• I highly recommend that you purchase a 3-inch 3-ring binder (must be a 3-inch binder) for the durability, space, and ease of the binder.
    • 2nd hand stores always have them too!
  • The handmade version may not expand enough to house all content.
  • You can still make your BOS but set it aside for a condensed version.

    • section dividers,24 of them. 12 for each month and another 12 for making additional subject sections allowing stellar organization.
      • Having extra for this or other projects never hurts either!
    • I recommend having a 3-hole punch cause you will have a lot of papers to punch holes in this year
    • A printer or access to one as you will be printing many papers throughout the year
    • Your favorite pens
  • Materials You Need to Gather To Make It
    • You will need 4 sheets of 12×12 scrapbooking paper (Michaels Craft Store or JoAnns)
    • A small bottle of Mod Podge (try the craft section at dollar tree)
    • Paintbrush (a sponge brush at dollar tree will work fine)
    • 3-inch binder rings (try the office section at dollar tree)
    • 2 pieces of cardboard to cut down to 12 x 9.5 (Amazon box!)
    • Craft knife or blade to cut (try the craft section at dollar tree)
    • Duct tape (try tool section at dollar tree) OPTIONAL

Gather Your Cardboard Box
Measure out TWO pieces 9.5 x 12 inches
Cut With Out With A Utility Knife

OPTIONAL: You could add duct tape to each side before gluing on paper to help reinforce the holes and edges.

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