Saturday, June 22, 2024 8-11pm
West Jordan, UT
Private Address provided with FIRM RSVP

Hey Hey Mystics! ☽✪☾ It’s Time AGAIN!!!




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Join me Saturday, June 22 for my Annual Mystic’s Night Out Summer Solstice Soiree, to welcome in the next season of the wheel and all things


You may want to come to IF…..
▪ You like to have fun, you ARE the fun or you want to experience some fun..and enjoy something different & nurturing!
▪ You are new to SoulArt Studio & are seeking a safe, sacred, and FUN community to actively be a part of and want to feel the vibe & experience what is offered here
▪ You have been a recipient of the SoulArt Magick and need more of it
▪ You have a crown, witch hat, or fabulous outfit & you need a place to wear it! (NONE of which is required. Come as you are! You beYOUtiful!)

RSVP/Consent Form At The Bottom Must Be Submitted By Each Attendee. No Exceptions


If you are seeking a safe, sacred, and fun community to actively be a part of and want to feel the vibe and experience what SoulArt offers, I invite you to join us for a SOULicious evening!

  • Each Guest must be on or join the mailing list and submit their FIRM RSVP using the form at the bottom. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • This is a ☽✪☾ FREE/OPTIONAL DONATION-BASED ☽✪☾ women’s gathering
  • Women 18 and over (NO EXCEPTIONS ) are welcome
    • I ask that you leave the littles & the men at home and come enjoy a gorgeous Mystic’s Night Out.
    • If you are new to SoulArt/Lauri’s community, this is the PERFECT opportunity to check out the vibe and see what is offered inside the studio.
      • I do have small dogs and cats that roam freely and ask that you leave yours at home.
    • Join my email list AND FB Group

I have hosted my Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox Soiree for years and they are fabulous well-attended gatherings.

I LOVE creating experiences that bring women together and weaving little bits o’ magick into our community

My desire is simply to foster connection, expand community, ignite the senses, celebrate and elevate life, and have some FUN!

Even if you don’t know a soul or ME (many do not) I absolutely encourage you to be brave and treat yourself to an exquisite evening!

Invite a friend! ☽✪☾ Make a friend!

  • 8 – 9 pm
    • The gate opens at 7:45. Arrive anytime between 7:45 – 8:30 pm.
      • There is plenty of on-street parking. A little walking may be needed but it is on a sidewalk and NO hills!
    • I highly recommend you arrive as close to 8 as possible to allow yourself ample time to:
      • check-in (all guests must be on the list and check in at the gate)
      • grab your SWAG
      • settle into your spot
      • check out the raffle and get your tickets
      • shop for some goodies inside the studio
      • enjoy the Soiree feast and dessert

I believe that the Love Is In The Details and that a Nourished Mystic is a Happy Mystic so as gratitude for community and connection, and to celebrate the SoulArt Studio magick I provide a lovely feast as part of the experience, therefore, your Firm RSVP is important for the preparation of it.

  • 9:15 pm
    • We begin the festivities at 9:15pm promptly with an Opening Ceremony with Lauri moving into a Sound Sensory experience, a Moon Infusion Toast To The Season, and the Fire/Song & Drumming Ceremony
    • After this, we pick winners for the RAFFLE!!! You must be present to win. If you leave early and win, your prize will go to the next winner.
  • 11:00 pm
    • We are complete around 11. There is no rush to leave. Once it’s over enjoy the space, fire, socialize, and shop for studio goodies inside the studio!

  • The raffle is a favorite Soiree tradition with many FABulous treasures up for grabs!
  • This Soiree I will have FIVE Magick Boxes in the raffle!! These are a soiree favorite!
  • All un-won raffle tickets will be entered into a separate 1 of 6 Surprise Raffles for another chance to win!
  • Tickets are only $1.00 each and are purchased at the Soiree.
    • There is no obligation to participate but you will likely want to!
      • CASH, VENMO or CASHAPP ONLY Cash Is Always Apprciated (limited change is available so bring small bills) but Venmo and CashApp are joyfully accepted too!
        • Must be present to participate in the rafflle
  • A generous portion of raffle sales is set aside and used for several philanthropic efforts throughout the year, typically for sisters in need within the community (and pet rescues in need too!)
    • Your raffle ticket donations help me help others & I deeply appreciate it!

