I have no judgment around it and I truly believe, and have gotten spiritual confirmation that this is true, that in those moments right before he was in utter peace, absolute euphoria, perfection and quite honestly, his soul had already left the body and it was a physical act that was needed to complete his journey. There was zero pain felt.


I have actually felt those final moments for him and can feel the peace he was experiencing in that final moment. It was a spiritual experience I had with this. He had been in so much physical and emotional and spiritual pain for 4 years solid, no relief, how could I blame him for just wanting to feel peace?


Through my own journey of understanding suicide, the afterlife, fulfilling sacred contracts and such, I learned one thing that I hold dearly in my heart. Sometimes part of our journey in this physical life can be served to a higher capacity in the afterlife. I also learned that the soul doesn’t go until it is really time for it to go, those who are not supposed to will live, and we really never die as our spirit always exists and moves on to create other experiences.


True or not, it feels good to me, has given me a lot of peace and to be honest, it was been truth in my experience with him.


I am always sad when I hear of someone passing and especially of suicide. I have so much compassion for those who are in so much pain mentally, physically, spiritually but find so much peace in knowing they are completely whole again and serving their life purpose in a bigger way. I celebrate those who lived their life and did the very fucking best that they could.


I do not make light of this and I am holding Robins family in their highest light as they walk through this journey of grief, loss and healing. It is not my place to put judgment around it, and perspectives that I hear of how selfish it is for those left behind or that suicide is a cowardly move. I put complete faith in knowing he fulfilled his contract on earth in a way that was perfect for all of those who sought out and found the gifts in his life and death. I’m choosing to remember Robin in the light he gave us, the same way I remember Quinn in his.


Ho’oponopono and haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Love Lauri

August 13

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A whole lotta S.H.E. going on in this video today! Watch and enjoy! 

Wanted to pop in to say good morning.
I am working on your next SSA and will post later tonight or tomorrow. 
and sheesh. I already fell off the wagon yesterday and didn’t do my day 2 of the Oprah & Deepak 21 day Meditation Challenge ( 
Allowed myself to get caught up in emotion of tenderness as well as getting things ready for Ms 18’s last minute 4 week early return home from Europe last night and tooling around in my yard enjoying the massive oh so delicious rain storm.
Today I will be getting myself back on track with my Medi, soul work, homework done for a study course I am in and readjusting to having our daughter back home and enjoying the time she will want to absorb from me.
Wrapping you each UP in Light!! I am here. We are here. Let me know how I can be in service to you.
Love Lauri 



Walking down Soul School Lane

{Multiple steps for this SSA}

To Access the FB posting Click HERE


Hello Beloveds. 
This is |||very important SSA||| so even if you have not even begun or have gotten behind on the SSA’s go ahead and begin here. 

Please take 6 minutes {{{ASAP}}} to watch this video I made explaining what we are going to do. 

The link I mention in the video for you to review is HERE
Please LIKE that you watched and I would LOVE for you to post your findings as well.
Lets explore, expand and move forward powerfully together.
Remember to begin where you are.It is NOT too Late




{Multiple steps for this SSA}

To Access the FB posting Click HERE


Here is the next step to the SSA. 

Please watch the 7.5 minute video for your next step.

Week 2 Soul School Lesson On Self Sabatoge link
Review it and do some of the exploration in this.


Please LIKE that you did this and please comment your findings. Lets work through this and unfold the layers you may be struggling with. 
I AM here to assist you and to make this a most excellent experience.


Remember to begin where you are.It is NOT too Late!! 
deep love ~ Lauri



Week  five


You can click the Butterfly to play it in your browser

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Still have issues? Clear your history. 
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Dial In Info for Playback

  • Playback Number:(712) 432-1219
    Meeting ID: 293-859-941
  • Reference #: 8
  • Passcode: 817


Your Week 5 EMAIL


Here is the poem I read on our call last night. 

Are You Hanging By A Thread – Danielle LaPorte

It’s hard, it’s wrenching. It’s incredibly painful and it’s difficult to feel lightness.

Or to see clearly.


Hanging by a thread can be really disorienting.

What you’re going through undeniably sucks.


Listen to me: It’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this. You can do it. Baby, you ARE doing it.

You’re getting through this.

Right now your cells are plumping up and your heart is beating and you have your breath.

In breath. Out breath.



It’s really okay if you have to get that basic about getting through it.

In breath, out breath.

Sun’s gonna rise. It’s going to be okay. Take encouragement from strangers. Like me. Go ahead.

Take it. It’s free and I don’t feel karmically entangled. So listen to me: It’s going to be okay.


This will not kill you.


Do you believe in angels? If you don’t just believe in them for the next twenty fours. There are a hundred thousand angels by your side.

You’re probably feeling devastatingly alone, like an iceberg drifting.

