The Winter Session begins in January 2024. Registration Opens on October 1st, 2023

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What is a mystic sister?
one who realizes the truth of herself, embodys her divine wisdom
and emulates her S.H.E. (Souls Highest Expression)
so take a look in the mirror sister
and welcome.

A little diddy: Mystic Sister || What Is It and Who (do I think) I Am?

Join Lauri for a heart-centered women’s circle as we weave together soulful wisdom, magick, ceremony & connection. Come open to learn, connect and drop into sacred practices to uplift, ignite and inspire you to invite everyday magick into your life.

Gathering women and creating beautiful, meaningful experiences and a safe & sacred community is a deeply-rooted passion of mine and is the core reason I built the studio.
Being in circles is an important and deeply enriching, life-lifting, soul-shifting opportunity to deepen into your sacred practices & personal truth, live more consciously & in alignment with your personal values, and feel a connection with a gorgeous community of seekers and like-thinkers.

And the beautiful breathing space of SoulArt Studio is the most perfect place to do that.

You can learn about me here and review testimonials here if you are curious.

In the circle, we will be unfolding foundational insight into spiritual practices while weaving bits o’ magick steeped with love, connection, sacredness, and fun.

Our 6-month immersion is an activation of Life Lifting, Soul Shifting Wisdom to ::

  • ⌘ learn simple & potent earth-based spiritual practices ::
  • ⌘ align with the truth of your personal values ::
  • ⌘ reclaim your authentic power ::
  • ⌘ connect with your feminine being through connection with the others ::
  • ⌘ immerse deeper into your essence ::
  • ⌘ create and align to your own sacred peace path ::
  • ⌘ learn techniques for grounding as well as inspiration for your spiritual journey ::
  • all of the above will unfold for you organically as you invite ease, flow & magick into your daily living through the sacred devotional practices you will learn ::

What Mystic Sister Wisdom Circle Is:

A 6-month immersion that runs twice a year

  • January- June (Winter/Spring Sessions)
  • July-December (Summer/Autumn Sessions)

It is a well-deserved time to free up from the mundane, slow down, and experience the magick of circle.

Question: Can I do BOTH Winter/Spring and Summer/Autumn?

Answer: Absolutely! While there will be crossover, the experiences inside a circle are going to be different.

It is created for:

  • Women interested in learning how to live authentically, playfully, soulfully, and magickally, while awakening to their greater awareness, and tapping into her soulful spirit and intuitive guidance as well as investing in her personal growth
  • Those who desire to have something of their own that is heart-centering, nurturing & gorgeous to look forward to once a month
  • Women who desire to CHOOSE themselves through community, fun, inviting in healing and soulful life practices, and honoring their Essence
  • Women who are newer to their spiritual path and open to learning. This is a wonderful starting point to learn foundational practices
  • Those seeking a safe, sacred community to expand on, freshen up, and shake loose their current personal practice with a seasoned circle facilitator. This is the perfect experience
  • Curious seekers who want to discover a path that aligns with their internal knowingness & personal values
  • The Warrior Goddess who desires to harness their strength and creativity within, and gain clarity on where they want to go

  • Wisdom Circle is the perfect prelude to Soul School and to experience what I offer. Level 1 is not required (at this time) to do Level 2
  • Or if you are ready to fully invest in yourself now feel free to jump into Level 2 12 Month Imersion. We will touch upon all of these areas and more as we deepen into our devotional practices and internal guidance
  • A discount on Soul School is also offered to those who complete Level 1 and will get the 1st opportunity to apply for it

What Mystic Sister Wisdom Circle Is Not:

A religion, ideology, or dogmatic way of living, being, or believing. It is a space to learn, explore possibilities, and invite sacred devotional practices into your life. You are a free agent in your life and path…always in all ways. All are welcome in the circle and magick is available to everyone!

Comments from Our Summer/Fall Session Opening Circle 2023:

  • I’m so happy it was so magickal! – Ardene
  • Divine, divine, divine ♥️♥️♥️ It was a pure delicious, divine, and fun night! Thank you my friend for making it Magickal, simple, ritual and adding laughter. – Kim
  • Such a phenomenal evening! Thank you! ✨♥️✨ – Edon
  • It was incredible!! – Cami
  • Thank you and everyone for such a wonderful evening. Namaste’. – Heidi
  • I absolutely loved last night! – Mallorie
  • Lauri I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that since my last ceremony with you with the group at Mystic Sister I have been so happy. I have been so in tune with my spirituality and just being aware of so much more than I ever have. I am evolving into my own spirituality through ritual and you have been an example to me and shown me the way and I thank you. I feel so happy. It’s just amazing to me & I just wanted you to know. 🌿 – Stephanie

Mystic Sister has 3 Levels. Wisdom Circle is the perfect prelude to Level 2, Mystic Sister Soul School 12 month immersion, which begins again in April 2024 for those who want to go deeper with me. Applications for Soul School begin on November 1, 2023.

Those in the Wisdom Circle will get the 1st opportunity to apply for Soul School and receive a discount on the tuition.

