I want and crave the quiet space away from the rest of the world to breathe in calmness, feel the creative life force in my bones, and hear the beating of my own unique rhythm. that is my sweet spot..
as a creatrix, I love offering experiences to women; weaving together magic, creativity, the sacred of ceremony, ritual, and play into my offerings.

I love my wide-open space to share my own wisdom through workshops, women’s circles, retreats & courses so that others too, can feel the peace, joy, courage, and healing
that comes through creativity, spiritual practice & sacred connection while helping them find their own sweet spot in the world. so welcome. explore. enjoy. ~ love Lauri

Hello Sister:: My name is Lauricia, Lauri for short.

I am a Creatrix, a Teacher, a Spiritual Guide, a Hostess of Women’s Retreats, and a Leader of Sacred Women’s Circles.

I am a Creator of Experiences, bringing creativity, magic, sacred, and play into my offerings.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of women in my hometown as well as across the United States and Globally. I consider myself a connector of people and have been a trusted resource to my inner circles & community.

I reside in West Jordan/Salt Lake City, Utah, a community that I love, and spend time, whenever I can, in Star Valley/Jackson Hole, Wyoming to be close to my family. 

I am known for my feminine leadership, softened yet strong truth-telling approach, open-mindedness to all possibilities, practical ideas to creative & spiritual living, which I call Practical Mysticism, as well as my vibrant & whimsical creativity and the sacred spaces and experiences I create for my gatherings.

I guide women to tap into their divine feminine creative energy and Goddess within to play and express the truth of their Essence, their S.H.E.::Souls Highest Expression.

I work with women who are mentally, spiritually, and financially ready to invest in their lives and take them through Journey’s that Supports and Empowers their path to transform their current life and beliefs while creating the Courage & Clarity to Design the life they desire.

My Guidance supports the paths of women with Wisdom, Awareness, and Courage to Embody the Truth of their Essence and remove roadblocks to help them flow through Fear and immerse into their Sensual, Thriving, Happy, Goddess Loving Self of Pure Love & Light.

I am the visionary and creatrix behind many women’s circles locally and globally several creative eCourses as well as my beloved SoulArt Studio; a breathing space that fosters creativity, connection, healing, and inspiration enjoyed by my local community.

I am a lover of ceremony, women’s circles. I love to be in them. I love to guide them. I love ritual, sacred voice & drumming, and creativity. As a continual student of earth medicine and earth-based spirituality, feminine awakening, drumming, and spiritual practices I have been blessed to study with many masters to tap into my personal wisdom, evolve my own personal practices and share with my students.

I am committed to creating obtainable experiences, whether online or in person, for all women who are seeking and needing support during their Journey of Awareness and Transformation and tapping into their natural Creativity.

I am particularly passionate about working with women who are newer to their spiritual journey and guiding them to expand their awareness and ease into an embodied Art::Life::Soul practice that aligns with their Truth and fully expresses their Essence.

Welcome to my world. 

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