No one can hear you cracking. It’s cold. But, just like an iceberg, you have so much beneath the surface.

Years of layers and lifetimes of experience and strengths to call on — skills of expanding consciousness that you didn’t even know you had.

You will not sink.

People have been through what you’re going through right now.

Thousands of them. Really and truly.

Your picture of heartbreak, your strain of pain is part of the human fabric, and that tapestry is holding you like an Eskimo blanket.

Other people have survived this and when they got out of the hole, they left a morphogenic popcorn trail out of the pain.

You can trace their steps.


It may be hard to believe right now, but not only will it be okay, not only will you get through and over this, you will thrive again.

You will be clear and vibrant and INCREDIBLE.

You will not only have more character to pull out at parties and wisdom to offer the world, but you will feel more joy than you think is possible right now. You will.

You may walk with a limp.


You may wince when you look back (understandable,) you may cry unexpectedly in the book store, but you’ll be more alive, and more You.

You will be strong. And you will feel a curious sensation of being more useful. And it will feel really, really fantastic.


What you’re going through right now is so difficult.
And it’s going to be okay.
More than okay.



::Essence Camp Invitation::

Rising into her SHE

I sent you an email July 30 inviting you to my overnight

Essence Camp October 25 in Eden UT.

It will be a beautiful way to complete the Tribe Journey

and will be filled with Fresh Crisp Fall Air, Creativity, Feminine Essence and best of all, Whole-Hearted Connection.

I am going to finalize our reservation Sept 1 so IF you desire to come please snag you spot. I am keeping it open to only THREE more.

If you need to make special payment arrangements please let know! 
I am happy to do what I can to open up space for you to have this experience.

Review the original email with the details HERE


::Essence Of Gaia eCourse Access::

Just a reminder that EVERYONE in this Tribe received FREE 6 month Accessto this eCourse.

EOG Ad 3

To access it visit 
User Name: EITSUMMER2014 
Password: essence2014 
Please Do Not Share with anyone.

When you click the link it will take you to the course. 
Click the “Click Here to Log On

It will bring up a box and ask for your user name and password that was provided in this email.

It will then take you to a page that is not cute. On the upper left hand corner you will click Essence Of Gaia…and there you will be!


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some of your progress in the Facebook Group and if you want to share on your wall as well please TAG me so I can SEE.

Art HEALS and can help you to open up the pathways of transformation in ways you may never think possible.

Art and Life are ONE!


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I am feeling pretty darn good today!!!! The call last night and now this experience I have to share. 

So, a few weeks back I heard the call (Screaming Call really) to take this deep Intuitive Online Course that came to me through really, divine intervention. So despite all I have going already I said YES knowing that I would simply get to choose in to making the time I needed to delve in and trusting it came to me for the perfect reason at the perfect divine moment. It has not been easy, we have due dates on our assignment and I have been the one who has posted mine at the very last minute each week when others get them done right away.


But I am committed to keeping harmonious balance in my life, the Tribe, my coaching clients, life and such so that is how I am giving myself a break for not worrying about the 1st one and being satisfied I am getting it done by the due date.


So this week we are working on learning and strengthening visions to Aura’s. Not something I ever thought about needing to learn or ever felt called to learn. But today I am SO excited about this!!!

So, each week we get a new assigned partner to do our assignment on which is a reading of whatever modality we are studying that week.


We are to do this using only our partner’s name and the photo in their avatar to conduct this reading. Sense what colors we see in their aura and what they may mean—read their energy. 

The new assignment was only posted yesterday and my partner already did mine!!! I was blown away and wanted to share. I can’t believe she could see ALL of this in me and I am so excited to study the lesson, do mine and see what I see!!

So curious, who in here can read Aura’s?? It would be SO Fun to have those with this gift exchange readings and share in here! Anyone??

My partner this week wrote::”The first color I encountered was pink. I felt warmth and love. I feel she does all things with love, it is her motivating force. She is truly a giver. I was told, “it is who she is.”

Beyond the pink is a pale blue. It felt very peaceful and calm. Lauri is a teacher and her words are her power. As with the love her peace soothes and fulfills those she teaches.

The final color I intuited was actually presented to me as a river of yellow and gold flowing together. There were sparkles glinting across the surface. I felt strength and certainty. I was told, “she is a true healer.” Lauri has the help of her spiritual team at her disposal and this gives her the strength she needs, her confidence to do her work.
I do feel Lauri has a very strong and determined energy.


I feel so validated, full and like I have been SEEN in my Truth and that feels absolutely amazing to me. 
Just had to share my aliveness with you today. ~ Love Lauri


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{Awareness and Willingness}

The Metamorphosism Continues and I am SO excited for this one!! 

