A Year of Inspirational Insights

Join your guide, Angel Shannon, to a comfy place of inner warmth, peace, and

the Power of 2’s.

  • Friday, April 22 – Earth Day, 7-9 pm Please arrive between 6:55 – 7:05. We start right on time at 7:15pm
  • $22 per personREGISTRATION CLOSED
  • 10 spots availableThis is for women only. Mature Teens are welcome
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You can call it a sweet gathering, an energetic experience, a peaceful blessing….they would all be correct!

You are invited to join me on the high vibe date of 4-22-22.

The Power of Two is pushed up front this year, showing us the glow of working together, double miracles, and twin consciousness.

Join me to celebrate Mother Earth together at the studio! 🌍

You’ll love creating an Earth Bowl, feeling the reverence and awe we all share for this beautiful planet.

We’ll plant the seeds of new growth and harvest from our SoulArt Herb Garden.

I have an AHHHH-mazing Guided Meditation planned.

Reserve your spot in the Sharing Sisterhood Circle below.

2 hours . $22 . 4/22/22

  • SoulArt Studio is located in the West Jordan UT area approximately 2200 W 7200 S. 
  • The sweet gathering space is a home studio and the actual address will be provided to registered/paid attendees within 24 hours prior to the event

  • Please note that dogs and cats roam freely amongst the home, yard, and occasionally inside the studio. If you have allergies please take this into consideration.

Cancellations and No Shows: Due to the time it takes to market and create this experience, cancellations must be made within 30 days prior to the 1st circle to receive a refund. You are welcome to gift your spot. No Shows and late cancellations will not receive credit or refund. 
Please register with care and thank you so much for understanding and supporting small businesses.

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  • Last 4 digits of my Phone # is 4083
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