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A question I get from many women I work with is ::
how do I know when I am on the right path..on purpose?
Living My Purpose?

It is a subject I feel rather passionate about because I see a LOT Of pressure around IF one is living his & her Purpose.


I also see a lot of self inflicted oppression, depression and repression happening mentally, spiritually and physically over ‘purpose ‘.
It’s a cycle many of us have been in and questioned of our self.



My belief is that when you are not in a position to betray yourself, negotiate your integrity or compromise your sense of self worth you are on the right path.

You know because it FEELS right and in alignment with what you desire in your life.

When you feel a sense of unease, are unable to feel a sense of self worth and it feels like it is costing you your power, your life force has been drained or your choices begin to create self harm you know you are off course.

It’s simply a detour filled with lessons you GET to learn. We are not meant for perfect lives without struggle, challenge, sadness and all of things we strive to avoid. 

Notice where you are experiencing “energy leaks”, places that feel heavy vs light, stand up, dust off your ass, regain your footing again and then make a commitment to yourself to course correct.


You know when something feels good and you know when something feels bad. Tune into how you are feeling and write it out. talk it out loud to yourself.


And then take a deep breath. three of them, deep, deeper, then deeper.

Shake your hands, shake your feet, shake. shake. shale. stomp it out of you. Scream it out. Growl it out.

Let Mother Earth take it. She will compost it for you. 

Feel the blood run through your body so you can remember your ALIVENESS which = freakin’ HUMANNESS.

And then Forgive yourself for falling off course and carry on. 

Your PURPOSE here and now is to really, truly and deeply experience the human experience and make empowering choices to lean IN to the light that always exists in you and that no-one can take from you, if it was, it’s only because you have given it away.

Take it back sister.

We, the World, I, need . your . brilliant . badass . light . 


and then….there is passion:: OY!

Did you see the video of Elizabeth Gilbert during her talk for Super Soul Sessions called “The Flight Of The Hummingbird?”


One of the most brilliant words of Wisdom I have ever seen and it completely shifted  the way I view this hot topic. 


I have come to see to that I am, indeed, a Jackhammering-Hummingbird.

I have posted the link to her video at the bottom of this posting. When you have some time (29 minutes), I invite you to watch it. Well worth every morsel.  


Onward. Upward.

with grace my dear sister. ~ Love Lauri

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