☆~☽✪☾~☆ APPLICATIONS OPEN FOR 2025-2026 NOVEMBER 1ST 2024 ☆~☽✪☾~☆

It was one of THE greatest, most inspirational, powerful and meaningful experiences of my life. I am in so much gratitude to you and to our beautiful circle of powerful women to be able to gather our collective energy and create such a magnificent, life altering clearing/healing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I so honor you. And us.  ♥️♥️♥️ – EZ

What is a Mystic?
one who realizes the truth of herself, embodies her divine wisdom
and emulates her S.H.E. (Souls Highest Expression)

WELCOME to soul school for the Magickal

What Is Mystic Sister Soul School: It is a 12-month in-person immersion offered once a year and runs April- March. It was created for committed dream-weavers who desire to feel connected to other weavers while seeking & sharing ways to develop, embody, amplify, and emulate their S.H.E. (Souls Highest Expression) with a Potent and Spirited Tribe Of Women!

I am thrilled you are here to explore it!

Please note: Due to the sacredness and depth of the experience, I meet with each prospective Mystic on a video call prior to final acceptance to ensure the container of our group is committed, aligned, open & sacred.

I specialize in curating experiences for women to ignite the senses, the mood, the emotion, the memory, the spirit of connection; weaving together creative play, magick, ceremony & ritual into my offerings of playshops, women’s circles, and gatherings.

Being in circles where there is physical presence and active engagement is an important and deeply enriching, life-lifting, soul-shifting opportunity to assist with your deepening into your sacred practices & personal truth, live more consciously & in alignment with your personal values while feeling a connection with a gorgeous community of seekers and like-thinkers.

What a powerful and needed time to Circle UP in the Sacred with other women and to be a part of the inner tapestry we weave together through soul medicine, exploration, connection, community, and magick!

And the beautiful breathing space of SoulArt Studio is the most perfect place to do that.

Soul School is a frequency upgrade and a dedication of personal time to practice. It is a deep dive into your personal expansion mentally, spiritually, and magickally. It is steeped in spiritual, heart-centered, practical wisdom weaved together with magick through an animistic & esoteric approach which will support you on your personal path of discovery, healing, and infusing sacred devotional practices into your life. Our year together is a growing and expansive experience.

Click Here To Learn About My Journey & WHY I Created This || ☆~☽✪☾~☆

MSSS was brewed up from many moons of my seasoned experience guiding women’s circles, 1-on-1 soul guiding, acquired & developed intuitive wisdom, study, and a lot of personal practice and inner work.

I am a solitary type by nature but I love being in an intimate community. I’ve always craved one collective safe space with a teacher and a community long-term so I could feel rooted in, learn different soulful elements, deepen my practices, and expand my wisdom but struggled for many years to find that perfect well-rounded experience and space I envisioned for myself.

In the end of a program, I would sometimes find myself alone, perhaps not as focused or developed as I would have liked, and, as a continual seeker of knowledge, I kept seeking the next thing, one after another to find my sweet spot.

I have spent countless dollars & time with mentors, teachers, retreats, courses, and books seeking what I was craving that felt in alignment with me and what I wanted to practice.

While my personal journey has been pivotal to my growth and what I teach to others, and I am grateful for all I learned along the way, it could have possibly been a little easier and for some things, a little bit quicker.

I want to help others avoid having to do that and I provide a gorgeous and safe space to land on their own journey.

While online gatherings and classes are highly valuable and SO needed, (I am in a few!), I found for me, one can only go so far in them, and being in community greatly assists in expanding and amplifying our life, skills, and deepening our wisdom.

I/WE also crave, desire, and need in-person, soulful human connection.

Remember 2020? I know that it was now eons ago but I still see that many are still feeling fragmented, isolated, and alone still trying to adjust back to being in or even finding a community they feel aligned with and move forward.

Many are operating from a dis-regulated nervous system, still feeling uncertain of their path & unsure how to feel connected again. I know that I too have struggled with this.