  • *Chair. This is outdoors. We do have several chairs but this is a well-attended gathering and they can go quickly.
    • Due to space setup and safety a chair is required. *NO LAWN SEATING.
    • If you have any medical/physical reason that would prevent you from easily and safely carrying in a chair let me know in advance and I will gladly reserve a chair for you!
  • Blanket. It can get chilly in the evening.
  • Beverage of your choice. Wine/Beer is welcome. We do have water.
    • No ice is available so bring your own if needed.
  • Money for raffle tickets and studio shopping. Cash preferred. Venmo and CashApp joyfuly accepted
  • A medicine drum or rattle if you have one for the fire/drum ceremony.
  • Your Voice! We will be singing during the fire/drum ceremony!
  • Feel free to dress as UP or DOWN as you like! Don’t Be Shy!
    • Crowns and witch hats are totally appropriate! You beYOUtiful!
    • Want to make your own crown? Run to the dollar store for flowers and find a tutorial here!

As a struggling single mama over 20+ years ago, I once found myself as a food bank recipient and am a supporter of them to this day.

  • If you feel called, please bring a non-perishable item(s)

Each Soiree, the studio is transformed into a little boutique filled with an array of FABulous goodies for sale this evening, Another Soiree Favorite!

I also source many of my treasures from makers worldwide to bring in ethical, fair trade, unique bohemian artistry. Many items in the studio are only available at in-studio gatherings and most items are only available at the Soiree.

If you love pretty things for yourself, are perhaps an early holiday gift gatherer, or maybe a generous giver who loves to keep a gift stash handy, this is the perfect time to grab some lovely and very well-priced goodies. I have LOTS of fun things!

CASH, VENMO, and CASHAPP ONLY I appreciate cash (limited change is available so bring small bills) but joyfully accept Venmo and CashApp too.

  • ☽✪☾ Several NEW Mini Oracle & Inspiration Decks are HERE!
  • ☽✪☾ Crystal & assorted jewelry, candle magicks, altar cloths, and all the pretty things will be available!
  • ☽✪☾ Potions Bottles. Beautiful glass bottle to store your sacred anointing oil or moon water. A studio favorite!

NEW & DARLING! 3 Different Options. Very limited stock available!

☽✪☾ Brand New to the studio are these gorgeous one-of-a-kind hand carved Olive Spell/Potion Bowls sourced Fair Trade right from Turkey from ethically sourced fallen olive branches. Olive is a Holy Wood that represents inner strength, stability, and the ability to withstand challenges.

These are precious and fit perfectly in your hand to hold your sacred treasures and ceremony offerings.

You will want several and I have hundreds to choose from!

☽✪☾ Single-serving ready-to-brew ceremonial grade sacred cacao sourced from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, which includes a mini online orientation with preparation instructions, and my personal decadent recipe.

☽✪☾ Gorgeous Beaded Velvet Mojo Bags priced well below retail!

☽✪☾ I will also have over 100+ of my wildly popular gorgeous Fair Trade Kantha Blankets sourced from India available at the soiree! They are priced WELL below what you would pay at a local or online boutique! Bursting with bohemian-style patterns and colors! Every year the Mystics snag several at a FABulous Price! Great to keep in the car, take to yoga, bring to ceremony, on a plane, concerts, picnics, and for your vibrant decor!

  • SoulArt Studio is located in the West Jordan UT area approximately 2200 W 7200 S. 
  • The sweet gathering space is my home studio and the actual address will be provided to registered attendees within 24 hours prior to the event.
  • Please note that dogs and cats roam freely in the home, yard, and occasionally inside the studio. If you have allergies please take this into consideration.

    • Due to the food, swag, and overall preparation that goes into this evening, I respectfully ask that you only RSVP if you are a FIRM RSVP.
  • While we have space for many i do have a limit.
    • I understand things come up but when one no-shows or cancels last minute it prevents others from joining us and I always have a waiting list.
  • If you do need to cancel please let me know here ASAP so your spot can be opened to another.
  • Please be sure to join my email list and confirm your subscription.
  • Please submit ONE FIRM RSVP per person with each woman’s name and email
  • A series of reminder emails with details will be sent in the days prior to the Soiree,
    • Check your “SPAM & other folders” if doesn’t land in your inbox or you find you are not getting my emails.

☽✪☾ If your FIRM RSVP is submitted correctly you will be redirected to a confirmation page AND you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours ☽✪☾


—>> Please be sure you are subscribed to the email list AND join the FB Group to ensure you are in the loop of our offerings

SoulArt Studio is a space for all women regardless of personal religious, spiritual, and political beliefs or sexual orientation. A warm welcome to all who are seeking, growing, and expanding!

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