This experience will be available for viewing from December 25th – January 25th

Deeply grateful you are here for this gorgeous experience
  • I highly recommend that you get familiar with the outline and content before beginning to create an easy-flowing experience for yourself or your group.
    • 1st Watch both Hello and Welcome and Ritual Burn How To Video before beginning
    • 2nd – Read the How To Prepare and the Sacred Space Sections before to learn how to set up your ritual space

Here Is The Flow Of The Ceremony. Allow yourself at minimum 1 – 1.5 hours:

  • Cast Our Circle
  • Sound Bath
  • I Release Meditation
  • Write
  • Burn

Before you begin watch this video

Things To Bring
  • Beeswax candle
  • Smudge & sacred smoke mixture
  • Stick matches
  • Small shell
  • Smudge prayer – Not being used in this ritual but it was included to use whenever you need to re-ground yourself with smoke: smudge incense, candle
  • A fire-safe plate or bowl to become your ceremony plate moving forward
  • Your journal & pen
  • A yummy libation such as hot tea or spiced chai
  • A tissue…just in case the tears of release want to flow
  • Perhaps listen using headphones or use good speakers. I recommend both of them.
Prepare Your Space and Self For the Ceremony
  • Create a quiet space with uninterrupted surroundings where you can sit with your heart to say thank you, goodbye to what you are releasing, and hello, welcome to what you desire to create for yourself for the coming year. 
    • Perhaps a dark & cozy room sitting on a comfy floor pillow & soft rug wrapped in a soft blanket with incense burning and a candle lit.
    • Bring in things that ignite your senses. Taste, touch, smell, visual, sound.
    • Perhaps wear some jammies or sweats and fluffy socks or dress in your own personal ceremonial way.
    • Consider bathing before or after. Perhaps add some salt and essential oils to your bath.
    • Anoint yourself with your favorite essential oil or lotion.
    • Invite your crystals, deities, and sacred tools to join you. Your kit included a Goddess Charm. She is perfect for inviting into your altar and using as a talisman. Feel free to wear her and rub to remind you of your ritual desires you will do here.
  • Curate your space however you feel most comfortable and sacred.
  • Embody your space with love and intention.

Shall we?
Let’s open up our sacred space

Time to drop into the sacred space
Time to let go, clear, and release

Deep breathes. Let’s go in. It’s time to write and burn

I wanted to share some of my favorite music to listen to lightly while in ritual, journaling, bathing, in sacred space etc.

  • Turn it on while doing the journaling prompt and burn.

A note on ritual:

  • Rituals do not need to be elaborate and complicated in order to be powerful and cleansing.
  • Ritual is a portal to call forth the divine.
  • Ritual invokes the energy of sacredness into our regular life.
  • Ritual creates a threshold to step into our true desires.
  • Ritual invokes the manifestation and all is based on intention.
  • Ritual infuses magick into the creation of our desire

If you are doing this in a circle with others take a few moments for each to share and allow others to witness you and your desires. This will add fuel and alchemy to this vision.

For the burning your focus is on this question:

  • What do I desire to feel, experience, create, embody, and be held in during this new year?
    • What do I really want in life?
      • Write these without concern for any potential obstacles or “impossible” scenarios.
        • Let’s just believe we would not desire something if it was not possible. So right now anything we desire IS possible.
      • So, what do I really really want?
        • Write it. Speak it. Walk it. Scream it. Dance it. Move it.
        • What (and perhaps who) needs to fall away to support this?
        • What would be helpful to bring this forth?
        • WHY do I want this?
          • This is a very important question to delve deeper into. If you do not know WHY you want something it can be difficult for the Universe to support you in aligning you with that desire. If you do not know WHY ask yourself (truth-telling time) IS this something I really really do want? Is this really someone else’s dream? Is this a dream I have attached to that is really one from long ago and not really what I desire any longer?
        • How does it serve me? How does it serve others?
  • Once this is declared it is important for you let go of “the how and the when” this will arrive and the exact “what” (sometimes the Universe has a better option for you!), however, it is also important for you to act as if and take conscious steps to align yourself with your desire. Doing nothing from here will not fuel the creation of it.

Now it’s time to burn using the method shared in the Ritual Burn How to Video.

These are bonus prompts to write your truths and invite in your desires

An invitation for other thoughts to explore through the upcoming days.

I like choices so below is a list of many choices for journal prompts that I have used for years which have helped me in my personal peace path as well as my work with others.