Circle Medicine is healing.

I love the world of self-work, esoteric, and all the woo woo but I also consider myself a very Practical Mystic. There is so much knowledge, stimulation, and frankly, so many paths and labels attached to a lot of opinions on the World Wide Web, social media, books, and such.

While a LOT of it is helpful and we are so fortunate to have so much wisdom available to us, it can also be overwhelming to discern what direction to follow that still feels intuitive and in alignment with our personal values.

And, to be honest, a lot of it is a bit too dogmatic, judgmental, too out there, or rigid for my practical (but highly creative) mind. Some ideas are simply out of alignment with my personal beliefs, integrity, and values.

So I would find myself resistant, overwhelmed, confused, and stuck, all stemming from an underlying fear of doing “it” wrong or being judged for doing it “my way”.

At the end of a program, I would sometimes find myself alone, perhaps not as focused or developed as I would have liked, and, as a continual seeker of knowledge, I kept seeking the next thing, one after another to find my sweet spot.

Due to my personal experiences and seeing the needs and desires of so many others for something like this in our community, it was a path I was nudged to follow.

So I did.

☆~☽✪☾~☆ Our 12 months together are designed to:

  •  Explore spiritual paths and ideas to support you in creating your own spiritual path and further develop your intuition, consciousness, and creation
  •  Attune to the greatest version of you 
  •  Support you in becoming a Masterful Creator
  •  Create Synergy and Powerful Movement Together
  • Engage in a practice that marries spell work with soulful transformation
  •  …. and spin some Magick !!

This is something I WISH I personally had many, many moons ago.

As I always say What I want for myself, I want for others…so I create it!

While April is a ways away I am a planner and I want any of the Mystics who are a part of this year-long experience to also have an opportunity to plan ahead to be able to clear the time & space for this gorgeous heart-centering, soul-shifting, life-lifting immersion.

☆~☽✪☾~☆  2025-2026 Circle Dates & Zoom Calls

☆~☽✪☾~☆ Monthly Circles ~ This is the Soul Part to be in ceremony and experience our rituals and clearings


  • Must attend at minimum 9 Circles including the required listed
    • April – 4 Hours (4-8pm) Required Circle Opening
    • May
    • June
    • July
    • August
    • September
    • October
    • November
    • December
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • April Mystic Camp Required Circle Closing

☆~☽✪☾~☆ Zoom Calls ~ This is the School Part to receive a plethora of spiritual, magickal, and practical wisdom

  • Live Zoom Calls are twice a month
    • Time and Dates are TBD monthly and will fluctuate between Sunday mid-afternoons and weekday evenings at 6:30 pm allowing flexibility with everyone’s schedule.
    • Calls are typically 2 hours
    • These are recorded and optional to miss on occasion but highly recommended to attend live.

⌘ REQUIRED: Facebook. Our group interaction and all content are housed within our private FB Group and you will need to check in often for any updates

So here is my gracious invitation to come along with me for a deep dive into your sacred magickal woman as we weave together a good dose of spiritual wisdom, a whole lotta conscious creation, and magick!

Soul School is a dedication of time for your personal practice and soul work. If this sparks your curiosity, excites the cells of your body and you are ready to invest in yourself with this experience submit the INQUIRY FORM below.

The Energy Exchange for MSSS is Testament To Yourself of your sacred commitment to personal growth and empowerment. 

Due to the sacredness and depth of the experience, I meet with each prospective Mystic on a video call prior to final acceptance to ensure the container of our group is committed, aligned, open & sacred.

A private link with ALL the sacred details and tuition cost will be emailed to you within 24 hours or sooner so check your email and apply quickly if interested.

SoulArt Studio is a space for all women regardless of personal religious, spiritual, and political beliefs or sexual orientation. A warm welcome to all who are seeking, growing, and expanding!

—>> Please be sure you are subscribed to the email list AND join the FB Group to ensure you are in the loop of our offerings

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