Welcome friend, sister, beloved, beauty. 

I have created a beautiful experience for you to welcome the New Year In.

It can also be done any other time in the year.


This is broken down into 3 lovely parts to create a soulful experience for you.

Part 1 Audio :: 2016 I AM Essence Power Words

Part 2 Audio :: Apacheta; Creative Project

You are welcome to skip Pt 1 & 2 and do Pt 3 with me 1st as well and then go back to 1 and 2. 

Part 3 Video :: Me & You. A Lovely Conversation & Ritual 


Have a seat. Grab a journal or piece of paper for Part 1.


Enjoy our time together and Feel Free to share freely with others.

pt 1

Link to WORDs HERE


pt 2

If you do not have a printer available feel free to sketch out a simple one your own

and use the printables for inspiration

Here is mine that I hand drew & colored with markers and highlighted with colored pencils. 


Would love to hear your thoughts.

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