If you are looking to find purpose, develop a love for yourself, and retrain your thinking then look no further. Lauri is an incredible leader. – Tribe Alumni

Lauri has a flair for masterful creation and beauty.

Her attention to detail and open-hearted guidance from spirit makes her events magickal. Highly recommend ~ Kim

Lauri is truly a goddess, beautiful inside and out. I so love and respect the work that she does (and will do) for all of us.

I love the fact that she can be raw and emotional yet still be the strong guide and leader that she is.

I truly am thankful that she has pushed me out of my comfort zone (although not as far as she’d like!)

You will find no complaints from me regarding this amazing goddess! ~ Tribe Alumni

Lauri is like a magnet to which the most amazing women are drawn. I have made some of my deepest, most soul-filled friendships out of the sisters in the Tribes that Lauri has facilitated. Tribe Alumni

Lauri is one of my MOST favorite teachers & soul guides EVER! I LOVE her style of teaching and approach to making art a part of my SoulFULL life practice.  

She is down-to-earth, funny, inspiring, brilliant and I am amazed at the things she has taught me creatively and spiritually!

Any of Lauri’s courses will help you to be stronger, courageous, and step into your truth, I have learned so much. I highly recommend them. – Tribe Alumni

Lauri has been a powerful influence in my life creatively and spiritually. I HIGHLY recommend anything she creates. Tribe Almni

If you need a place where you need to have love and support while going thru rebirth, transformation & opening your wings, then Tribe is for you. I owe a lot of my growth and truth to Lauri and her tribes. ~ Tribe Alumni

The experience in Tribe Forever Changed my LIFE! ~ Tribe Alumni

Lauri is an AMAZING, tapped in, powerful space holder for women. There are many Spiritual Experiences & Gifts along the way. ~ Tribe Alumni

Lauri is deeply beautiful and always brings your Soul the healing and light it needs.  ~ Tribe Alumni

Learning from Lauri changed my life and how I move through the world. Forever grateful.

I made a decision to honor my own unique life path. When I did it’s like the entire universe conspired to work with me and make this possible.

After I signed up for her Tribe I drew three soul cards about it all pulled Peace Voyage and Delight! My life is truly unfolding just as it should and I’m remembering my true self aka my spirit. Make the conscious choice to choose YOU today! ~ Tribe Alumni

I love Lauri and her beautiful vision. Love her wisdom and feedback. ~ Tribe Alumni

Lauri IS wonderful! So very different from me in many ways, I love it!

I like…NEED… women in my life that bring color and verve that I haven’t touched in a long time (my life feels very beige much of the time….lol).

I see a resemblance to my best friend in you (that I LOVE) and I see some resemblance to you in ME (which I absolutely LOVE) ~ Tribe Alumni

Lauri is a gift. All the components presented together create a magical experience. – Tribe Alumni

Lauri’s wisdom has helped me dive deeper and continue to learn daily about my journey through others and self-reflection. ~ Tribe Alumni

How did I also heal from my own self-created prison of guilt, shame, and sadness?

Welcome who I call my Earth Angel, Lauri Cox.

In walked in the one person who Understood and Validated how I felt and the healing and closure came flooding in and is still flowing for me to soak up. I asked and the Universe and Spirit answered. I signed up for 6 months of Life and Soul Coaching.

The transformation has begun and it’s just getting started. It is my work with Lauri that I am opening up in a way I have never have before.

Finally, I found that one person who “gets me” as a woman, artist, healer, and creative soul.

The investment I have made for myself is worth every single cent as it is giving me the Freedom I have ached for so many years. ~ Tribe Alumni

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