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Join me for a day of drum making and become one of Utah’s Sacred Red Drum Tribe .

We have several women traveling in from out of state/country. If you are not in the West Jordan, Utah area feel free to travel in and join us!  Hotel suggestions are further down under in the payment area. 


Important Notes To Plan Ahead

~ 3 size options available


The red drum symbolizes the Divine Feminine, the womb, the moon, menstruation, childbirth and the heartbeat of mother earth.


The drum was the means our ancestors used to summon the Goddess ~ Layne Redmond


All elements of our day together, the opening cacao ceremony & guided drum journey as well as the consecration and creation of your red Elk hide drum dyed using an ancient dying method to create a rich and vibrant color, will be done in a ceremonial process and will become a sacred reflection of the divine feminine within you and your personal intentions.


During the process of making your medicine drums we will call in ceremonial elements for consecration of your cedar wood frame; the bones of your drum, and the hide of elk medicine; the voice of your drum, giving thanks for this gift and letting the spirit of the elk know that it is becoming a sacred and spiritual tool.


This experience is more than a day of creating a drum.

The drum is simply the physical manifestation of the day we will share.


This day is truly about reconnecting to your personal feminine wisdom and personal power, learning the herstory of drumming, reclaiming your birthright and experiencing the power and joy of being circle which is a practice that dates back thousands of years.  We will also experience a healing circle and ways to use your drum in your own sacred rituals and your healing practice to channel the spiritual energy that will support your expression as a human being and harness the Goddess within.


When women join in a circle and drum together we connect to our own feminine rhythms, form healthier collective relationships with our earth sisters and loosen and heal unconscious cultural beliefs. Drumming reconnects us with the sacredness of a woman and assists us in living in greater harmony with the natural world and our own spiritual essence while seeing each other in our sacred divinity. 


As a Sacred Red Drum Carrier, you will claim your commitment to Feminine Unity and Human Consciousness. 

The hand is our magic maker –  whether with a drum, paintbrush or ritual tool.
Hands bring the sacredness of our creative vision into the visible realm.


Women, Our Birthright & the Red Drum.


As we grow our Red Drum Tribe we will also gather throughout the year to celebrate our Feminine Divine and attend other drum circles representing the Red Drum Tribe!

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.This Red Drum. My hands created her, my Spirit infused her, my journey completed the energy of deep love within her.
Her voice is deep and fully present. We will be together for eternity.
Thank you for this amazing gift, Lauri Cox, and for your guidance through this ceremony. I will treasure it forever ~ Angel Shannon

This gorgeous experience is for women only and includes:

your drum & beater kit (bring your own found stick)

cacao opening ceremony & guided drum journey

a gorgeous ritual to consecrate your drum

a Love Infused meal

We will complete our evening with a healing drum circle and fire  

The frame is handcrafted from Canadian cedarwood.

The hide is Elk.

The cacao is a high-quality ceremonial grade that I personally brought back from Guatemala during a sacred journey there. It was purchased from the respected Cacao Shaman, Keith while attending his cacao ceremony. It will be prepared, served, and consumed in a ceremonial way.


What is Cacao?  Cacao, not to be mistaken for highly processed cocoa, is known as the Food Of The Gods and has been used for centuries in Mayan cultures in ceremonial ways. The cacao used in the ceremony is the purest form of chocolate you can consume and thought to be the highest source of antioxidants and the highest source of magnesium of all foods giving its place as one of Mother Earth’s Super Foods. 

It is referred to as a Heart Opening experience, as there is increased blood flow and nutrition to the brain, heart, and skin, The whole body is nourished while awareness and focus are heightened and sensations are intensified.

Cacao is not a mind-altering substance. Used in ceremony, it offers a safe and beautiful space that supports reflection and connection to your spiritual essence and creates an opportunity to explore the stories of the heart and to identify areas that are causing you restriction, limitation, and pain.

We will open up our circle with a ceremonial guided drum journey where you will have the chance to relax deeply and commune with your Higher-self to receive insights, inspiration, and creative ideas that can give you clarity on the next steps of your journey and where you can support your overall life. 

