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The Tribe could easily command a several hundred dollar $$ tag. 

But since I am dedicated to making this unique Journey accessible to ALL women, it is not. 

And I offer a payment option just to make even easier.

The 2 month Pay Option ends September 11

The investment averages out to only $12.38 a WEEK!! I’m pretty certain you are SO worth this!

:: A 2 month Pay Option ends September 11 ::


I felt completely safe to share my truth and seek support.

I am 55 years old and have never experienced such a loving, compassionate, non judgmental experience in my entire life. 

I was in AWE with what Lauri Created, how she could do it and put so much love, time and work in to it.

It changed my life. ~ Alumni


From each experience of the three times I have Tribed Lauri continues to provide more. From day one it was enough.

I’m blown away that there could be more. ~ Alumni


I am understanding the power of the Tribe! It’s real and it’s bigger and stronger than anything in it’s path.

It is water. Soft yet strong. Ever changing. Endless transformation in movement and stillness.

With it we are quenched, filled up and overflowing. Without it we are a desert.

That is ok for small periods but to make the flowers grow, to quench the thirst we must bring back the water.

Together, we are water. ~ Alumni




You can see all of our Past Guest Teachers HERE to get a flavor of the awesome women who have taught in the Tribe.

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