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I have a bunch of things I am EXCITED to share with you today.

Wild Woman Symposium, NEW ART eCourse’s and a couple of my FAV EASY Garden Fresh Zucchini Recipes.


I am SO EXCITED to be a Speaker this year at the Wild Women Symposium. It’s going to be HOT and I want YOU there!!

It is unlike any other womens event I have been to (and I have attended A LOT of amazing events!) There is an Early Bird price that ends soon and also a {{{{3 and 5 Goddess Special Price}}}}} at a HUGE savings so I recommend that you grab your girlfriends and purchase tickets this way. If you are needing a place to stay then check on Groupon. There are several hotels in Park City for SUPER good prices.

The Wild Women Symposium is an empowerment and education weekend bringing together women from all walks of life, experiences, and backgrounds. Amazing teachers and facilitators who specialize in the intuitive arts, healing modalities, fitness, nutrition, and movement have come together to share their gifts and knowledge during this event.

Designed exclusively for women ages 18 years and older, this event willawaken your wild side and allow you to discover the beauty and divinity of being a woman. It is through the safety and connection with other women in open-hearted environments that we learn to connect to our deepest selves.

My New Course had been a HIT!!! Close to 70 Women from Around The Globe have registered and are in Gaia Heaven!

Normal Price $55.

ON SALE for only {{{{{$35.00}}}}} so Snag it!!

Filled with step by step videos of how to make this gorgeous work of art that ANYONE can do this (from the comfort of their home too)….I promise!

Will Be Released October 1. Snag The Early Bird Price!!
Learn how to make my Essence Of S.H.E.

MASS zucchini!!

Zucchini Bread
I am FAMOUS (in my family) for my Zuc Bread and even though I said I would never share my secret… the pressure was too much. So here you go!!  It is my BANANA BREAD recipe!!!
It is EASY and it is DELISH!  Despite striving to each as much low carb, gluten free as possible….well this treat is not likely to come off the list any time soon. 
(makes 1 big loaf or 2 thinner loafs)
(I always double this and freeze loafs)
1 c Sugar  one cube softened butter  Cream well in the mixer
2 large handfuls of shredded Zucchini (and another  half handful for good measure and XTRA nutrition)
Mix Well Again
1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1 3/4 c flour
Mix well again
Add Chocolate Chips (not my fav but my fam LOVES them)
Pour into a well greased loaf pan Bake 350 for 30 minutes. Be sure to check every 15 minutes.
Your oven may bake quicker! Check every 5 minutes as it gets closer.
It is done when you touch the top and the cake pops back up or a toothpick comes out clean.  
* Zucchini Tots
This is up to you to decide quantities. So no real measurements provided by moi.  Heapings is the portions. 
Cut zuc into pieces, tater tot-ish size
In a bowl mix together
Parmesan Cheese  Bread crumbs  Dash of salt to taste
Any spices for taste that you like, spicy is good too
Ligtly whip an egg or two in a separate bowl
add a dabble of oil (olive oil is my choice)
coat zucchini in the egg cover with the crumb mixture lay on a foil lined pan
Bake on 400 until done.
Soft in the middle, crisp on the outside. 
You could also steam zuc 1st before adding to mixtures to make sure they cook quicker. 
Dip Ideas: Homemade Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mayo and spicy mustard mix
For my recipe will need a dehydrator. Mine does NOT have temp controls.
You could also try it in the oven If you have a mandolin use it to make slices. Not TOO thin.
You will need to test it out to decide how thin you want yours. The thicker they are the longer they will take. 
I Like to use BIG Zucchinis because they shrink A LOT in the dehydrator so I like BIG slices. 
Once sliced, LIGHTLY coat with Olive Oil.
I actually like to use my Olive Oil Sprayer Bottle and just spray them.
You can use your fingers but they may come out a little more oily. 
Sprinkle very lightly with salt, celery salt or onion salt or whatever spice you prefer. 
We LOVE Parmesan cheese. The Kraft kind in a bottle. And it already has a salty taste so I don’t need to add any salt or spices.
Plug in and check back in 6 hours and every few hours after that.
I usually like to do early in the morning and do for 9-10 hours
OR put them on before I go to bed and leave overnight
They are DELISH warm right out of the dehydrator.
Store in a baggie.
Add a avocado slice, chicken salad or whatever you like to satisfy that need for crunch 

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