SoulArt Studio Owner ::
Creatrix :: Intuitive Mystic :: Tribemaker :: Truthseeker

I want and crave the quiet space away from the rest of the world to breathe in calmness, feel the creative life force in my bones, and hear the beating of my own unique rhythm.

My sweet spot is curating experiences for women to ignite the senses, the mood the emotion, the memory; weaving together creative play, magick, ceremony & ritual into my offerings of workshops, women’s circles, retreats, and gatherings.

I always say what I want for myself I want for others….so I create it. I use the vision of what I would want to receive from an experience and how my own senses would be ignited by feel, smell, taste, sound, and visual. I know that if I desire it, someone else certainly is desiring it as well.

As a Creatrix, Women’s Circle Facilitator & Soul Guide, I assist women to tap into their divine feminine creative energy within to play and express the truth of their Essence; their S.H.E. :: Souls Highest Expression, and find ways to express that feels in alignment with their own intuition and personal truth.

I offer fun art, soul & playshops as well as several women’s circles throughout the year.

I love my wide-open space to share my own wisdom so that others too, can feel the peace, joy, courage, and healing that comes through creativity, spiritual practice & sacred connection while helping them find their own sweet spot in the world.

As a continual student of earth-based spirituality, magick, sacred living, and practices for intentional living, I consider myself an Intuitive Mystic.

I am a seasoned women’s circle facilitator and have been blessed to study with many amazing teachers who have helped me tap into my personal wisdom, evolve my own practices and style, and then share with my community.

I am a gatherer, a creator of beautiful things, a teacher, and a community creatrix. I am a lover of the sacred, ceremony, and ritual and I love to share my wisdom.

I do not subscribe to any particular spiritual or religious belief system.

I’m a dabbler and love to take what feels good from many different practices and make them my own. I simply choose to honor where my energy goes to a path that unfolds which feels the truest to me. And that ebbs and flows through my personal seasons.  I honor, love, and respect all chosen paths. All Women are welcome in my circle.

I am committed to creating obtainable experiences for those seeking community and support during their Journey of Awareness and Transformation while tapping into their natural Creativity & Curiosity.

Working with women who are newer to their spiritual journey, teaching the foundations of spirituality while guiding them to expand their awareness and ease into an embodied Art::Life::Soul practice that aligns with their truth and fully expresses their Essence is a particular passion of mine.

For me, the love is in the details and my hope is that you feel it.

Welcome to my world. 

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SoulArt Studio is a space for all women regardless of personal religious, spiritual, and political beliefs or sexual orientation. A warm welcome to all who are seeking, growing, and expanding!

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