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Greeting Stardusters!

Sending you reminders today of what I have coming up…see below.


Utah Tribe ~ Come To The Fire Saturday July 15th
Sisters Wherever you Are ~ Red Drum Day Retreat & Cacao Ceremony 3 month payment plans ends the 15th!

I have lived deep in the Earth

before and I have suckled on stars, 
Bathed in star fire, danced in star light, returned to stardust, 
Time and time again, I have grown still and potent
In the dark, dark reaches within.
Curled with my seed-like promise, 
And remembered, and forgotten, and remembered
And all in all made tiny shifts in my stuckness,
Changed by imperceptible degrees,
Until I found my reflection incandescent once more,
And joyously, wildly familiar.
I have threaded starlight, moonlight, and sunlight
Under skies of every colour
While my spirit sang to them of my purpose.
So they taught me how to weave and sew.
Together we have made small stitches,
Back and forth, back and forth,
Until the holes rent in my heart are merely windows
With new ways to look out,
With new vistas and landscapes now visible,
New angles from which to receive.
A patchwork heart, crafted in the dark.
Lit by stars.

-Nell Aurelia

It’s Time To Tend The Inner Fire ! !

Creating Experiences for others is my Dharma, and this one I get to co-create with my soul sister, my bestie and musical mystic, Angel Shannon.

Do you have any dreams, desires, fears, struggles you are ready to take to the fire?

Come To The Fire Circle Saturday night in West Jordan, UT for a gorgeous evening under the stars of mystic sound, song, drum and fire and relax, release, connect and be in sacred circle with our Utah Tribe!




Register In Advance so you receive the address and fire circle song lyrics!

This evening is for women only. 
Maidens aged 12-17 are invited at a reduced price when accompanied by an adult.

SiSTARS Far & Near!!


Join me for a day of  drum making & ceremony  and become a Sacred Red Drum Carrier just in time to welcome in the Fall Equinox.


To learn more about this special workshop and cacao ceremony click HERE 


 Important Details to Note: 
~ Affordable 3 Payment Plan ends July 14
~ Affordable 2 Payment Plan ends August 14
~ 3 drum size options available



This experience is more than a day of creating a drum.

It is about reconnecting to your feminine wisdom and personal power, the herstory of drumming and reclaiming our birthright.

We will also experience a healing circle and ways to use your drum in your own sacred practices to channel the spiritual energy that will support your expression as a human being and harness the Goddess within.

:: deep bows ::




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