What is a mystic sister?
one who realizes the truth of herself, embodies her divine wisdom
and emulates her S.H.E. (Souls Highest Expression)


Mystic Sister is a 3 level experience designed as a safe & sacred space to align with your own unique rhythm & path, intuitive wisdom, and magick-making! This is an invitation to any woman who considers herself a seeker, witch, mystic, solitary practitioner, healer, lightworker, creatrix, or is just simply curious about creating & aligning to her own beliefs and path.

A little diddy: Mystic Sister || What Is It and Who (do I think) I Am?

Mystic Sister is a sacred and safe space to learn, explore possibilities, invite sacred devotional practices and magick into your life. Mystic Sister is not based on any religion, ideology or dogmatic way of living, being, or believing. You are a free agent in your life & path.  always in all ways. All are welcome in the circle and magick is available to everyone!

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Mystic Sister Wisdom Circle is a 6-month immersion offered twice a year; the Winter session runs January-June, and the Summer session runs July-December.

You could definitely indulge in the experience of both sessions …… or go ahead and move on to Level 2 Soul School in April (based on application acceptance).

This is designed for those interested in learning heart-centered ways to live authentically, playfully, soulfully, and magickally, while awakening to their greater awareness, and tapping into their soulful spirit and intuitive guidance as well as investing in personal growth.

It is a well-deserved time to break free from the mundane & the busy, experience the magick of circle, and invite sacred devotional practices into your life.

It is created for:

  • Those who desire to have something of their own that is heart-centering, nurturing & gorgeous to look forward to once a month.
  • Women who desire to CHOOSE themselves through community, fun, inviting in healing and soulful life practices, and honoring their Essence
  • Women who are newer to their spiritual path or have dabbled in one. This is a wonderful starting point as we will be doing a lot of foundational work
  • Those seeking a safe, sacred community to expand on, freshen up, and shake loose their current personal practice with a seasoned circle facilitator. This is the perfect experience!
  • Curious seekers who want to discover a path that aligns with their own internal knowingness & personal values
  • The Warrior Goddess who desires to harness their strength and creativity within, and gain clarity on where they want to go
  • This is a little taste of and the perfect prelude to Soul School. While not required to do Level 2 (at this time) it is a wonderful starting place.
  • A discount on Soul School is offered to those who complete Level 1 and they will also get the 1st opportunity to apply
  • Each circle has space for up to 15 Mystics
  • The next one begins in January 2024 and registration opens October 1st HERE.

Mystic Sister Soul School is a 12-month immersion offered once a year and goes April – March. (Sold out for 2023)

At this time Level 1 is not a prerequisite to joining level 2 but will be in the future.

It is a frequency upgrade and deep dive into your personal expansion mentally, spiritually, and magickally.

This is a life-lifting experience shared with a Sistermind of women you will be grateful to be a part of.

MSSS (pronounced Miss) is about being a part of a powerful, safe, and intentional tribe of mystics, a Sistermind. It is a safe space to be YOU and transparently share the parts of yourself you may be too shy to shine brightly in the world or simply desire to explore and expand on.

It is created for:

  • Committed women who desire and are ready to explore and tap into their divine feminine creative energy and metaphysical ideas
  • Those ready to upgrade their frequency to consciously create and expand into their desired state of being and living
  • Truth Seekers who want to discover non-dogmatic ways to express and live that are in alignment with their own intuition & soul path through earth-based spirituality, metaphysical ideas, magick, sacred living, and practices for intentional living
  • She who wants to learn about and actively practice spell work, crafting potions, alchemy, ceremony & ritual, and the magickal things
  • Dream Weavers wanting to feel connected to other women while seeking & sharing ways to develop, embody, amplify, and emulate their S.H.E. (Souls Highest Expression) with a potent and spirited tribe!
  • She who desires to ideate a more enchanting, relaxed & magickal life and then make it so with conscious choices
  • Mystical Women who are ready to invest in themselves mentally, spiritually, and financially and dive deep into their own unique path and rhythm to find their sweet spot
  • While this is not a business school you will learn many valuable skills to help you create or grow yours using valuable life development practices..and yup, your magick!
  • Each circle has space for up to 15 Mystics and we get a super fun weekend away at Mystic Camp every year in October!
  • One-on-one soul guiding with Lauri is offered at this level as an extra add-on to Soul School’s tuition
  • The next one begins in April 2024 & an insanely generous and flexible payment option is available to make this as accessible as possible.

Due to the sacredness and depth of the experience, there is an application and interview process to ensure alignment for the overall circle.

Applications for 2024 will open up on November 1st, 2023 HERE

The Dakini Coven is the next level of Mystic Sister.

Soul School is a prerequisite to joining this level.

This is A Sacred SisterMind and an opportunity for further learning, exploring, honing in, and deepening.

A Coven is a group of Mystics who gather to practice magickal things.

It is created for Mystic’s that have competed Level 2 and :

  • desire to continue expanding their magickal practice, wisdom, and learning with me
  • are excited to root further into and integrate what was learned and experienced in Soul School and continue alchemizing their desires and raising their frequency
  • wish to continue being supported and witnessed within the established sacred relationships already made in Soul School

Private details are shared within Soul School.

Mystic Sister is not a religion, ideology, or dogmatic way of living, being, or believing. You are a free agent of your life. always in all ways.

Feel free to check out my other women’s circles here.

SoulArt Studio is a space for all women regardless of personal religious, spiritual, and political beliefs or sexual orientation. A warm welcome to all who are seeking, growing, and expanding!

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