My Spiritual Awakening::

I remember when I was opened up to “possibility” that maybe, just maybe there was something bigger than me and OF me that looked different than I always thought it did…

and that it was ok to have my own path and beliefs and others having theirs.
I remember being taught how to feel energy of a Life Force run through my body, something I was never conscious of my entire life because I was numb inside.

And I remember immersing full speed into this thirst for knowledge and feeling of aliveness for the 1st time in my life, and learning that I am the creator of my life,

a concept that took me time to wrap my head around.
I can still recall the vivid emotion of my heart leaping from my chest with utter thrill that I found something that felt like ME and people LIKE me!!
My awakening is not a place of “I have arrived”, I arrive here and then I move forward to the next level of my awakening. It never stops arriving.

That is my awakening and sharing this experience and opening up others to their own awakening it is what lights me up every day.
Join the Tribe and lets journey together. 


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