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Love Note from an Art & Soul Gypsy

sigh…so last week was a Big Emotional week for me::

Joy Is 1

Ms 18 totaled my car, had big riff with my Beloved and a Confusing Shift with some dear friends. Add that to the sad completion of my Mastermind Coaching Group AND myEssence Immersion Tribe Jan 2014 Journey and you would have found me launched me into a RAW space.

To say I was in a state of WAYHeightened Emotion would be an understatement.

For a moment I considered using my powers as my ferocious sword. But then I remembered I only know how to do White Magic (aka Love) well

and because of what I know about vibration, shifts and how to honor the process that allows healing to come forward I chose to take time to
1st, FEEL IT! I didn’t hide from the pain. I cried a bunch.
2nd, talk about it, thankful for friends who let me talk, even when I sound ridiculous!
3rd, own my part in it. 100%
4th, discover the GIFTS and LESSONS it showed up to give and teach me.

5th, move forward and blaze the others with white magic….

so i wanted to share 10 enormous lessons i learned about myself this week::

1 – I love the people I love deeply.
2 – I have a deep desire to protect people I love deeply.
3 –Sometimes love means I get to take a step back and allow others to find their own path and trust that I did my job and served my purpose in that moment in time…and believe they will remember what I taught them that is pure and good.
4 – I know who I am and what I am about and what things, actions and words will support me in being in true alignment with my Essence.
5 – My Ego does not have the last say in in most of my choices. But sometimes it does (or tries).
6 – My Spirit speaks louder than my Ego and I trust in it. But sometimes I don’t.
7 – The gift is ALWAYS in the experience even when it sucks rocks in the moment.
8 – My truth is my truth. Your Truth is your truth. I honor all truths.
9 – Sometimes Silence is the best policy and part of the job. Perception is perception and it all relative.
10 – I am a Teller Of Truths and Keeper Of Sacred Dreams, my loyalty is fierce, my compassion runs deep and I Believe In ALL Possibility, even when it seems impossible.

EVERYTHING is Secretly Utterly Perfect. That lightens my heart knowing this to be true. 


Magic sparkle dust for all.

Coming Up Fiore 
The Essence Simplicity Circle

::the 1st step to aligning to your desires that will support you in your greatness is making a ||Decision|| to show up. there is a Tribe of Womenwho are seeking what you seek and are there to support you wherever you are.

If you are in Utah, I have the experience, the breathing space and the people who are joining the journey in the Essence Simplicity Circle {art::life::soul immersion}Soul School for Joy Seekers.

I invite you to explore possibility and join us for

magic::connection::growth::tribe::creative play….

Join us as we Unfurl our Divine Essence, enjoy Creative Play  and Lean In to Living Wholeheartedly.
ESC Today I choose
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what happens with my tribes is simply magical::::i want you there.


big love||

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