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Dec 11 Solstice/Yule Season Ceremony Registration open

5-7 pm-ish. Please arrive anytime between 4:55-5:05 to get settled. We begin right at 5:15. And while I expect this to be complete at 7 please allow a little extra time after just in case things get extra magical.

Limited to 12 women only 4 SPOTS LEFT

Cost is $30Prepayment only. Venmo preferred but Contact Lauri for other payment options if needed.

WishCrafting Wisdom Circles can only be purchased month by month, not in advance. Due to popularity, they will be available 1st come 1st serve when registration opens (typically 2-3 weeks prior). I am unable to hold advance spots until registration for each one opens and payment is received. This allows all women an opportunity to register.

Join my email list AND FB Group to ensure you are the 1st in the loop!

Circles are experienced on the floor but folding chairs are available. A floor pillow is provided. I recommend that you bring your own blanket and dress comfortably.

What is WishCrafting? It is alchemy! It is mystery, magic, and fun! It is a time and space to slow down, free up and place an intention into what creation you choose while being witnessed and supported in sacred space through collective ritual and ceremony which is a powerful experience.

WishCrafting Wisdom Circle is a heart-centered space to learn, connect and drop into sacred practices to uplift, ignite and carry you through.

It’s a time to light a candle for each other.

Women’s Circles are powerful and life-lifting. And what happens in circle stays in circle.

Each Wisdom Circle is curated during the rhythm of the Wheel and aside from the JOY factor of being in circle with other women, we enjoy a tea & sound ceremony, sacred ritual, creation of your ceremonial item, and of course, a sweet little swag bag of the evening’s ritual to take the magic home with you.

For me, the love is in the details and you will feel it!

Bring: optional ( I do provide everything needed for the ritual but bring it in case you have something personal to you to add) : An offering of a dried herb, flower petals, tiny crystals chips, or favorite essential oil. Nothing spicy such as chili peppers or oils. Be prepared to share the meaning/symbology of your offering and the intention you will place within the ceremony.

Located at SoulArt Studio, West Jordan UT. The location is my home studio. The address will be provided to registered & paid attendees via email

Please note that dogs and cats roam freely amongst my home, the yard, and occasionally inside the studio.

If you have allergies please take this into consideration.

The studio is petite so classes are intimate.

Cancellations and No Shows: Due to the time it takes to market and create an event and experience, cancellations must be made within 72 hours of the event to receive a refund. You are welcome to gift your spot. No Shows will not receive refunds or credit for future offerings. Please register with care. Thank you so much for understanding.

As a woman who practices Earth-Based Spirituality, I have found that, for me, celebrating the rhythms of the seasons aligned with my personal rhythm more so than celebrating standard commercialized holidays.

When I discovered the “Wheel Of The Year” many many moons ago I came to realize that even as a little girl running free in the forest communing with fairies and whatever other little creatures that liked to play, most holidays we celebrate now did not particularly resonate with me. But creating altars, collecting rocks, sticks, leaves, and such, making pretty things, and touching the earth always has!

What is the Wheel Of The Year? That is a deep and wide question but, in a nutshell, it is the cycle of seasons that has been celebrated for centuries and still is in modern-day times by cultures around the world and done in different ways.

These seasons are called Sabbats and there are 8 of them, Spring and Autumn Equinox, Summer and Winter Solstice, and the midpoints in between.

Many traditions and holidays that we celebrate today were created around the wheel of the year.

The Sabbats are a time to honor the earth’s cycle of birth, death, regeneration. It’s a time of planting seeds, gestation, growth, and then harvest, which in the old times (and even in places and cultures now) was life and death for long winter survival.

The seasons are also a time to honor our own cycles of life and when we do so in celebration, sacredness, gratitude, and walking our earthly path in a gentle way we create ease, happiness, and more abundance in all areas of our life.

I am a gatherer, creator of beautiful things, a teacher, a community creatrix. I am a lover of the sacred, ceremony, and ritual and I love to share my wisdom.

I do not subscribe to any particular spiritual or religious belief system and I honor, love, and respect those who do.

I’m a dabbler and love to take what feels good from many different practices and make them my own. I simply choose to honor where my energy goes to a path that unfolds which feels the truest to me. And that ebbs and flows through my personal seasons.

And I believe that all paths are true so ALL women are welcome into the circle.

so I create what I desire for myself and share it

Women’s Circles~ In the past many years I have hosted countless women’s circles of all kinds.

I love creating the art of ritual & ceremony, sacred spaces and, meaningful experiences for women.

I have commonly done them as private circles, meaning that the same group of women participated every month for 6 months and we create a container, so to speak, for sacred intention, connection, trust-building, and community. Many lifetime friendships have been made through my circles.

I adore private circles and the deeply enriching experience they create and will do them for years to come.

WishCrafting Wisdom Circle is a different experience as it is an open circle to all women and is done during the shift and flow of the seasons over 8 Sabbats. I also expect to be doing this one for many years to come as well!

This circle will allow the opportunity to share my wisdom and the experience with many different women throughout the year without a 6-month commitment like my other circle and our focus for this one is on celebrating the seasons using ritual’s I have crafted through the years, while building, growing, and nurturing our community of women who seek similar experiences that you, and I, do. And do it in a beautiful & nurturing space with beautiful & nurturing people.

“To work magic is to weave the unseen forces into form; to soar beyond sight; to explore the uncharted dream realm of the hidden reality.”- Starhawk

mark your calendar –
Registration Opens 2 Weeks Prior to the Circle Date

January 29 Imbolc Season Ceremony 5-7 pm – ish

March 19 Equinox/Ostara Season Ceremony – 5-7pm – ish

April 30 Beltane Season Ceremony 6-8 pm – ish

June 18 Annual Summer Solstice Soiree ~ 8pm. This is a FREE and fabulous gathering. All women invited  RSVPs to begin in early June

July 30 Lammas Season Day Long Retreat – Details Coming. Registration Opens June 1

September 24 Annual Autumn Equinox Soiree ~ 7pm. This is a FREE and fabulous gathering. All women invited   RSVPs to begin in early September  

October 29 Samhain Season Ceremony

December 17 Solstice/Yule Season Ceremony 

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