When building the studio, acoustics and an ambiance of sacredness was an important aspect of our creative process.

Using special materials we have created an “acoustic womb” experience that will capture and contain the frequency, sounds, and vibrations of the music being played offering a full-body experience that permeates the cells of your body. It feels fabulous and we are excited to have you experience it!

The studio is petite and gorgeous, yet still spacious, and comfortable.

This means our classes are intimate and space is limited for our gatherings.

What is a Sound Immersion? It is similar to a sound bath offered throughout the valley (which are wonderful!) but with our own special touches.

Being inside the “acoustic womb” simply means you will have a different experience than others offered inside of a building, home, or outside.

Sunday, October 3, Sunday, 10-11:30 am – Please arrive anytime between 9:55 (not earlier)-10:05am (not after) to get settled. We begin right at 10:15.

$20 per person and space is limited to 10 (ONLY 5 spots left!)

SoulArt Studio West Jordan UT. The address will be provided to registered and paid attendees via email.

This is a nurturing time to free up, just be, relax and reset your nervous system.

Join Angel Shannon & Lauri Cox inside the “Acoustic Womb” at SoulArt Studio for an amazing full-body experience using the sounds of crystal healing bowls, flute, drum, and percussions that permeate the cells of your body.

One of the many benefits is stress release physical healing, emotional ease, and an infusion of joy.

Immersions are experienced on the floor (folding chairs are available). A pillow and blanket are provided but feel free to bring a yoga mat and your own pillow and blanket for your preferred comfort.

Men and mature teens are welcome!

Preregistration is required. Payment Accepted via Venmo below. Please be sure to note in your payment SI 10/3.

To be provided the address you must RSVP below. You will be added to SouArt Studios’ email list but can unsubscribe at any time.

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