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~Hello Soulful One~So, as you may have picked up on, I have been going through a transition in my Life and Biz over the past year. And all in a really good way, simplifying, streamlining and reinventing and becoming clearer on what I love to do vs having to do. I am Consciously Creating my Life in a state of Ease and Flow while freshening up my vision for my Life, My Soul Purpose, My Passions and my Nest.I appreciate all 3000 of you who have stuck with me through the journey.I have a few incredible things I have been working on below to share with you and hope we can connect through them soon.
seeing myself 
Today. Seeing Myself. After Sunrise.

This month marks my 44th year of Life. I actually have always loved aging and growing into myself more and more. I really love the process of evolution and discovering a deeper Soulful Version of myself beneath the layers and layers of what I created in my past.

It turns me on when I am On Purpose and to my surprise, being simple without the burdens of stuff that doesn’t serve my Highest Good or Potential, or in moments of needed “highs”. I really DIG things that feed my Heart, my Thirst for Knowledge, Creating Connections and having Experiences = Soul Food.

I cherish those I love more and more as well, deeper than I ever have in the past.

With our last child in the home now (Ms. 17) my beloved and I have found ourselves doing this Empty Nesting thing. We are focusing on making our lives as we grow older easier to allow ourselves time to LIVE in ease in the future. We are making our large yard easier to maintain by planting perennials this year so there will be less planting in future years. We buy less “stock” at Costco and more of what we need weekly at the grocery store. We are making dreams about our remodel plans in the future to make the space for our growing family and future Grandbaby visits. We recently let go of a million things in our garage and can nowalmost fit my SUV in there!

Aside from my time out with girlfriends, teaching workshops in my studio every few weeks and out in the world commitments my day to day consists of:
* Morning Coffee with my beloved & our pups. Or by myself under my Tree Of Joy
* a Putter in the Garden
* Creating Art
* Meditation and Healing Work
* Soul Work (I call it Soul School)
* Calls with Coaching Clients
* Soak in the tub almost daily/evening
* and I have been teaching myself how to make a few dinners as well, I’m not a great cook and hubby typically does the cooking and shopping.

before after 
Living Room Redo With Soul

Over Memorial Weekend I decided to take on a BIG Home Project by myself.

I tore out the nasty carpet in my Living Room and painted my walls and my SUBFLOOR!

As much as I would love to give you the sweet version of how easy and perfect it was to do; the truth is It was not Easy!

I Cried Alligator Tears! I swore A LOT and I almost Gave UP! It pushed mephysically and emotionally in a way I had not done for quit a while. But I DID ITand am excited to reveal the finished project!

Here is a snapshot of the BEFORE. The full story is BELOW on my June 3 Blog Post!

In a nutshell I am very Proud of Myself.


I now have a living room with Soul that is emanating my Essence.

So now on to sharing the Soul Food Offerings I have for you!


Market Season is Upon Us!

Wasatch Front banner 
For My Summer Show Schedule Click on this Picture
Wine Bottles

I LOVE doing Markets. For me they are the best way to connect one on one with my people, make new friends, contacts and there is just nothing like seeing you art touch people in person…and to sell it!

But aside from my art I have these new little goodies available right now. Here is a Wine Bottle Planters Sneak Peek. They are SO sweet and will be available THIS Sunday at Wheeler Farm. I have limited inventory so if you are local be sure to come early to snag one!

Check out my Summer Show Schedule HERE


In The Shop

Since it’s my Birthday Month so I am Inspired to have a sale!

Use Code BIRTHDAY in the checkout on any purchase $25 or more! OVER 70 SoulFul Items to choose from.

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a woman in harmony queen metamorphosism1

~celebrating you and your magnificence.~

Love Lauri
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