They are meant to spark internal dialog and open you up to witnessing yourself and how you walk your path. Some are uncomfortable but that is where the growth is. Some may be simple. But all are powerful and enlightening. Be brave and go deep. See what wants to open up for you.

Choose to delve into all of them bit by bit or focus on a few that spark curiosity and stretch you to ponder more. These questions are meant to revisit and keep the portal of possibility open, your internal awareness expanding of your personal responsibility and actions, and your mind active and aware.

As you keep expanding on the questions dig deeper.

Ask yourself clarifying questions such as:

  • why?
  • and then what?
    • and then what?
  • and what if?
  • and what would it look like if?

Click To Expand Bonus Journal Prompts

and here we go…… Be sure to jot down those that resonate with you so you can refer back to them later on.

  • What soul-aligned actions/goals do you wish to ‘accomplish’ in the coming year (remembering that both rest and action are accomplishments – and always listen to what feels true).
    • What are you willing to be willing to do in order for them to become?
    • What are you no longer willing to be willing to do to open the path for that which you desire to come forward? Tell yourself the truth.
  • Track your dreams. It is a creative motion season. The subconscious is more alive & remembered at this time… what is it saying to you?
    • Write it down 1st thing in the morning the moment you wake regardless of if you understand it. This is called a stream of consciousness.
    • The Artists Way refers to this as Morning Pages.
  • Consider how you are spending your days and see if anything gets to be adjusted to create more YES, more JOY, less stress, less than anything but YES YES & JOY.
  • What stories that I tell myself are obstacles to my expansion?
  • How is the tired old narrative turning me against myself and others?
    • What am I willing to do to clear that and connect?
  • What is distracting my attention this season?
  • What am I afraid to touch inside of myself?
  • When I am lonely, what do I reach for?
  • What stillness can I cultivate?
  • What peace can I conjure?
  • What gets stirred up for me during the December holidays?
  • Can I create peace between myself and someone I’m in conflict with if just in my mind for now?
  • Can I lay my pain down on the Earth and be a little bit more free?
  • What gifts can I honor in myself?
  • How do I see myself shedding the layers of pain or victim self to make space for peace?
  • What did I do this year that I feel very proud of?
  • If I could change one thing about the past year, what would it be and how can I course correct in this new year?
  • Who would I like to say something to, and what would it be?
  • What was the most delicious moment I had alone? Shared with someone?
    • How can I invite in more of that?
  • If I could throw a party for myself, what would I say during the toast?
  • In what ways did the year challenge me?
    • What are the lessons in that situation I have learned?
    • How can I use those lessons to create a positive change and grow from it?
  • What came up for me that was uncomfortable or unsettling?
    • What can I lay down now in order to move forward?
  • What have I been dragging along behind me for too long that I can consciously intend to let go of?
    • What am I holding onto, and what’s in it for me to continue carrying it?
  • What do I want to think, do, feel, and be in the new year?
    • How can I embody that?
  • I know I can make a difference in the area of _____.
  • I want to be sure to leave time for _____.
  • What am I most looking forward to in the new year?
  • Who do I want to make a priority of connecting with?
  • I would have more peace in my life if I was able to _____.
  • How am I currently nourishing myself?
  • How willing am I to honor myself with choices?
  • What helps me cultivate a rich inner life?
  • What battles is my body fighting?
    • Now reframe “fighting” with how is my body supporting me?
    • How can I support my body better?
  • What arguments am I having with myself about what I’m “supposed” to be doing?
  • Who am I trying to keep up with, and more importantly, why?
  • What am I doing that is a colossal waste of finite resources?
    • Can I work with the resources I have, or is it time to reach out to create support?
  • What is my body really, really wanting?
  • What helps me feel at home in my skin?
  • What am I afraid will happen if I stay the same?
  • What conditions allow me to speak with love and kindness to the bits I’ve grown to resent?
  • What will it take to love what is?
  • What small steps can I take to be in my body as it is today?
  • What uplifts my spirits and gets me cooking, gardening, creating art, and moving my body?
    • How can I commit to making space for more of that?

AND don’t forget writing, speaking, or singing out 10 gratitudes a day will make a tremendous difference in your life and inspires the Universe to bring you more of that!

My final thoughts to you

If you would like to share this will others you can order mini kits to be mailed daily until January 5. Click HERE.

Deep Bows,

Love Lauri

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