All of these items can be found in the dollar store. 


step one: with the wire create a circle that fits comfortably but loosely around your head, that is easy to take on and off. i tripled the amount of wire and then wraped a fourth time around to make it extra sturdy.

I recommend that you make this slightly loose as the flowers and tape will make it smaller around.


step two: cut your first bloom and place it in the desired direction on the crown. using a small 4 inch piece of wire, wrap the bloom tightly with wire to the circle with pliers. Add floral tape to any places that may be seen and also where any wire ends are so they do not poke your head.


continue doing so with more blooms, layering the flowers on top and side by side one another until you start to build a full crown of pretty flowers.


you can continue all the way around the circle and fill the entire crown with flowers or leave some of it empty.


step three. the floral tape is slightly sticky so tightly wrap the exposed wires together from one end to the other.

Squeeze the tape as you go and it will begin sticking together well.


that’s it. this project took about forty minutes from start to finish.

Go as simple or fancy as you like. Adding sticks and feathers and other natural elements is fun as well. Hot glue is good for filling blank spots.


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