Your mission here, if you choose to accept, is to watch the lovely filled-with-love Video I have created 

yup, it IS 13 minutes and 51 seconds and that is because it is

filled with WISDOM

and contains all the instructions on your next steps into being a

Powerful, Willing, Truthful, Conscious Creator

of your life who is living in her S.H.E. So take a seat somewhere sacred and comfy and delve in, take notes.

AND the website link I ask you to visit to find the {EXPLORE POSSIBILITIES} content is



I LOVE Truth Tellin so I cannot WAIT to hear your Truths. Please post away. 
This is EXCITING work! 
Please LIKE that you saw this. 
I LOVE YOU!!! ~ Lauri


{SOUL SCHOOL LIFE LESSON – The Mundance Goddess}

I know SSA 9 is a big (FUN!) content step this week so we will not have another SSA until next week. 
Continue working on your SSA’s and allow yourself the time and space to delve deep, get caught up and feel the rhythm of what is unfolding for you.

So I came across this last night, one of my efforts to distract myself from doing my homework (haha).

I got so caught up and then spent time trying to find out when the movie would be released, only to find that this IS the movie, a short film.

I want more of the story!

There are some really AMAZING messages for each of us in here. 
So sit back and enjoy the next 8 minutes and 42 seconds. 

What will you be doing to take the power back, infuse the mundane with some special sauce called life, passion and essence?! Today!
Love Lauri 



The New Moon is TOMORROW!!!

This cycle in the moon is a delicious time for reflection and where you can express deep gratitude for all you have received and experienced since you released over the Full moon 2 weeks ago. 

So go ahead and revisit the Full Moon SSA #5 and begin to use the moon cycle as timelines and triggers for release and gratitude dates with your higher self and connection time with your higher power. 

Here is a calnder fo dates so you can put them on your calender and plan ahead each time.


See you beauties tonight!! Love Lauri


Week  six

Sharing the call last night with Lindsay was truly a **WOW!!** I really could have listened to **HER FOR HOURS** as she has layers and layers of depth and experiences and wisdom she could have shared.


I spoke about the difference between **Shame and Guilt.** Although a brief overview, my hope is that it will help you immensely in identifying places in your life where you have perhaps placed yourself in Shame and to now move into a space of **Radical Forgiveness** as I spoke about in **SSA #6 RADICAL Forgiveness Video.**



You can click the Butterfly to play it in your browser

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{Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability TEDTalk}

I would like each of you to watch a video I have posted below ASAP with Brené Brown.


This was the beginning of my Girl Crush with Brené Brown.

Please discuss your take away’s from this.

For me, this was a HUGE Epiphany and I have watched it at least 20x’s. 
Love Lauri



Another Life Shifter!

{Brené Brown: Listening to shame} 
Girl Crush day #2 with Brené Brown and a good extension for what I spoke about on our Week 6 Call.
One thing to understand is that we ALL have Shame Tendency.

As I mentioned in our call, most of us are born with it, it is embedded into our DNA from centuries of Ancestral Behavior and Beliefs.

If you look to your generational line you will likely see how shame has shown up in your bloodline and delved out in your own childhood. 
Brene’ talks about in her courses that we can learn what she calls “Shame Resiliency”.

We can learn to identify when it shows up and learn how to (quickly) shift that into a vibration that is less self destructive and move through it.
I am curious to know what you think of her Ted Talk and how this (new to most of you) wisdom has opened you up to a heightened level of

Spiritual Awakening. 
Enjoy, Love Lauri



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{Spiritual Awakening} 
I hope you all enjoyed SSA 10a&b this week!! 

So today your SSA is to begin looking at the journey you have been coming through since we began Tribe 5.5 weeks ago. 
I know there has been some HUGE shifts, awareness, and time spent working through some deep things and a lot of things have been accomplished. 

Some of us have gone through our Spiritual Awakening Journey while some of us are doing that just now, in this journey.
I would LOVE to hear what this has been looking like for you. 

Lets share the experiences of what this has felt like.
How your life has taken a turn….for the good and the hard.
What have you learned?
How will you and how are you working each day to BE a Conscious Creator. (See Decision Video I posted a few weeks back) 

Attached is a list of ideas that you ARE going through an awakening right now!!
i am SO excited to hear from each of you!
|| Love Lauri ||



Week  seven


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{Ho’oponopono; Im Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, Thank You}

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Ho’oponopono has been one of the most powerful healing and empowerment tools I have ever used in my life and this Tribe would not be complete without sharing it with you. I have shifted many serious issues in my life, energy leaks and probably the most profound shift I experienced was taking back my power with my ex husband.


If my beloved and I argue one of us will be certain to send ho’oponopono to the other…text or note. Instant shifter.
In a nutshell, this is energy cleaning to an infinite degree and a blessing that I use on my food, walls, my bills, water, people, pets, the news, while driving, with sending light to others, for those who I felt offended or hurt by, to myself, for illness, ALL of my marketing material……
possibilities are endless.


