A 9-month in-person experience all about life, soul, ceremony, ritual, earth-based spirituality, and making magic with Lauri.

Coming January 2023.

All the Soulicious details are forthcoming and it’s going to be fabulous!

WHY should you join the Tribe??

Because you are::: a Women::Artists::Healer::Truthseeker::Dreamer

and you are ARE::

*ready to learn how to operate life from a state of ease, flow, harmony and aliveness

*in the beginning stages of your spiritual awakening or ready to expand awareness

*are on or beginning a path of self-discovery

*choosing “IN” to living life with Courage, Passion & Authenticity, starting now

*craving a deeper connection & understanding of your spiritual path, journey & to tap in to your gifts aka “whoo whoo”

*desiring a space to connect soulfully in with other soulful, authentic woman

*seeking creativity and inspiration to ignite your ALIVENESS

*excited to explore new ways of thinking, being and doing

*ready to immerse into your essence

*want to learn the Wisdom from AHmazing Teachers

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