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 Ashley Mitchell of  Blessings In A Basket  chose to place her son for adoption in 2006. It is through her own journey of healing she was inspired to use her personal life experiences to form her nonprofit organization that brings women together who, when at a crossroad, chose adoption as well. BIB offers support groups, retreats, coaching, birth mother gifts and more to women nationwide who are looking for a safe place to heal and thrive after placement.
Ashley will share her deeply rooted Collection Of Wisdom and healing journey through the soul work she has done through her private art journals, classes to improve on her creative skills and expand her connection with her artistic soul.

Ashley is wife to her “Amazing Grace” and mother to her two littles, daughter Tyler and son Oliver.



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 Cat Palmer of Cat Palmer Photography is an award winning photographer who uses her art as a platform for Edgy, Empowering and Political messages for Women. But through her journey to success she was met with forceful opposition from a partner who was raged with jealousy and continual negative feedback, a family who wanted her to be a “normal” artist and the lack of a formal education, all of which created enormous doubt in her spirit, her purpose and her passion.

Through the love and encouragement of her fans she now also curates and directs a successful arts gallery and strives daily to remember her vision for her life and business while always dreaming bigger dreams.
Cat will share her own Collection Of Wisdom of making it on her own as a single mom and a Soulful Entrepreneur while immersing into her own amazing essence and healing journey.

Cat lives with her  two beautiful little boys, who are the loves of her life. She loves spending her free time with friends. Her business is booming so much she has a waiting list!


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 Marilyn Sorensen of Marilyn Knows

Bio Coming Soon!

Marilyn is wife to her childhood sweetheart and mother to her grown daughter. She has never met a stranger and is the Queen Of Hugs.



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 Suzi Bleak & Tiffany Rose of Real Woman Revolution


As a Belief Transformation Expert, Speaker, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Author, Psychic/Medium, Coach, Mother, Spiritual Healer and Advocate of Women’s Rights, Tiffany’s life has been spent in the service of humankind.  Having overcome many obstacles whether it was being over 300 pounds, dealing with years of depression, or rising victorious over prescription drug addiction and chronic illness, Tiffany knows what it feels like to go from being bedridden and on death’s door, to being on a stage teaching women how to stand confidently in their own skin and embrace their ESSENCE with pure JOY!


Suzi has spent her life searching for the answer to “Why do I do what I do when I know what I know,” and she FOUND it!  She now teaches women all over the world the answer to this very question.  She is a Belief Transformation Expert, Speaker, Teacher, Author, Coach, Mother, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Lover of Life, and a strong advocate for Women’s Rights, most especially the right to “love who you love.”  Having overcome food addiction, co-dependency, lifelong self-doubt, and the need to look “perfect,” she now lives and teaches women how to identify and blast through the roadblocks keeping them stuck from living the PASSIONATE life they WANT for themselves.

Tiffany and Suzi are the founders and owners of Thought Tracks and The Real Woman Revolution.  After personally coaching with Tiff and Suzi or using their Claim Your E.S.S.E.N.C.E. Signature System Home Study Course, women across the world are living fully in their personal ESSENCE, powerfully manifesting the life they want, and finding boundless JOY in every single day!

Suzi and Tiffany are mother to their 6 children, love to laugh, tell stories of their fascinating journey together as life and business partners and create amazing feasts.

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 Brittany Golden of Brittany Golden Studios

Bio coming soon!

Brittany is Resident Silversmith at Sundance Resort. She is an avid hiker, skier, sailor, outdoorswoman and world traveler. She loves exploring life’s wonders with the love of her life and her two grown boys.



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 Heather Laughter of Life ReCreated

Bio coming soon!

Heather is wife to her 1st love, mother to her 2 grown children, grammy to a adorable little boy. She is an award winning author, loves to create art, write, read, cook amazing dishes and tell the funniest stories creating laughter wherever she goes.


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