Saturday, Friday, November 15, 2024, 5pm During The Full Moon
Located in W Jordan, UT.
Private Studio Address will be provided with your RSVP Form & Payment.

My Ceremony Circles Sell Out So Snag Your Spot Early

What is Moon Shine? ☽✪☾  It is a sweet infusion of vibrational sounds and a ceremonial magick moon libation. The time and space is curated for you to come sit for a spell during the Full Moon to slow down, free up, and place an intention into what creation you choose while being witnessed and supported in sacred space through collective ritual and ceremony, which is a powerful and lovely experience. This gorgeous experience is only offered a couple of times a year and everything I do always comes with a extra touch o’ magick! ….no extra charge!

Pictured is a sacred ceremony cup hand-painted by Lauri. Ceremony cup sets that include the cup lid and spoon are available in a variety of colors inside the studio

  • ☽✪☾ an exquisite experience partaking in a specially curated cup of Magick Moon Ceremonial Libation infused with high-frequency
  • ☽✪☾ we will root down deep into the acoustic womb of the studio with a high-vibration *harmonic frequency immersion.
    • You will receive my full-body sound bath experience using the harmonies of crystal healing bowls that permeate the cells of your body creating a soulicious energetic massage followed by a medicine drum bath and “energetic sweep” (Both are favorite sensory experiences).
  • ☽✪☾ the evening is rounded off with the burn bowl to support us this evening with our release out/receive in ceremonial burning which is always a potent & magickal act!
  • ☽✪☾ a light & lovely snack to nurture and anchor you before leaving will be available

I expect you will leave this gorgeous, sacred, heart centering & fun evening feeling rooted, expanded, and a little extra magickal.

What Is A *Harmonic Immersion?

It is a sound bath with my crystal bowls.

When building the studio, acoustics and a sacred ambiance was an important aspect of our creative process.

Using special materials I enlisted by beloved to create an “acoustic womb” experience that will capture and contain the frequency, sounds, and vibrations of the crystal bowls being played offering a full-body experience that permeates the cells of your body. It feels fabulous and nourishing to the energetic body.

Being inside the “acoustic womb” simply means you will have a different experience than others offered inside of a building, home, or outside.

One of the many benefits is stress release, physical healing, emotional ease and relief, an infusion of joy & well-being.

This is a nurturing time to free up, just be, relax, and reset your nervous system.

☽✪☾ Some wonderful things others have said about my circles ::

  • SoulArt Studio is magicKal! Being in a ceremony there is even way more amazing than I expected. Lauri is THE best guide! Highly recommend anything she facilitates. ~ JoAnne
  • If you are seeking a space that feels sacred, safe, and down to earth, SoulArt Studio is the place! I have never felt such love and beauty in a circle of women before as I did here. ~ Sandra
  • Thanks for a truly intentionally magickal evening! I feel altered in meaningful ways. Thank you for creating an inviting community. I feel blessed each time I attend. ~ Cami
  • Such a beautiful, powerful, purposeful evening. The libation was Divine and the releasing and receiving so real. Thank you for YOU. 💜🤍💜 ~ Kim
  • I’m grateful for YOU! ~ Avalon

PLEASE READ: To Secure your Spot you must be subscribed to the mailing list, submit the RSVP/Consent form at the bottom, and submit your payment. Spots are not held without payment. Thank you!

  • Saturday, Friday, November 15, 5 pm and are typically between 2 – 2.5 hours Please allow a little more time in case things get extra magickal
    • Please arrive on time between 4:55 – 5:05 to settle in.
    • We promptly begin at 5:10pm.
  • $40.00 per person Spots are held with submitted RSVP and payment only.
    • This experience sells out so do not hesitate to claim your spot in the circle
  • Space for up to 14 – 14 spots remain
    • Women Only Mature teens accompanied by an adult are welcome

This is a very down-to-earth experience.

  • Circles are experienced on the floor on soft and yummy fur (synthetic) rugs and satin-covered pillows making for a soulicious comfy, cozy experience.
  • To ensure your comfort each attendee will have back support from either a wall or a comfortable & sturdy floor meditation chair
  • I recommend that you bring your own blanket and dress comfortably. Jammies and slippers are totally acceptable. Wear whatever makes you feel good & unrestricted!
  • Bring a journal and pen if you desire to take notes.
  • Feel free to bring any small sacred tool that desires to be cleansed and absorb the high-frequency transmission of the evening.
  • Intention in ceremony and ritual is essential. Please arrive with an intention to release out and receive in

  • SoulArt Studio is located in the West Jordan UT area approximately 2200 W 7200 S. 
  • The sweet gathering space is my home studio and the actual address will be provided to registered/paid attendees within 24 hours prior to the event
  • Please note that my dogs and cats roam freely amongst the home, yard, and occasionally inside the studio. Sometimes our small dogs, Osbourne & Olive & (rarely) even our cats, Apple Pie and Meow Meow (Mr Meowgi), join us inside for the experiences. If you have allergies or dislike cats or dogs please take this into consideration.

Cancellations and No-Shows: Due to the time and energy it takes to market and create an event, cancellations must be made within (*see event for cancellation policy) of the event to receive a refund. 
* You are welcome to gift your spot. 
* No Shows and late cancellations will not receive credit or refund.
* Credit cannot be used for in-studio merchandise.
* Fees from no-shows or late cancellations will be placed in a SoulArt Fund for philanthropic efforts we support throughout the year.
Please register with care and thank you so much for understanding and supporting small businesses.

This event requires a 72 hour notice to cancel and receive a refund.

Cancel date February 21

PLEASE READ: To Secure your Spot you must be subscribed to the mailing list, submit the RSVP/Consent form at the bottom, and submit your payment. Spots are not held without payment. Thank you!

  1. Venmo is the most preferred payment method.
  2. You can also make payments via my Facebook Messenger HERE.
    • Contact Lauri for other payment options if needed.
    • I am unable to hold spots without prepayment
  3. Send your payment via Venmo to @LauriCox **Note In Your Venmo payment the name of the class**
    • Lauri ‘SoulArt Studio Utah’ Cox
    • The last 4 Digits of my phone # is 9997
  4. Important: Submit RSVP Release Form for each guest separately below
  5. Subscribe To Email List HERE

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An email with details is sent a few days prior to our gathering. If one does not land in your inbox please check SPAM or “other” folders as on occasion my emails get filtered. Add me your safe senders list.

SoulArt Studio is a space for all women regardless of personal religious, spiritual, and political beliefs or sexual orientation. A warm welcome to all who are seeking, growing, and expanding!

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