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What is WishCrafting? It is alchemy! It is mystery, magic, and fun! It is a time and space to slow down, free up and place an intention into what creation you choose while being witnessed and supported in sacred space through collective ritual and ceremony which is a powerful and lovely experience.

Join Lauri for an in-studio, heart-expanding, mid-summer sunset retreat to learn, connect and drop into sacred practices using Practical Mysticism as we curate several magical tools to uplift, ignite and inspire you to use and create magic in everyday life.

Circle Opening, Cacao, Sound, Despacho, and Fire Ceremony, Dinner & Dessert fit for a Mystic, the curation of our Mystic Tools, and a SWAG Bag of treasures are included in this fun gathering of Mystics!

  • Saturday, July 29 2023, during the potent New Moon phase in honor of Lammas, the midpoint between the Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.
  • 3-10 pm-ish (leave a little room for departure in case things get extra magical)
  • Women Only. Mature teens accompanied by an adult are welcome
  • Space Limited to 12
  • $150 per person. Payment Plan option is available below
  • Join my email list AND FB Group to ensure you are the 1st in the loop for all offerings!

~ Ooooo what a perfect night. Thank you Lauri for all that you did to make every detail so special – Darla

~ It was truly a magical night! I am beyond happy that I was able to participate in this wonderful experience! I just loved you all 💕 and can’t wait for future events together! – Jessica

~ I am still on a spiritual “high” from this incredible night! Coolest f*****g day ever!!!!! I seriously can’t wait for more! I love each of you sisters!! – Alicia

~ Such a magical night. Thank you so much for the hard work and love you put into curating such a wonderful experience – Marie

I also invite you to join me for my Wisdom Circle offered throughout the year based on the cycles of the Wheel Of The Year.

At this Sunset Retreat of spinning circle magic, we will enjoy an interactive, creative, and connecting day together. I will share wisdom on infusing your life with intentional everyday magic and ritual.

Our time gathered together will be rich, potent, playful, sacred, and FUN as we create alchemy through a Cacao and Sound Ceremony, using sacred ceremonial grade cacao I brought back from my time in Lake Atitlan, San Marcos, Guatemala after a day spent in ceremony with Keith, The Cacao Shaman.

We then move into the curation of several beautiful and magical items anointed with potency to add to your mystical toolbox.

And, as a creator of many experiences through the years, I believe that the Love Is In the Details and know that good food is an essential element of that.

A hungry Mystic is not a happy Mystic.

So rest assured that we will feast on a divine dinner and a beautiful dessert fit for the Mystics we are. Snacks, tea, and water will also be available.

I am also known as a generous giver and you will leave with a gorgeous SWAG Bag with goodies from my Mystic Stash to add to yours!

Lauri has a flair for masterful creation and beauty. Her attention to detail and open-hearted guidance from spirit makes her events magickal. Highly recommend ~ Kim

The creation of your despacho and then a fire ceremony after sunset will complete our evening with beauty and perfection.

I invite you to simply come with a sense of curiosity, and willingness to be open, receive, experience, and enjoy.

I anticipate you will leave feeling uplifted, ignited, inspired, and a bit more magical.

  • SoulArt Studio is located in the West Jordan UT area approximately 2200 W 7200 S. 
  • The sweet gathering space is my home studio and the actual address will be provided to registered/paid attendees within 24 hours prior to the event
  • Please note that dogs and cats roam freely amongst the home, yard, and occasionally inside the studio. If you have allergies please take this into consideration.

Cancellations and No Shows: Due to the time it takes to market and create this event, cancellations must be made within 14 days of the event to receive a refund. You are welcome to gift your spot.  No Shows and late cancellations will not receive credit or refund. Fees for late cancellations and no-shows will be placed in a SoulArt fund to be used for philanthropic efforts throughout the year. 
Please register with care and thank you so much for understanding and supporting small businesses.

Spots Are Only Held with a Payment In Full Or $50 Initial Payment
  • You can pay in full $150.00
    • Venmo is most preferred. I also accept Zelle or Facebook Messenger Payments. Contact Lauri for other payment options if needed.
    • Need a payment plan? Spots Are Only Held with a Payment In Full Or $50 Initial Payment. A minimum $50 payment monthly is required and paid in full by July 28.
    • PayPal offers a 6-month payment option (credit approval needed). If you need this PayPal option Contact Lauri and I can send you a PayPal invoice
  • I ask that you only register when you can fully commit.
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    • Lauri ‘SoulArt Studio Utah’ Cox
    • Last 4 Digits of my phone is 9997
  • Note in your Venmo payment your email address and “Sunset Retreat″
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