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You crave Tribe, Community, and Authentic & Soulful Connections with women

You are ready to commit to your Personal Growth Experiences

You feel a Shift coming on in your life, inside you and desire to explore it more

You feel a deep desire to be a part of something Wonderful & Life Enriching

You are ready to break FREE and Live Out Loud

You desire to create a life infused with SOUL

You are seeking a path the feels in alignment with your personal truth

You want to explore a new way of Live, Being, Doing

You are tired of doing life alone & want to expand, grow & thrive with the support of a Tribe

You desire to infuse creativity, ritual and spirituality into your life

You have your own gifts you desire to share with the world

You are ready to explore POSSIBILITY and have some FUN!

You are Open and READY to make some shifts and come ALIVE!


But Perhaps


You want to fit in somewhere but feel alone and different

You have not allowed dedicated time for growth experiences

You are terrified of being judged or rejected for being YOU

You are not sure where to find your Tribe

You are hiding your gifts, talents and interests from the world or your inner circle

You are operating your life from a space of Fear, Lack and Dis-Empowering self-beliefs

You are not sure HOW to make the changes your desire

You seek knowledge, are teachable and open

You are allowing Fear, Insecurities and the Past to keep you small



If you have never been a part of a Circle or Tribe this a perfect 1st time experience for you. 

If you have been a part of Circles or Tribes you will enjoy this one immensely.  


Pricing for this Tribe is being offered at a substantial discount as it will be a protocol for a future program I am creating.

with payment plans as low as $30 per month 


space is limited. get . in . now . 

registration will close on May 1 to prepare materials

if we have not yet met in person you can learn more about me & read testimonials right HERE*


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