Question: Can I do BOTH Level 1 and 2 at the same time?

Answer: Absolutely! While there may be some slight crossover, the experiences and content are going to be different. You must still apply for Soul School and there is a discount offered if you do both. Feel free to join the Wisdom Circle in January and join us for Soul School in April.

My circles are unique, fun, soul-lifting, and life-enriching.

  • I just cannot tell you how happy I am feeling and the positive effect the experiences are having on me! It’s like I’ve opened up a whole new level I didn’t know existed. I am meeting new friends. Experiencing new ideas and for tearing down 50 years of beliefs about my world and I thank you for facilitating that!! ~ 🌙 Stephanie
  • If you are seeking a space that feels sacred, safe, and down to earth, SoulArt Studio is the place! I have never felt such love and beauty in a circle of women before as I did here. ~ Sandra
  • Lauri is like a magnet to which the most amazing women are drawn. I have made some of my deepest, most soul-filled friendships out of the sisters in the Tribes that Lauri has facilitated. ~ Shelley
  • If you need a place where you need to have love and support while going thru rebirth, transformation & opening your wings, then Tribe is for you. I owe a lot of my growth and truth to Lauri and her tribes. ~ Sarah

The Winter/Spring 2024 circle will be open for registration on October 1st, 2023

  • $300 This will sell out so if you are interested be sure to snag your spot in the circle early.
  • An Easy Payment Plan Option Is Available. Details are further down. The sooner you join the longer you have to pay.
  • Includes a sweet SWAG bag of magickal items to use throughout our journey.
  • Limited up to 15 spots This will sell out so do not hesitate if interested
  • Adult Women 18+ Only. No exceptions
In-Person Monthly Circles Dates Are once a month on Saturdays 5-8 pm.
Please plan ahead to attend all dates but at minimum 5 including the 1st and last circle
Circles and the experience of it can not be made up or summarized if missed
January 13 (Opening Required)
February 10
March 9
April 6
May 11
June 8 (Closing Required)
  • Your Commitment. commitment to each monthly in-person circle is important as I do not offer makeup sessions, credits or refunds.

This is a very down-to-earth experience.

Circles are experienced on the floor on soft and yummy fur (synthetic) rugs and satin-covered pillows making for a soulicious comfy and cozy experience. A folding chair is available if absolutely needed and I have a few stadium floor seats for back support.

I recommend that you bring your own blanket and dress comfortably.

  • SoulArt Studio is located in the West Jordan UT area approximately 2200 W 7200 S. 
  • The sweet gathering space is my home studio and the actual address will be provided to registered/paid attendees within 24 hours prior to the event
  • Please note that dogs and cats roam freely amongst the home, yard, and occasionally inside the studio. If you have allergies please take this into consideration.

Spots Are Only Held with a Payment In Full Or $50 Initial Payment
  • You can pay in full $300
    • Venmo is most preferred. I can also accept CashApp, Zelle or Facebook Messenger Payments upon request. Contact Lauri for other payment options if needed.
  • Need a payment option? I strive to make this as easy and accessible as possible.
    • You can pay a minimum $50 deposit.
      • A minimum $50 payment every 30 days is expected.
      • The balance paid in full by April 1st.
      • Message me with any questions or exceptions to payment I could assist with.
  • PayPal offers a 6-month payment option (credit approval needed). If you need this PayPal option Contact Lauri and I can send you a PayPal invoice if needed
  • I ask that you do not register until you are able to be fully committed.
  • Refunds and Credit are not given after December 13th

Cancellations and No-Shows: Due to the time and energy it takes to market and create an event, cancellations must be made within (*see event for cancellation policy) of the event to receive a refund. 
* You are welcome to gift your spot. 
* No Shows and late cancellations will not receive credit or refund.
* Credit cannot be used for in-studio merchandise.
* Fees from no-shows or late cancellations will be placed in a SoulArt Fund for philanthropic efforts we support throughout the year.
Please register with care and thank you so much for understanding and supporting small businesses.

*30-day Cancellation deadline December 13th

Send Payment ~ Reference Class in Payment ~ Submit RSVP Subscribe to Mailing List

  1. Venmo is the most preferred payment method.
  2. You can also make payments via my Facebook Messenger HERE.
    • Contact Lauri for other payment options if needed.
    • I am unable to hold spots without prepayment
  3. Send your payment via Venmo to @LauriCox **Note In Your Venmo payment the name of the class**
    • Lauri ‘SoulArt Studio Utah’ Cox
    • The last 4 Digits of my phone # is 9997
  4. Important: Submit RSVP Release Form for each guest separately below
  5. Subscribe To Email List HERE

If the RSVP form is successfully submitted you will see a confirmation below and will be emailed within 24 hours. 

Join my email list AND FB Group to ensure you are in the loop of our offerings

SoulArt Studio is a space for all women regardless of personal religious, spiritual, and political beliefs or sexual orientation. A warm welcome to all who are seeking, growing, and expanding!

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