If you are a Conscious Creator of your life that means you are accepting responsibility for EVERYTHING that comes in to your life AND your awareness. 
Ho’oponopono means, ‘to make right,’ or ‘to rectify an error.’

It is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. and according to the ancient Hawaiians, error arises from thoughts that are tainted by painful memories from the past.

Ho’oponopono offers a way to release the energy of these painful thoughts, or errors, which cause imbalance and disease.


I have a tremendous Soul Crush on Dr. Joe Vitale, he is a marketing and spiritual guru and I have studied a lot of his work. 
I HIGHLY recommend his book {{{{{Zero Limits}}}}} that he co-wrote with Dr. Hew Len. I prefer the Audio Book as I like hearing Joe and Dr Hew Len (love his voice) actually tell the story and for me, it had more impact. 
The book goes much deeper on the concept & practice and it is GOOD! 
Order it through Amazon, iTunes or even check your local library!


You SSA today is to take some time to watch this video of Joe….you can watch the entire thing for fun but I would begin at about (((21:30))) as he begins to explain his book and the FASCINATING story that Dr Hew Len shares in the book about healing a mental institution.


Then there is video of Dr Hew Len who shares a little more.


Investigate this!!! 
Begin today stating the mantra;
Im Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, Thank You to everything and everyone! 
If you feel inspired I hope you will order the book and delve in to this AHmazing practice!


For those of you I have taught this to or have used it please SHARE your experience with it! 
Love Lauri 





Join me and Angel for our

EIT Final Call {Fireside & Potluck}




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Hello Tribe. I am here with our EIT Wrap Up Details

Thank you again, for a wonderful 8 weeks, an amazing call last night and thank you to all of those who were able to make the LIVE call and fireside. OH!! and the FOOD!! We had a blast!

crack myself UP every time I think about what my neighbors were thinking as Paula led us with her Shamanic Full Moon Drumming Ceremony around the fire and all the cackling, yodeling and hooping that was going on in the dark hours of the evening. Trust me, the delicious sounds carried far through my neighborhood! Curious, I snuck off for a minute and went down the street to listen and laughed away as I ran back!

WE WERE HEARD and I will cherish this memory always!!

It, the entire evening and the Journey was a wonderful experience with each of you, and one that I got to share with my Ms 18.5 and Ms 20.5 who are both, most defiantly, coming in to their own powerful Goddesses-ness and Immersing quickly into their own Essence.

I thank each of you for being a part of their lives. They are mesmerized and thrilled with THIS, YOU and this other side of me…mom, who used to embarrass them…..finally, they like & understand me!!

You, this experience, have influenced them to a level that will carry them far as young women stepping in to life with Wisdom and power most of us wish we could have had in our younger years. I am excited to share this with more and more of our younger generation who are THIRSTY for this Wisdom!



our Sacred Space last night. You were ALL included here

SO, to my surprise the recording disconnected right as my part begun.surrender. surrender. surrender. breathe!


It is all Secretly Perfect, so NO WORRIES!! We get to have 2 recordings;

One of Angel, who shared her journey as well as some of her methods she uses as the FEAR EXTRACTOR and doing the Timeline Process.

One with me. I shared one of my favorites inspiring true stories called “Pray Rain’ told in the book by Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect, about how Native Americans ‘pray rain.’ 
This story shows you how much what we have been doing in the Tribe is all about Praying Rain. I hope you enjoy it!

I also went through some important Tribe wrap-ups so please be sure to listen ASAP.

Below the Call Recordings in the email I have a link to Complete anANONYMOUS SURVEY that I mention in my Call and ask that each of youcomplete this in the next 7 days.

Also, I have your Final SSA and the link to our Private Website.

Happy Reading and Listening!

p.s. our next Tribe begins January 25, 2015. Hope to see many of you back! Join the NEW Facebook Event HERE Tribe Alumni pays only $55 AND will receive a NO FEE 2 and 3 payment plan option if you like.


Here is the link AND a callback # to our Call Recording(S)!!

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts, feelings, ah-ha’s and insight in ourFacebook Group.

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Crystal Infusionb

Angel shared a SPECIAL TRIBE OFFER: 
Click HERE to see it!

This photo was ME having a Crystal Energy Infusion last week. HEAVEN!!!

Inspired. In Spirit

Please Take the ANONYMOUS SURVEY::

This is super important to me because when you share your experience it helps me to grow and it also helps me to move forward in creating an even more powerful experience for the next tribes and experiences I create.

The link to the Survey is HERE

If you could take in the next 7 days that would be FABulous and should only take a few minutes! Expand as deep as you like. I have given several comment boxes for you to expand as needed.

If you wish to SHARE YOUR NAME you can do so in Question 10

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