:: growth {& my next weekend retreat announcement}

 Im back to share some exciting goodness i want the share with you today::
* growth :: Wisdom for Ease & Flow
* S.H.E.moons Sacred Circle Utah Tribe over 1/2 FULL
* **NEW!!** S.H.E.moons Sacred Circle Weekend Retreat
* Mystic Sister Art&Soul School

last weekend I was away at the Wild Women Symposium :: amazing time i had immersed in holding space for over 200 beauties while also enjoying myself as a student at some incredible classes.


today i am finding myself tender as I process my expansion and getting to nurture & heal some more hidden things inside myself. today i am finding loving myself tender as I process and find myself getting to heal some things in myself.

I am no stranger to the healing process. as shifts in life comes, it breaks open old things, patterns, beliefs, illusions… to reveal the places in ourselves asking to be nurtured and recognize where we still get to grow.
the healing process is constant, it can be emotionally painful and our spirit never stops needing to be attended to. so get used to it i say. really, get over resisting. get over the struggle to keep it together all the time. 


i find for me that just when i think all is perfect, in flow and on track things will come to the surface because there is now a clear channel for “it” to emerge through and offer up a new
challenge to make me grow, realign to my awareness and up-level me not only in all areas of my life but most defiantly in the life and soul guiding work I do.


i am not designed for perfection. if i was perfect, free from error in judgement and action and not allowing myself my human-ess I would be doing a disservice to the people I serve and preventing my Souls Highest Expression from aligning to what I know to be true about me.


my job is not to be perfect or to stay in my comfort zone. it is to do the work and experience the experience and to be honest about it.


transparency, vulnerability and ownership takes courage and courage feels much more powerful than the fear to see the truth in all things.
making a mistake does not define your character or authenticity. your CHOICE of how you respond to it does.


own it::love it::heal it::be brave.

the only way out is through and you can always trust in your wings to carry you.
Love Lauri

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