Everyone’s experience varies. Many say it gives them a deep sense of joy and peace, a connection to others, their own creative nature, and insights into limiting behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that are able to be understood and released within the safe environment of the ceremony. Regardless, the experience itself is lovely. 

Cacao consumption is optional for attendees and should not be consumed if using certain medications, have heart conditions, or undergoing chemotherapy. You will still indulge in a beautiful overall experience.



Date:  TBD

Time: TBD. Plan on all afternoon and into the evening.  

Location: West Jordan UT. The exact location will be provided to registrees

Enjoy some lounge time inside the SHEmoons Dojo


Firm Deadline to register with payment of 75% or In Full is August 26 to allow the creation of and shipment of our kits. 


To arrange a special payment plan of 75%, to pay in full via Wells Fargo or to send a check please

email me directly at Lauri { @ } LauriCox.Me

or contact me via Facebook HERE


10″- $240 : Click HERE to Purchase (perfect size for travel, backpacks and nature walks)

–> Make Payment of 75% ($180) on our before August 26. Balance of $60 due on or before Sept 9.  

14″ -$300 : Click HERE to Purchase (a good size, not too small, not too big)

–> Make Payment of 75% ($225) on our before August 26. Balance of $75 due on or before Sept 9.  

16″-$330  : Click HERE to Purchase (my favorite size. louder, deeper voice. Bulky for travel)

–> Make Payment of 75% ($248) on our before August 26. Balance of $82 due on or before Sept 9.  


Non Refundable after August 26 but you may gift or sell your spot to another sister. Please commit with care. 



Traveling In? Our location for this day is in West Jordan, UT in the 2200 West, 7200 South Area, zipcode 84084.

I recommend these hotels, both within 10 minutes and an easy drive, to our location in West Jordan

Staybridge Suites Midvale

Hampton In West Jordan


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Private group workshops available. email lauri { @ } to inquire. 

History of the Drum

The earliest known female based religions around the globe are said to evolve around the use of the drum and that women were the original carriers of the drum.    Egyptians believed that the mother’s menstrual blood descended from her heart to her womb to create her child’s new life. The ancient Egyptian word for joy was a hieroglyph of a woman playing a frame drum.  . It has been surmised that the first drums played by women were painted with red ochre due to the deep connection and association with menstruation and represented the life force in their blood, their fertility and new life.   . Since the mothers heartbeat is the first sound we hear it was believed the power and strength of her heartbeat is what created the life pulse of the child so if the woman was close to the heartbeat of the mother goddess she could be stronger and bring forth new life. . “It is often said that the first sound we hear in the womb is our mother’s heartbeat. Actually, the first sound to vibrate our newly developed hearing apparatus is the pulse of our mother’s blood through her veins and arteries. We vibrate to that primordial rhythm even before we have the ears to hear.” Layne Redmond ~ When Women Were Drummers  . Drumming has always been present in rituals of initiation, it is spoken of in ancient stories, painted on cave walls, carved into vases and shown the world over as a sacred tool used by priestesses and sacred women. .

The pulse of life is what ancient women and priestesses understood long before they had words for it. The drum was the means our ancestral sisters used to summon the goddess and their drums were sacred ritual tools used to invoke the archetypal patterns of life, death and rebirth.  All of these ancient archetypal women’s themes have been played out over and over again in “herstory” with thin red lines connecting them all, the line of women, menstruation, rattles and red frame drums. 

The Journey of the Red Drum

The Red Drum movement began with Nikiah Seeds during her shamanic apprenticeship where her teacher had the group make drums for their journeywork. During her journey she asked for images and information about what her sacred drum was to be about for her. Her entire shamanic journey came through in red; her guides were red and placed a red drum into her hands showing her that red is the sacred color for her as well as her drum. Through experimentation she created a formula of natural pigments by mixing different plant materials together and created the dye that is now used today. The color remains a brilliant red and does not fade.
The sacred process of making the red drum has now been passed over to me as a Red Drum Leader to share with the women in my community.   Your red drum will become the keeper of you as much as you are the keeper of it; a beautiful reminder of how to honor natural rhythms and cycles.  

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