human::we are all a little fragile

 feeling today the world and many precious women in my life and even myself are in need of some ho’oponopono. Accepting all healing energy gifts today. I share my “in-the-moment” emotion vulnerably with you only because I am offering up my solution of how I choose to move through it in hopes that one person who reads it will be able to take a step back and see a new perspective of processing grief, emotion and dealings of the heart that take us out of alignment with our desires. and writing this is helping me to make sense, healing.

In this moment right now my empathic gifts are in full form, raw, vulnerable, triggered…..confused to say the least.
I am feeling a heightened sense of emotion, dis-attachment, regret, misalignment with my Essence. Reminding myself of compassion, love, light and holding space for the experience.

I am choosing to “allow in” rather than “shut down” what is making me uncomfortable as I try to process and understand the beauty in the experience and what it has shown up to teach me, to grow and evolve me.

What about this is mirroring back to me about me? I am seeking the answers that will allow me to own my part in what I have created, allowed in and/or projected. Ego wants to take hold and tell me stories about myself that are not true and react, respond and make decisions that not spirit based…I naturally want to throw my hands up, shut down, give up, walk away, hide because it scares me to see the truth and even hear whatever will hurt me….but that will never happen because that is not how I show up for my life or those I love anymore.

Letting go of a chapter and what WAS while standing back to breath in what IS in this moment. Illusion or Truth is the question.

Honoring my human-ness, the tide, blessing the experience, choosing in to my authenticity and refusing to accept this all has meant nothing.


ho’oponopono. i’m sorry. please forgive me. thank you. i love you.


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