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Calling of the Elements Invocation

I call to the elements of the East and to the Air 

to the white clouds wandering across a blue-violet sky and to the air that lifts them.

to the breeze that blows across my face to warm breeze currents that bring scents of sea and sand.

to the whispers of dawn, ancient voices speaking in familiar tongues. to the chilly blast of this season’s breath

to the winds of my dreams, carrying my hopes for tomorrow. to the storms of my heart, violent and tempestuous   

to desert gusts, where lightning strikes and thunder rumbles.

I welcome you here tonight & let the power of your gentle force fill my lungs, open my mind & lift my spirits.

I call to the elements of the South and to the Fire

to the dry heat of the desert that burns under a flaming orange sun. to the courage of the lioness whose red mane dances in golden majesty about her magnificent face

to the energy that burns within me and to the sparkles of fairy magic dust. to the flickering of the candle as it burns

to the lava flowing from wild and untamed volcanoes, native and free. to the bonfires around which we all gather and vision quest together

to the warmth of unconditional love, we offer in sacred space. to the sage we burn to clear, clean, and consecrate

I welcome you here with me tonight to let the power of your mighty force warm my heart, release my fears and destroy my resistance to growth.

I call to the elements of the West and to the Water

to the deep blue-green waves that rush the shore. to the dolphin who weaves in and out of the purple sea, daring to explore the deepest waters

to the mermaid who is bound to the depths, personifying flow and grace. to the awesome power of currents that carry me forward, spiraling and gasping, into a future I dare to meet

to the raging river running wild like my heart. to the azure lake where children run at the water’s edge.

to the rain in which we dance, together, fearless, letting go. to destiny as we gaze out over endless seas that divide and connect us

I welcome you here with me tonight and let the power of your graceful force wash me clean and teach me to swim with the tide rather than resist its pull.

I call to the elements of the North and To the Earth

to the fields of winter grasses and the deep woods, blanketed in moss. to the dry leaves of summers past that signal autumn and colder nights

to the many mysteries and secrets held aloft by the jeweled tapestry of black tree limbs in the night sky. to the silent trail of the stag as it weaves its way through the dark of the forest.

to Gaia, the great Mother, who holds us all in her bountiful embrace. to the fruit on her trees, the nourishment of her plants, the blessing of her sacred herbs

to sand, soil, salt, and spice. to rock and mountain where we climb to remind ourselves of our own potential

to vistas far and wide, landscapes green and brown, and tropic beauty

I welcome you here with me tonight and let the power of your grounding force call me into the present time, reminding me of the gift of silence and my connection to land, to others, and to all forms of life.

May the delicate, forceful, and precious balance of these elements make itself known in my life tonight and always.  

And So it is!  

Light Of The Moon Prayer

In the light of the day by the shimmer of the Moon phases.

I connect myself to spirit and all that is true.

I trust in Great Spirit to illuminate my path and surrender me to simplicity.

I am grounded into spirit, mind, body, soul.

I am whole. I am holy. I am alive. I am sacred.

Great Mystery, teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing,

the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit.

Teach me to trust these things so that I may love beyond my fear,

and Walk in Balance with the passing of each glorious Sun.

I express my essence to world and I am in gratitude for this blessing of life. 

Tonight I call upon my desires to intentionally and powerfully create…call in your desire

And so it is and so it is and so it. May all be so blessed.

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