Supply list for Moon Modular 1 :: Moonkeeper 

Course goes live January 25

  • A Canvas, size is your choice. A square piece of wood is wonderful as well. 8×8 or 12×12 is good. 
  • Vinyl Spackle. Found at your home improvement store in the painting section (be sure to keep lid on it tight when storing)
  • Spackle Knife. I like to have a bigger and smaller one. You can also use an old credit card. Be creative. Find an old kitchen tool.
    • If your Spackle dries on Spackle knife use sandpaper to sand it off. It dries very hard so using an electric sander is even better.
  • Paper Towels
  • Spray Water Bottle
  • Designated bowl or jar for paint water
  • Paints. Black and white (or cream) for your moon.  Paints in lots of different colors for your Moonkeeper.
    • Although I personally use wall paints you can get 2 ounce acrylic paints at the craft store in a variety of colors.
    • Have fun NOT matching colors and allow yourself to use all colors that inspire you without planning.
    • Be sure to choose several contrasting colors
  • Paint Brushes is assorted sizes.
    • My favorite brushes have soft synthetic bristles and I personally love Loew Cornell. I do prefer the kind with rubber grips.
    • I also LOVE nail art design brushes for fine detail. Get them on eBay for CHEAP HERE . I have a stock of them as they can get ruined pretty easy.
  • Pencil or point tipped dowel to carve out your design.
    • I love kabob sticks and buy packages at the dollar store. I use them all the time for many things.
  • Sandpaper. Light grit. I like fingernail buffers and files I get at the beauty supply store.
  • Hairdryer (optional but very handy)
  • Decoupage. I prefer matte finish. (Mod Podge, slightly watered down white school glue)
  • Water based varnish (optional for the final seal). Matte, Gloss, Satin Finishes are available.
    • You can get craft varnish in the paint section at the craft store. you can get varnish at the home improvement store in the paint section.
  • Things to make dots with (optional but super fun)


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